Psychic Rehab : Burnout


Is HELL really other people as Sartre wrote? Or is hell unprocessed trauma and isolation? Join writer, activist, and mental patient Rachel Michelle Fernandes as she shares her own story of burnout and personal devastation. She then looks at the post traumatic recovery of Firefighters, hears from the creator of, and talks to a psychology professor and researcher who studies mindfulness, empathy and human connection. Ending the stigma against mental illness, one rehab session at a time.
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Psychic Rehab
Triggers, trauma, and overwhelm, oh my! What happens when artists, activists, and everyday folk get that not-so-sane feeling? And what are some of the less conventional ways we get grounded and reconnect to the physical world when everything seems so out of control?Join writer/cultural producer/DIY self helper Rachel Michelle Fernandes for a series of conversations about getting rooted in reality and finding common ground, be it with civic engagement, trash cinema, punk music, art therapy, talking to strangers, or taking to the open road. Together we can wake up from the collective nightmare to discover a world charged with possibility and healing. From Straw Hut Media.