Release Date Rewind : Serial Mom (30th anniversary)


Are those pussy willows? Mark welcomes two Maryland boys and John Waters fans on the show to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the cult classic comedy Serial Mom! Graphic designer Brandon Ingraham from Zombae Brando Designs (in his first podcast episode!) and Jesse Krempel from the Cult Circle Cinema podcast agree that Kathleen Turner playing the iconic Beverly Sutphin is cinematic perfection. With a solid cast, fun death scenes, hilarious dialogue, obscene phone calls that would make Ghostface blush, and morals everyone can root for, this 1994 movie is a "twisted Normal Rockwell" and "a feel-good movie that probably shouldn't be." RIP Suzanne Somers! Plus, we give All That a shout-out for its 30th anniversary as well, and of course touch on the popular docuseries that's been making waves, Quiet On Set.

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Release Date Rewind
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