The BOM : Episode 38: Augmented Reality Is Not Just a Gimmick with Mareike Kritzler


Mareike Kritzler is the Siemens research group head of the Smart Machine Vision and Visualization team. The team’s research keeps the human in the loop and allows for interaction with a Digital Twin or a physical machine through human-machine interfaces such as Augmented Reality. Before Mareike joined Siemens Corporate Technology, she was a Development Specialist for Augmented Reality apps at a German startup, first in Munich, Germany, and then in San Francisco. Her Diploma (M.S.) and PhD are in the field of Geoinformatics which were obtained from the University of Muenster where she worked as a student researcher and research assistant for several years.
Mareike is a firm believer in making technology accessible to all and ensuring the workforce is equipped to embrace the advancements that shape our world.

Digital twin on Siemens website

Digital coral reef

Digital reef
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