The Sh*ttiest Podcast w/ Poopies : Zackass


When two things from the same source collide it’s not just cow crap at a rodeo—this week’s episode of The Sh*ttiest Podcast w/ Poopies is a conversation between Poopies and another new member of the Jackass team:

None other than Zackass!

This week Zackass goes over his start in stunt work, passion for wrestling and MMA, and what brought Zackass to the Jackass team.

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The Sh*ttiest Podcast w/ Poopies
This podcast is indescribably sh*tty, but we’ll take a stab at describing it. Riding high on the success of Jackass Forever, Poopies wanted to make a podcast for all of his adoring fans. The only problem is that Poopies is, without a doubt, the worst podcast host in the entire world. Straw Hut Media felt bad for the guy, so we decided to take a risk and create THE SHITTIEST PODCAST. Just like Poopies, this podcast is a little bit all over the place, and each week you can expect a range of topics like chicks, dicks, surfing, Hawaii, stunts, music, skating, comedy, and a whole lot of other shenanigans. So now that you know what you’re getting yourself into, dive on into THE SHITTIEST PODCAST. 
Produced By: Tyler Nielsen & Ryan Tillotson
Written By Frank Driscoll & Tyler Nielsen 
Narrated By Narrator
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