Naked Lunch : Everybody Loves Naked Phone Calls


It's another Naked Call In extravaganza as Phil and David answer YOUR listener questions and give the deep, thought provoking kind of answers you're looking for! Or maybe it's a little less serious and they discuss things like Steely Dan, the laws of attraction and positive people's effects on the world, Phil's upcoming tour (with a very exciting stop in Chicago), and the good and bad architecture of big cities. To learn more about building community through food and "Somebody Feed the People," visit the Philanthropy page at
Naked Lunch
Don't you love a great lunch and conversation with an interesting friend? You know, the kind that you talk about for years to come. Phil Rosenthal, creator, and host of Netflix's "Somebody Feed Phil," already knows how to find fascinating people, foods, and cultures. While he always likes eating lunch, he's even more enthusiastic about a lunch that includes a conversation with smart people who share their stories.