The Sh*ttiest Podcast w/ Poopies : Roger Berry


In this episode, Poopies shares his inspiring story about how he got started in his career and the challenges he faced along the way.

Poopies opens up about his journey to sobriety, how it has changed his life for the better, and why he believes that being sober is the best way to live. He shares his personal experiences and insights into the ups and downs of living a sober life in the entertainment industry.

Throughout the podcast, Poopies and Roger share their stories, laughs, and even some tears as they discuss the importance of mental health, positive relationships, and finding joy in life. They also offer valuable advice for anyone who may be struggling with addiction or mental health issues and offer their perspectives on how to stay positive and focused.

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The Sh*ttiest Podcast w/ Poopies
This podcast is indescribably sh*tty, but we’ll take a stab at describing it. Riding high on the success of Jackass Forever, Poopies wanted to make a podcast for all of his adoring fans. The only problem is that Poopies is, without a doubt, the worst podcast host in the entire world. Straw Hut Media felt bad for the guy, so we decided to take a risk and create THE SHITTIEST PODCAST. Just like Poopies, this podcast is a little bit all over the place, and each week you can expect a range of topics like chicks, dicks, surfing, Hawaii, stunts, music, skating, comedy, and a whole lot of other shenanigans. So now that you know what you’re getting yourself into, dive on into THE SHITTIEST PODCAST. 
Produced By: Tyler Nielsen & Ryan Tillotson
Written By Frank Driscoll & Tyler Nielsen 
Narrated By Narrator
From Straw Hut Media