The Psychedelic Report : Exploring the Inner Workings of Our Spirit with Katie Silcox.


How do the ancient traditions shed light on the interplay between science, spirituality, and the transformative journey of self-discovery? In this episode, Dr. Dave Rabin and Katie Silcox explore the fascinating intersection of science and spirituality. Katie, with an extensive background in Hinduism and Ayurveda, shares her journey into the world of tantric and yogic traditions. They discuss how these traditions aim to expand the mind beyond our limitations, emphasizing practices like breathing for inner exploration. The conversation touches on how these practices actually change our bodies, including Kundalini awakening and the balance of inner feminine and masculine aspects. They also explore the importance of grounding, self-acceptance, and the rise of the divine feminine in modern spirituality. Overall, this episode continues our 2024 exploration into the intricate connections between science and spirituality, providing a holistic understanding of consciousness and the deep interplay between mind, body, and ancient wisdom.
The Psychedelic Report
Dr. Dave Rabin MD, PhD, a psychiatrist and neuroscientist trained in Ketamine and MDMA-assisted therapy, brings you the newest developments from the world of psychedelic science and technology. From researchers and investors to physicians and shamans to nonprofit pioneers and policy-makers — each week, Dr. Dave brings you the latest news and answers your questions to share perspectives from the front lines of this exciting movement.