Psychic Rehab : Identity: Part 1


This week on Psychic Rehab, join me, Rachel Michelle Fernandes, resident punk enthusiast, journalist, and mental health nerd, for a conversation about identity. I attend the iconic Riot Grrrl punk feminist band Bikini Kill’s recent reunion tour and hone in on feminism, what it’s meant to me, and how it definitely doesn’t mean the same thing to all women. I talk to a close friend who recently became a therapist in Los Angeles about her early relationship with feminism as well as her training in treating clients from different cultural backgrounds. I also catch up with a college friend who is doing groundbreaking work with men on how to be better allies to women and girls. Check in to rehab on, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts. And don’t forget to subscribe rate and review us!
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Psychic Rehab
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