Psychic Rehab : Identity: Part 2


Join Rachel Michelle Fernandes, mostly functional misfit and mental health advocate for part 2 of a discussion about identity and what it’s like to cross cultural boundaries. Rachel talks with two San Diego and Tijuana based activists who grew up living the Transborder experience and to a Jamaican born psychologist who talks about her work with the Jamaican diaspora as well as her own experience being separated from her parents during the immigration process. Check into Psychic Rehab for some fresh perspective on coping in today’s mixed up world. Ending the stigma, one rehab session at a time. 
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Psychic Rehab
Triggers, trauma, and overwhelm, oh my! What happens when artists, activists, and everyday folk get that not-so-sane feeling? And what are some of the less conventional ways we get grounded and reconnect to the physical world when everything seems so out of control?Join writer/cultural producer/DIY self helper Rachel Michelle Fernandes for a series of conversations about getting rooted in reality and finding common ground, be it with civic engagement, trash cinema, punk music, art therapy, talking to strangers, or taking to the open road. Together we can wake up from the collective nightmare to discover a world charged with possibility and healing. From Straw Hut Media.