The Jordyn Jones Podcast : Kira Kosarin Talks Thundermans and More!


In this episode Jordyn sits down with her first-ever guest, Kira Kosarin. Jordyn and Kira reminisce about their time as young child stars and discuss Kira's role as Princess Thunderman on the hit show "The Thundermans." They also talk about Kira's upcoming movie and share some behind-the-scenes stories. The duo spills the tea on dating and relationships, sharing personal experiences and hilarious anecdotes from navigating Hollywood as teenagers. The episode takes an entertaining turn as they react to audience-submitted worst date experiences, adding a dose of humor and relatability. Kira also unveils details about her upcoming movie release, providing insights into the creative process. The banter between Jordan and Kira creates a delightful blend of laughter, behind-the-scenes stories, and genuine girl talk, making this episode a must-listen!

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The Jordyn Jones Podcast
Sometimes life and fame aren’t always all they’re cracked up to be. From ups and downs to heartbreak, failure, making it through, and successes, walk with Jordyn Jones and experience first hand how to stay true to yourself while on your life path. Featuring conversations with special guests, answering your questions and giving advice, this is What They Don’t Tell You with Jordyn Jones.

From Straw Hut Media