The Psychedelic Report : The FDA, MDMA Therapy, and Tucker Max


In the latest episode of The Psychedelic Report, Dr. Dave Rabin shares the latest news on the MDMA-Assisted Therapy trials evaluation by the FDA Advisory Committee from June 4, who voted a surprising 10-1 that the risks of this breakthrough treatment outweigh the benefits. This was particularly astonishing to clinicians and researchers as described by Rachel Nuwer in her latest article in the BBC published on June 20. We’ll take a deep dive into this article and the discussion of safety and risks of MDMA-Assisted Therapy, followed by an enlightening conversation with award-winning author Tucker Max about his personal journey achieving a greater sense of safety with psychedelic-assisted therapy. 

Tucker discusses the importance of safety and integration practices in maximizing the benefits of psychedelic experiences. He emphasizes the role of journaling, psychotherapy, and lifestyle changes in supporting the integration process and facilitating personal growth. Tucker's journey highlights the profound impact of psychedelics on mental health, self-discovery, and relationships.
Don't miss this insightful episode, where real-life experiences and expert perspectives converge to explore the healing potential of psychedelic medicines. Tune in now to embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation with Tucker Max.


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