PRIDE : Is Halloween Gay Christmas?


It’s Spooky Season, Pride listeners! Have you ever heard someone call Halloween Gay Christmas?

To help us explore the very queer origins of Halloween, we’ll spend some time with two experts in the realm of queer history: Michael Bronski and Marc Stein. We’ll look at what exactly it is about Halloween that makes it feel like Gay Christmas and what some of those Halloween celebrations looked like in the middle of the 20th century, specifically in Philadelphia. We’ll also hear from the one and only Tammie Brown, whose Halloween Spectacular is out now on Out TV, about her own experiences with Halloween as a drag queen. And finally, we’ll look at how Halloween can remind us of our power and serve as a tool for activism.

Tammie Brown’s Halloween Spooktacular is out now on and on AppleTV+ via the OUTtv Channel until October 31st. Watch it here and follow Tammie on Instagram.

Read Michael Bronski's book, A Queer History of the United States.

Read more from Marc Stein on his faculty page .

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*This podcast is not affiliated with Pride Media