Soul & Science : #28: SERHANT. Founder Ryan Serhant | Take Care of the Work and the Work Will Take Care of You


Ryan Serhant rose to fame on Million Dollar Listing: New York. Now running his own luxury real-estate company, SERHANT., he is the star of his own billion dollars in listings. From building a personal brand, de facto for CMOs, to creating a global business and writing best-sellers, Serhant is an intuitive marketer. “The greatest businesses of the next generation aren't going to be those that are disrupted purely by technology, they're going to be those that are disrupted by marketing,” he says. Forged by downturns–as a young soap actor, his character was killed off by 2007’s writer’s strike–Serhant became an agent, just as the mortgage crisis tanked the market in 2008. Starting SERHANT. on pandemic’s eve, his hedge-funder’s brain continues to find opportunities where others flee.

In this episode you’ll learn:
• How people are given amazing opportunities, but do jack shit with them
• Be the best when everything (and everyone else) is the worst
• Take care of the work and the work will take care of you
• The 3Fs: Follow up; follow through; follow back
• Expand and brand–focus on that every day

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Brought to you by Mekanism