Naked Lunch : Donny Osmond, Pt. 1. Carrie Underwood makes a Special 100th Episode Intro!


Phil and David & the "Naked Lunch" podcast hit 100 episodes in winning style in Las Vegas with a special introduction by Carrie Underwood followed by a fantastic, funny & revealing conversation with the iconic Donny Osmond in front of a few hundred of his most loving fans in his Vegas showroom. Just as in his award-winning Vegas residency at, Donny artfully and insightfully covers his remarkable 60 years in show business with The Osmonds, Donny & Marie and as a solo artist, with amazing stories along the way about Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney and so many more. All this plus some tunes and delicious dessert. Follow Donnie at  To learn more about building community through food and "Somebody Feed the People," visit the Philanthropy page at Recording by Glen Adams. 
Naked Lunch
Don't you love a great lunch and conversation with an interesting friend? You know, the kind that you talk about for years to come. Phil Rosenthal, creator, and host of Netflix's "Somebody Feed Phil," already knows how to find fascinating people, foods, and cultures. While he always likes eating lunch, he's even more enthusiastic about a lunch that includes a conversation with smart people who share their stories.