The Jordyn Jones Podcast : Rethinking Birth Control… And More!


Jordyn Jones addresses listener confessions, covering topics such as skincare, birth control, and relationship dynamics. Jordyn shares her own skincare routine and opens up about her decision to discontinue the pill due to concerns about hormonal effects and introduces the Oura ring as an alternative method for contraception. She also provides insights into relationship dynamics, offering advice to a listener in a year-long relationship where commitment is elusive and how to support friends caught up in questionable romances. It's a mix of relatable stories and genuine advice that makes you feel like you're chatting with a friend!

From Straw Hut Media
The Jordyn Jones Podcast
Sometimes life and fame aren’t always all they’re cracked up to be. From ups and downs to heartbreak, failure, making it through, and successes, walk with Jordyn Jones and experience first hand how to stay true to yourself while on your life path. Featuring conversations with special guests, answering your questions and giving advice, this is What They Don’t Tell You with Jordyn Jones.

From Straw Hut Media