The BOM : Episode 18: Three is a Company with Supercon 6


Today I am at Supercon 6 where I’m going to speak with three incredible guests, and talented Solderers, Helen Leigh, Steven, and Tom!

Helen Leigh is a maker, an electronic textiles specialist, and a hardware hacker. She is the Head of Community at Crowd Supply and the author of "The Crafty Kid's Guide to DIY Electronics". In my interview with Helen, we will talk about how she became deeply involved in the wearable tech music scene, as well as some more information about Crowd Supply.

Steven recently started a company making open-source pick and place machines which quickly gained notoriety and his product is now one of the grand prizes in Supercon 6’s hackaday competition. Stick around for my conversation with him and learn more about how he went from soldering light-up bow ties to open-source pick-and-place machines.

Tom is here for his first Supercon 6 and is the winner of the super mound soldering challenge! Learn more about what was going on in his head during the competition and how adrenalin kicked in just when he needed it.

Test your surface mount soldering skills out, starting with a 1206 package and work your way down into an oblivion of frustration.
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