The Psychedelic Report : Exploring the Intersection of Psychedelics and Sexuality with Jaiya


Can psychedelics and sexuality transform healing? Can we access powerful psychedelic states through intimacy, connection, and sexual experiences? What happens when you combine psychedelic medicines and sex? In this special Valentines Day episode of The Psychedelic Report, Dr. Dave Rabin is joined by Jaiya, renowned expert in sexual healing and empowerment to explore the transformative power of psychedelic experiences and their potential to heal trauma, enhance sexual experiences, and much more! Jaiya shares her personal journey of healing and how she discovered the profound connection between sexuality, psychedelics, and trauma healing. They dive into the concept of trauma and its impact on the brain, as well as the importance of creating safety and consent in both psychedelic experiences and sexual encounters. This episode also touches on the role of intention in psychedelic and sexual experiences, the power of pleasure as a healing tool, and the need for a code of ethics in psychedelic use that includes the exploration of sexuality. Jaiya leaves us with the concept of the five erotic blueprints, providing insights into different types of sexual expression and how they can be integrated into healing and personal growth. If you’ve ever had questions about sexuality and intimacy and how to invite more of it into your life, this is the show for you!
The Psychedelic Report
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