On The Rocks: Where Celebrities & Cocktails Mix : Gay & God Talk with Yass, Jesus Podcast Hosts Daniel Franzese (Mean Girls, HBO's Looking) & Azariah Southworth ((The Remix on TBN))


On this episode of On the Rocks, we Yassify your faith with the hosts of Yass, Jesus podcast actor & comedian Daniel Franzese from Mean Girls and HBO’s Looking and former televangelist and conversion therapy survivor Azariah Southworth who claim you don’t have to pick between being gay and God…gurlll, we certainly talk about it ALL! Get out the vodka and holy water, this one’s a doozy! with host Alexander Rodriguez

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On The Rocks: Where Celebrities & Cocktails Mix
TV & Radio Personality Alexander Rodriguez sips and chats with your favorite celebrities from TV, film, Broadway, music, reality TV and pop culture in this weekly, entertainment, no holds barred talk show. Academy Award, Emmy Award, Grammy Award, Tony Award, Golden Globe Award winners – he’s drank with them all! Its talk radio with a twist!  
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