The Psychedelic Report : Psychedelic Medicines Shed Light on Addiction


How do you define sobriety?

This week's episode features an enlightening discussion with biohacking influencer and interviewer Luke Storey about his personal journey with addiction, recovery, and the mindful integration of plant medicines.

Luke shares vulnerably about the childhood trauma that led him down a path of substance abuse, and how eventually hitting rock bottom inspired his sobriety 24 years ago.

He explained his thoughtful process around redefining sobriety and abstinence as he began to explore the healing potential of psychedelics like ayahuasca.

Luke and Dr. Dave Rabin have an insightful conversation about the difference between substances that disconnect us from consciousness versus those that can open portals to personal and spiritual growth.

They explored the importance of set, setting, intention, and integration when working with plant medicines. Join us for this thought-provoking look at how psychedelic medicines, when used consciously, can catalyze awe, disrupt negative thought patterns, reveal deeper layers of healing, and may provide a glimmer of hope for addiction treatment in the 21st century.

The Psychedelic Report
Dr. Dave Rabin MD, PhD, a psychiatrist and neuroscientist trained in Ketamine and MDMA-assisted therapy, brings you the newest developments from the world of psychedelic science and technology. From researchers and investors to physicians and shamans to nonprofit pioneers and policy-makers — each week, Dr. Dave brings you the latest news and answers your questions to share perspectives from the front lines of this exciting movement.