Seen on Screen with Jacqueline Coley : Editors Have All the Fun with John Cantú


What does crafting a quilt have in common with editing a blockbuster movie trailer? In this week’s episode of "Seen on the Screen," Jacqueline Coley finds that link with John Cantú, a seasoned trailer editor in Universal’s Creative Operations. John shares how a childhood passion for music and movies evolved into a career in film editing. Discover the joy of seeing a movie through your child's eyes, the cultural resonance of comedy, and the meticulous craft behind your favorite movie trailers. Listen in as John shares insights from behind the scenes at NBCUniversal, illustrating how every cut can tell a powerful story.
Seen on Screen with Jacqueline Coley
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With a blend of games and questions, Jacqueline guides us through a journey of cinematic discovery, asking guests to reflect on the films that have rocked their world, changed them forever, or even scared the daylights out of them. 

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