History. Rated R. : Communism and the Hollywood Blacklist


The Red Scare had a far reach in the United States, and Mr. Joseph McCarthy had fun dipping his greasy fingers all the way into Hollywood. Hear about some of the infamous "Hollywood Blacklist" writers, who found their careers, politics, and livelihoods threatened by the big bad himself. Also! A fun little story about Judy Holliday, the actress who beat McCarthy at his own game.
History. Rated R.
Let's be honest. History is full of f*cked up sh*t. But what are we gonna do, pretend like it never happened? Have a drink with your host, actor and writer Will Sterling, and his more qualified former Presidential Speechwriting co-host, Dr. Craig Smith. They unpack the silly, salacious, scandalous, and serious stuff in history. If we don't learn from the past, we're doomed to repeat it. So let's at least try to do it with honesty and, wherever possible, a laugh.