PRIDE : We're In This Together! w/ HRC and Propeller


Propeller is a community-supported social impact platform– the first of its kind. And they connect non-profit organizations, like the Human Rights Campaign, with artists, festivals, and events, to create marketing campaigns that combine activism with unforgettable experiences.

Last year, in 2022 alone, Propeller had over 1.3 million registered users, raised $5 million and inspired 7.6 million actions for causes that matter. Look at what Aly & AJ did, raising over $100,000 for The Trevor Project and To Write Love On Her Arms during their spring headline tour. And Demi Lovato has partnered with Propeller twice to raise money and bring awareness to the organizations they love.

Today, we’re talking with Kelley Robinson, President of the Human Rights Campaign, and Brandon Deros, Founder and CEO of Propeller, about how their collaboration is reshaping activism through art and social engagement.

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