The BOM : Episode 39: A Quick Announcement


Majenta expresses gratitude to the fantastic listeners and shares some thrilling news. While The BOM takes a brief break to gear up, Majenta teases upcoming interviews featuring guests from Motorola and other incredible technology and hardware companies. She encourages listeners to dive into the podcast's treasure trove of past interviews with tech leaders, entrepreneurs, and hardware creators. She also announced the Hackaday Super Conference 2023, with tickets currently live on Eventbrite. Scheduled for November 3rd-5th, the conference will offer workshops, the Hackaday Prize ceremony, and captivating talks. With early bird tickets already taken, swift action is advised for interested attendees. Listeners are invited to stay connected via social media and the podcast's website for updates on their upcoming return, ensuring they remain engaged in the enriching discussions on innovation and creativity.

2023 Hackaday Superconference
The BOM (or “bill of materials”) is a weekly Supplyframe DesignLab Podcast hosted by Head of Design & Partnerships Majenta Strongheart. Each week, through digestible conversations with the world’s leading innovators, hackers, and entrepreneurs, Majenta and her guests explore the future of how hardware projects are built and brought to market, investigate technological solutions to the world's toughest challenges, help bridge the gap between makers, startups, and investors, and celebrate the transformational power of design.
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