The BOM : Episode 2: Sophy Wong | Wearable Tech For Creative Expression


Continuing our theme of DesignLab’s Community, this week Majenta is joined by the brilliant multi-disciplinary designer Sophy Wong. After starting her career in graphic design, Sophy now specializes in designing wearable technology for creative expression. She loves learning new skills and techniques, and sharing the design and build processes for her projects on her social channels. Her work has appeared on stage, screen, and in music videos, and she has spoken at countless creative technology conferences and maker events. Just last month, Sophy appeared on Adam Savage’s “Tested” and attended SiliCon with our previous guest, Jayy Moss. She is also a remote artist-in-residence for Bantam Tools. Sophy’s design savvy, work ethic, openness to new ideas and techniques, and love of open source encapsulate so much of what DesignLab and our community stand for, and her insights in this episode are invaluable. We're so excited to see what innovations Sophy’s wearable tech devices and costumes inspire in the years to come.

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