Psychic Insights for the Modern World : How To Arrange Crystals In Your Home?


Ask Me Anything: Spiritual medium Kellee White dives deep into the mystical world of crystals alongside a special guest, Prajna Avalon, a remarkable spiritual healer and psychotherapist hailing from Brazil. Prajna takes us on an extraordinary journey through her recent home renovation project, where she wove the potent energies of crystals into every nook and cranny of her apartment, all with specific intentions in mind. From love and healing to protection and cleansing, each crystal had a vital role to play in this sacred transformation. As they explore Prajna's unique crystal-infused abode, the conversation unfolds to reveal the incredible benefits of an infrared sauna and answers intriguing questions about crystals and their diverse applications. So, join us as we unlock the secrets of the heart chakra, manifest abundance, and cleanse spaces, all through the mystical lens of crystals and energy work.

From Straw Hut Media
Psychic Insights for the Modern World
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