The Wine Down : A Surprise Celebrity Drop In-Kinda?!?


This week on The Wine Down Salvador is joined by panelists the host of the podcast “A Little Too Much with Jamie Stone” it’s Jamie Stone and the host of LATV’s anchor show “The Zoo” Dennis Pastorizo. Plus, we celebrate the newest and the first black cast of member of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills but does Salvador and the panel hear back from her via text? Also, someone’s feeling really “horny” on today’s panel. Let me give you a hint it rhymes with chorizo.
Jamie Stone host of A Little Too Much with Jamie Stone
Dennis Pastorizo host of LATV’s The Zoo
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The Wine Down
The Wine Down is a pop culture infused panel show where guest/panelists discuss and dissect the latest pop culture stories of the week or what they are currently obsessing about in pop culture, social media, music, art and fashion. The Wine Down is moderated by show host, celebrity stylist and lover of all things pop culture Salvador Camarena. Salvador will add his signature and unique point of view on all topics and will relate them to any personal or professional experiences he’s had throughout his decade long career as a stylist working on every major red carpet-Oscars, Emmys, Golden Globes and Grammys. Salvador will also add his own personal flair with current latino-infused entertainment stories. The rotating panel would include celebrity guests, influencers, long-time friends and fellow podcasters. The Wine Down will also include one on one interviews with celebrity guests. So, basically you can think of The Wine Down as a chisme (gossip) fest with your favorite friends at happy hour. Just add wine! From Straw Hut Media