The Psychedelic Report : Embracing Good Stress: A Journey to Mindful Resilience with Jeff Krasno


How can individuals improve their understanding of their capabilities and potential, particularly in the context of stress management and mindfulness practices?

In this episode, Dr. Dave Rabin interviews Jeff Krasno, founder of Commune and a prominent figure in the health and wellness community, joins the discussion on stress, delineating between chronic distress and beneficial stress rooted in evolutionary pressures. Through Jeff's curated protocols, including intermittent fasting, cold therapy, and social experiments, listeners gain insight into harnessing the power of good stress to enhance physiological and psychological health. The conversation delves into the physiological benefits of good stress, the importance of optimal stress dosage, and the parallel between building psychological resilience and strengthening the immune system. Jeff emphasizes the role of attention control in shaping reality and advocates for meditation and mindfulness practices to cultivate it. The episode concludes with a reflection on embracing discomfort and life's uncertainties, including death, as avenues for growth and self-discovery through meditation and psychedelic exploration. 

Listeners can find Jeff Krasno on the Commune podcast and Instagram, with his course on good stress available on Commune's website, reflecting his mission to democratize access to transformative practices. 

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