The Psychedelic Report : The Status of MDMA Therapy and the Veteran Impact


In this compelling episode of The Psychedelic Report, Dr. Dave Rabin delves into the evolving landscape of psychedelic-assisted therapies with special guest Jon Lubecki, a veteran and prominent advocate for such treatments in Ukraine. The discussion centers on the recent FDA advisory committee setback, which resulted in a 10 to 1 vote against MDMA-assisted therapy due to lingering concerns about its safety and efficacy, particularly in post-treatment activities like driving. Jon provides a nuanced analysis of the hearing, pointing out significant conflicts of interest among some opponents who failed to disclose their affiliations with competing therapies like psilocybin and ketamine. He also examines the critical role of influential organizations such as ICER and Symposia, whose biased reports have swayed public and regulatory opinions against MDMA trials. With a fervent focus on the broader implications for mental health, especially for veterans suffering from PTSD, Jon underscores the inadequacy of current treatments and the transformative potential of MDMA-assisted therapy. He shares his personal journey from struggling with PTSD to becoming a leading advocate, passionately calling for the democratization of access to these promising therapies, transcending political and social boundaries.
Congressman Dan Crenshaw speaks out on the MDMA-assisted therapy controversy and the anti-Veteran agenda :
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