The Jordyn Jones Podcast : Laxatives, Curb Confessions, and First Date Surprises!


In this week's episode we cover some juicy stories like a substitute teacher secretly giving a student laxatives, a girl borrowing her sister's car and accidentally curbing the wheel, and a girl getting her period on a first date. Jordyn also shares her hilarious relatable takes as always. Plus an adorable love story - a guy planning to propose to his girlfriend in April! Don't miss this dramatic, funny, and romantic episode! Happy New Year and here's to more juicy confessions in 2023!

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The Jordyn Jones Podcast
Sometimes life and fame aren’t always all they’re cracked up to be. From ups and downs to heartbreak, failure, making it through, and successes, walk with Jordyn Jones and experience first hand how to stay true to yourself while on your life path. Featuring conversations with special guests, answering your questions and giving advice, this is What They Don’t Tell You with Jordyn Jones.

From Straw Hut Media