Shaping Freedom With Lisane Basquiat : Pt 1. Kevin Powell on the intersection of Hip-Hop and an unwell society.


In this two-part episode of Shaping Freedom, Lisane interviews Kevin Powell, a poet with Jersey roots and a Grammy nomination tucked under his belt, about family, resilience, and his album, "Grocery Shopping with My Mother," birthed from real-life trips to the store with his ailing mom. Listen as we explore love, health, and his surprise Grammy nomination. In the first part of this series, Lisane and Kevin focus heavily on what it means to break the shackles of toxic masculinity and what it means to find love in a heartless society.

Key takeaways:

Kevin's experiences with racism and sexism, as well as his journey to becoming a more responsible and respectful man.

The importance of focusing on what we want to see in the world and speaking from a place of love rather than negativity.

Influencers from his mother, his first teacher and leader, to the anti-apartheid movement, hip-hop culture, and the writing of Langston Hughes, Malcolm X, and Audre Lorde.

This first episode of this series transcends a normal personal history lesson but instead aims to show the power of vulnerability and a call to action that love and kindness will always be the most important lessons this world has to offer. Find Kevin Powell’s incredible new book in print here.

Shaping Freedom With Lisane Basquiat
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