Shaping Freedom With Lisane Basquiat : 51: Redefining Motherhood & Sobriety with Ruby Warrington


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In this episode of Shaping Freedom, Lisane Basquiat is joined by Ruby Warrington, author of "Sober Curious," "The Sober Curious Reset," and her latest book, "Women Without Kids," to discuss the intersections of sobriety, redefining motherhood, and finding freedom in our choices.

The conversation begins with Ruby sharing her personal journey to sobriety and how it led her to explore spirituality. She highlights the importance of exploring sobriety as a tool for personal growth, rather than just a means of quitting alcohol.

The discussion then moves to the societal expectations placed on mothers and the need to redefine motherhood and find freedom in our choices. Ruby challenges the belief that motherhood should be the primary focus of a woman's life and encourages us to create our own definitions of motherhood.

Lisane and Ruby then dive into Ruby's latest book, "Women Without Kids," which explores the stigma surrounding women who choose not to have children and the societal pressures they face. Ruby discusses how she hopes the book will encourage conversations around this topic and provide support to women who have made this choice.

Finally, Ruby shares how she found spirituality as a means of connecting with something greater than herself and how it has been a transformative experience on her journey towards freedom.Key Takeaways:
  • Sobriety can be a tool for personal growth and self-discovery.
  • It's essential to redefine motherhood to find freedom in our choices.
  • "Women Without Kids" provides support and encourages conversations around the stigma surrounding women who choose not to have children.
  • Spirituality can be a powerful means of connecting with something greater than ourselves and finding freedom.
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