The Psychedelic Report : Understanding the Impact of the FDA Vote on MDMA Therapy with Rachel Nuwer


 In this compelling episode of The Psychedelic Report, Dr. Dave Rabin is joined by esteemed journalist Rachel Nuwer, renowned for breaking the pivotal story on the Phase 3 MDMA-assisted therapy trials for PTSD in The New York Times. Together, they delve into the recent contentious votes from the FDA Pharmacologic Advisory Committee, which advised against approving MDMA-assisted therapy despite robust evidence from clinical trials. 

Rachel provides an insider's perspective on the committee's decision, expressing disappointment over the unreasonably high standards applied to MDMA-assisted therapy compared to other psychiatric medications. She and Dr. Rabin discuss the committee's focus on issues like demographic representation and the integration of therapy with MDMA treatment, arguing that these criticisms overlook the proven benefits of MDMA in enhancing psychotherapy outcomes.
The episode highlights the need for better education on psychedelic therapy within the medical community and critiques the media's role in spreading public misconceptions. Rachel and Dr. Rabin emphasize the potential of MDMA-assisted therapy to revolutionize PTSD treatment, especially for Veterans and other underserved populations. Despite the setback, they remain hopeful that the scientific evidence and patients’ needs will ultimately prevail.

Overall, the conversation underscores the importance of accurate reporting and increased awareness to advance psychedelic therapies and build public trust in these innovative treatments.

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Rachel Nuwer’s Breaking News on MDMA Phase 3 Trials Results in the NYT:

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