Shaping Freedom With Lisane Basquiat : 43: Embracing the Messiness of Life w/ Luke Iorio


This week I am joined by a special guest and longtime friend Luke Iorio. Luke is the former CEO of IPEC, the professional institute of coaching where I obtained my certification many years ago. He is now a coach and entrepreneur, and he currently hosts his own podcast called “On this Walk.”

After going through what he refers to as an “epic burnout stage”, Luke realized that he wasn't in alignment with where he needed to be in life. This began a seven year spiritual journey, during which he stepped down from IPEC and explored different practices and modalities on his own walk toward a deeper discovery of himself and the meanings of Balance, Peace, Fulfillment, and Freedom.

In this episode, Luke and I had a much needed conversation about the sacred messiness of life. We talked about what burnout really means, how one gets to that point, and about how important it is for us humans to create a space to regulate, reflect and sit in the sometimes uncomfortable space of embracing the unknown.

If you liked our discussion, I encourage you to listen to Part 2 of our discussion on Luke's podcast "On This Walk":
Shaping Freedom With Lisane Basquiat
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