Locales Only : Chef Drew Deckman Teaches the Secrets of Slow Living and Good Eating


Welcome back to another episode of Locales Only. Today, we’re taking a cruise through the cultural streets of San Diego with award-winning chef Drew Deckman. He’s going to tell us about his new restaurant in San Diego, the secrets of slower living and better eating, and the challenges the current restaurant industry is facing. So buckle up, and let’s cruise on Locales Only! 
Big thanks to Fletcher-Jones Motorcar of Newport Beach for sponsoring the show and building out the all-electric Mercedes-Benz EQE as our rolling podcast studio!  
Locales Only
There’s so much that makes Southern California one of the best places in the world. That’s why, for almost a decade, the founder of Locale magazine, Eric Hale, has been showcasing the people, places, restaurants, and events that give SoCal its reputation. Now he’s taking his show on the road, literally, in a brand new Mercedes-Benz EQE courtesy of Fletcher Jones Motorcars in Newport Beach as the rolling podcast studio. You’ll get a taste of what it feels like to go on a cruise with some of the biggest names in California. Think actors, musicians, award-winning chefs, business leaders, and locals who have built so much of the California coastline. So buckle up, turn your volume up, and let’s cruise with Locales Only.