The Psychedelic Report : Breaking Down Barriers in Psychedelic Research with Dr. Jeff Chen


What happens when we explore the intersection of psychedelic medicines and healing? In this episode, Dr. Dave Rabin and Dr. Jeff Chen embark on a journey through the landscape of psychedelic drugs, from their historical roots in America's counterculture to their re-examination for therapeutic purposes today. Delving into the challenges of conducting research on psychedelic substances, particularly under regulatory restrictions, they shed light on the potential of cannabis for psychedelic-assisted therapy. Join them as they discuss the evolving field of psychedelic research, touching on crowd-sourced studies, decriminalization, and the crucial integration of therapy with psychedelic experiences. This episode provides a comprehensive overview of the current state of psychedelic research, the challenges and opportunities in the field, and the potential for these substances to revolutionize mental health treatment. Join Dr. Dave Rabin and Dr. Jeff Chen as they navigate the complex and fascinating world of psychedelic medicines and healing.
The Psychedelic Report
Dr. Dave Rabin MD, PhD, a psychiatrist and neuroscientist trained in Ketamine and MDMA-assisted therapy, brings you the newest developments from the world of psychedelic science and technology. From researchers and investors to physicians and shamans to nonprofit pioneers and policy-makers — each week, Dr. Dave brings you the latest news and answers your questions to share perspectives from the front lines of this exciting movement.