HeartBreakers with Elsa Jean and James Maas : Elsa’s Favorite Movie (No Not Those Ones)


It’s a new episode of Heartbreaks, and we’re reading off some of the best questions you lovely people had to ask on our live! We find out which one is Elsa’s favorite spicy scene, how the duo first met, and why people just aren’t looking for love or s*x anymore. Plus a few of Elsa’s pro tips for the ladies that like to go for a ride. Do you have a burning question for the Heartbreakers? Call the Heartbreakers Hotline at (833) 566-5577, email us at Heartbreakers@strawhutmedia.com, or tweet us at @HBpodcastlive!

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HeartBreakers with Elsa Jean and James Maas
Heartbreakers” with Elsa Jean & James Maas is a unique take on sex, love, dating and relationships from a former porn star and a gay pop singer. These two friends offer advice, share personal stories and sometimes give a little bit of tough love to provide guidance and hope for listeners looking for love or just a little spice.