Shaping Freedom With Lisane Basquiat : Pt 2. "Love's got to be a part of this world" Kevin Powell's take on love, violence, and responsibility of creatives.


In this two-part episode of Shaping Freedom, Lisane interviews Kevin Powell, a poet with Jersey roots and a Grammy nomination tucked under his belt, about family, resilience, and his album, "Grocery Shopping with My Mother," birthed from real-life trips to the store with his ailing mom.

Listen as we explore love, health, and his surprise Grammy nomination.

In the second part of this powerful conversation, Liasane and Kevin both look at the responsibilities and influences that creatives and their works have regarding the world and society around them. They later transition into why the creative’s journey is so important to shaping them and their works.

Key takeaways:

The journey that creatives take in their personal lives is critical to who they become and how that influences their works in both the positive and negative spaces.

Creatives and activists, really alone with a public voice have a deep responsibility to guide the world towards love and kindness.

The people will listen to folks like Kevin and Lisanne and they will connect. It’s important to use that voice for everyone.The spiritual and mental sickness that we feel in our society and Kevin’s experiences grappling and overcoming his battles with the sickness in our society.

This second episode pulls back the curtain on who Kevin Powell is and what events shaped his work, his soul, and his outlook on life, love, and how to show up for the people who listen to his words. The rest of this interview goes far beyond a simple conversation about what inspired a writer.

No, it shows the world that every creative out there has a responsibility to be a positive influence and spread nothing but love and respect for all who come to hear their words.You can find Kevin Powell’s incredible new book in print here.

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Grocery Shopping with My Mother
“Kevin Powell returns with a poetic time capsule written with love in honor of his mother’s evolution. Powell investigates the nature of our country’s oppression through the gener…
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