The Psychedelic Report : Psilocybin as a New Breakthrough Treatment for Cluster Headaches with Dr. Emmanuelle Schindler MD, PhD


Have you ever heard of a headache so agonizing that it's been nicknamed the "suicide headache"? Imagine experiencing excruciating pain, primarily on one side of your head, accompanied by tearing, nasal congestion, and drooping eyelids. Now, imagine enduring this torment multiple times a day, each episode lasting anywhere from 15 minutes to several hours. It's not just a nightmare scenario; it's a reality for those who suffer from cluster headaches. Join Dr. Dave Rabin MD, PhD as he sits down with Dr. Emmanuelle Schindler MD, PhD, a physician-scientist from Yale University, to take us on a journey to explore the fascinating potential of psilocybin as a promising solution that might seem surprising, but it actually works for many sufferers of this extremely challenging disorder. Help is on the way!
The Psychedelic Report
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