Psychic Insights for the Modern World : Astrology, Spirit Connections, and Personal Growth


Ask Me Anything: In this episode of Ask Me Anything, spiritual medium Kellee White discusses the astrology of the week and answers listener questions.

She starts by sharing her experience with the freezing weather in Wisconsin and then dives into astrology.

From recognizing signs from loved ones to understanding the significance of shared birth date numbers in numerology, Kellee covered a variety of topics discussing the impact of illness on our spiritual connections and how certain events.

For those seeking guidance, Kellee pulled cards to provide insights into your personal lives, whether it's about love, career, or connecting with the spirit of departed loved ones.

Through this episode, individuals can gain a deeper understanding of themselves, their purpose, and their connection to the world around them.

Ultimately, this can lead to personal growth, a greater sense of fulfillment, and a more meaningful life.

Tune in to gain astrological wisdom and guidance for your life.
Psychic Insights for the Modern World
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