The Inside Track: Our AI Future : Our Autonomous Past, Present, and Future With Sergio Savaresi


So far in this series, we have had so many incredible conversations with the leaders and visionaries of the autonomous revolution that it can be easy to lose sight of just how far we’ve come. Just eight years ago, some of the first commercial self-driving cars were crawling along at 10 miles per hour in California, and today, we have seen first-hand how fast these cars can go. 

Today, on the Inside Track, we have the honor of speaking with Professor Sergio Savaresi from the Polytechnic University of Milan. Many consider Sergio one of the grandfathers of the autonomous revolution and he has authored over 500 papers and journals on automation research. Together, we’ll reflect on how quickly self-driving cars have advanced and where the industry is heading. Later, we’ll theorize how the world of transportation might change and whether or not humans will even be allowed to drive their own cars on public roads. 
The Inside Track: Our AI Future
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