PRIDE : A Holistic Approach to Gender-Affirming Care


Is healthcare a right or a privilege? Amid a national debate, one group finds itself in the crosshairs - the transgender community. Today, we’re diving headfirst into a hot-button issue that’s making waves in news and politics - the critical role of mental health support in gender-affirming care.

This week, we’re speaking with Dr. Angela Rodriguez, a renowned plastic surgeon and the founder of ART Surgical in San Francisco. Dr. Rodriguez is a trailblazer providing comprehensive, gender-affirming care beyond medical interventions. She believes in holistic well-being and ensures her patients receive top-tier care, including mental health support, social services, and advocacy. 

We’ll talk about how she approaches comprehensive care for transgender patients beyond surgical interventions and the importance of mental health support in gender-affirming medical practices and how we can better support our loved ones in their journey.
Learn more about Dr. Angela Rodriguez’s practice:
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