HeartBreakers with Elsa Jean : Your Dentist Knows What You’re Up To With Dr. Kelly Lamoreaux


Hey Heartbreakers! We’re back this week with a very special guest! Dr. Kelly is the founder of Abs After Babies, a Colorado-based Dentist, an OnlyFans Model, and so much more. This week Elsa and Dr. Kelly are going to dive deep into why keeping your teeth healthy can keep you healthy, how overly saturated OnlyFans is becoming, and what a guy can do after he knocked out his crushes teeth!    

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HeartBreakers with Elsa Jean
Heartbreakers with Elsa Jean is a unique take on sex, love, dating and relationships from a former porn star. Elsa offers advice, shares personal stories, and sometimes gives a little bit of tough love to provide guidance and hope for listeners looking for love or just a little spice. From Straw Hut Media