EPISODE 47: The Holiday Red Zones w/ Dr E.

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This week Anne and Heather talk to Dr. E about the red zones that can often come with the holidays and, more importantly, how to avoid them. From politics at the dinner table to expressing gratitude, get tips on making the most out of family time!

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Straw media. We'd Better Day get
with and all right, y'all, you're

about to listen to a great episode
with Dr e where we just get right

into how are we all dealing with
the holidays? I mean, a lot

of us are fortunate to have families
that we just have a lot of fun

with, but most of us have
on us. That's it's a little trickier

to to navigate. It isn't and
I think it's. Some helpful tips are

of really wonderful, and that's really
what we got down to. How do

we manage it? How do we
make ourselves feel good in comment walking into

these places and spaces, but also
how do we make other people feel good

about a day that is really about
celebration and gratitude? Nobody needs to get

dived right into the nasty. Bring
your joy, bring the tricks that are

going to help everybody have a beautiful
day. We all deserve it. This

is we've come through in a major
time. Keep that in the forefront of

your mind, accepting others and yourself
for what you've been through this year and

hopefully have a rocket and keep politics
off the table and keep polities of the

table and don't ask you know,
don't have those questions. Don't ask.

Don't tell you your forty year old
grandson when he's gonna have a girlfriend.

He's not alone. Oh No,
listen, we gotta going on here.

Got Ay. If you want to
know how to handle your holidays, listen

to this, everybody. Welcome back
to better together than another, better with

Dr e always. Today we have
a celebration because Tactus book gave out this

week. We are so excited for
you. How do you this month?

This month, that, sorry,
this month, this, perhaps last month.

When did the book come out?
September, thirty September birth we have,

which I feel, which is basically
only two weeks. Is it?

How do you feel? How has
it been going? You Look Gorgeous.

For All of our uns. Get
out of me. It's good, it's

fun. You know, I've been
talking about red zone for for a year

and a half, two years,
and it's funny because my clients who I've

been have kind of heard the whole
process of I started coming up with a

red zone and then I can't stop
talking about they're like, I feel like

I was there when it was conceived. I love it. Well, it

has become a part of our daily
language. I can tell you that it

is and we thought that, coming
up on the holidays, that there is

a lot of opportunity for red zone. I love it, opportunity to get

let's get right into it and let's
talk about because we all want to have,

you know, some some tips on
how to on how to deal with

those holidays. Well, I would
love it if you kind of put into

context what we all go through,
because I think there's such a high level

of anxiety when we go in and
out. It's a word that I've been

curious about, but that's the one
that comes upmost when I when I hear

people talking about the holiday. So
can you kind of put us into the

mindspace of where we are as human
beings when we start to look at this

thing in front of US called holidays? And we'll do it for regular years,

and then there's added pandemic stuff,
so stray. In general, the

holidays are a time where we have
more to do, but all of our

daily activities and work it's still there
too. So we were overwhelmed before and

now we've got the holidays, and
so whether it's parties or travel or gifts

that can put added pressure on us. And then there's a lot of expectations

of how things should be. And
you know how I feel about the word

should, because it's very it sends
us into the red zone. But you

know, my family should be kinder, they should be more helpful, I

should get the perfect gifts, it
should be a happy time, and so

when we put this pressure on ourselves
and on others, that just raises the

stress level for a lot of people. Yes, well, and I also

think we're going through, I mean
I can speak personally the financial difficulties that

we all had to go through with
covid and feeling like we want to be

on the other side of it,
but we we want we're really like,

oh my goodness, is this going
to continue? Where we still going to

be in this awkwardness? Do I
save the money? I want my kids

to feel something that they haven't been
feeling. I think the financial burden is

really block tricky right now. Yeah, and you know, I think I'm

a lot of times, especially parents
when it comes to their kids, regardless

of the age of their kids,
think I want to make this special.

Well, we want to remember is
a special holiday is not necessarily about gifts,

even if it's a gift that they've
been begging for. And if you

can't afford it or you can't get
it, here's what happens. If they

did get the gift, they'd be
excited for a day or two and then

move on to something else. And
we know from the research and positive psychology

that it's really not things that make
us happy, it's experiences. So the

question is, how can you create
an experience for your family, for your

loved ones, that is positive and
it does not have to cost really any

money at all. I mean,
what if it was, instead of eating

your family meal at the table,
what if you had a picnic, you

put a blanket out, you ordered
a pizza or you made a pizza.

You know, we're not talking expensive
things, but just kind of creating some

fun experiences, maybe even starting some
new family traditions that work for you.

That's a great ideating is. It's
a starting a new family tradition, a

thing of when we talked about taking
something away, really sitting, maybe maybe

putting an activity forth where you sit
on a table and you say link.

Listen, kids, we've all been
through this. We want to have this

celebration. Let's create a new tradition
to doesn't that doesn't cost anything. I

think that would put kids a lot
like I think that my babble like the

blue. What do you mean?
I want the I want the iphone thirteen.

I started an introduction. My parents
would leave cookies and milk for Santa

Claus and I left him to feel
him. Oh, my kids are like

to my kids, I was like
everybody leaves him milk. You know,

I think that, you know he
wants to. Let's let's be the House

that leaves him metecula and de Santa
like this. You can, I like

Peticula Shan sound like to line with
the play with the Tu in my head,

the chimneys rather than go down.
I'm like, he's got all that

milk to lay a base. Fine, its bad of the cookies absorbs.

Well, let's talk. Let's talk
specifically about Thanksgiving, okay, because that's

coming up and I think that Thanksgiving
is different in that there's there's extended family.

You're at a table with all of
these people that that you know are

don't necessarily share the same you know, like in my family, my extended

family has very different political views than
me, not not my sister's and I

wouldn't want anybody to listen to this
and think that my sister's roll that way,

but on my other side of the
family that they're very different politically.

So, like I remember the last
time we were all together, I remember

telling my sister like do not,
no matter what, do not say anything

about that motherfucker trump. Do not
say a word. Do not, like,

we're not going to fight, we're
not going to bring it up.

You know, she drinks sences seqaler
early on the Thanksgiving and then blathered it

all over the place. I did. I cut to me. I'm like

two glasses of wine in and I'm
like, well, you know that Donald

Trump sure is a fucking idiot,
you know. And then, and then

we're off. So victory. What
we do when we get when will maybe

drink asing in, curbing your drinking? Well, then nobody wants to hear

that. That's not a fun I
think it's I think it's a good rule

for some people. I think it's
a good rule for some people. Here's

the thing. The other thing to
consider is if you know that there are

topics of conversation, political or you
know, the whole vaccination Oh, very

polarized by this yes, what day
and love reason talk to it about that.

Yeah, I know we all want
to have a happy holiday. We

want to have a happy thanksgiving.
Let's agree to not talk about these topics.

Have Them. Well, what would
you call those topics not to talk

about? Well, what would you
put the whatever it is in your family,

if it's politics, if it's a
vaccine, if and you know,

covid whatever it is, if you
know that there's going to be a source

of tension, address that proactively and
say these are off the table. Can

we all agree to that and get
everyone's nod or in any email saying yes.

And then, if it comes up, one of two things. One,

you can remind them, Hey,
we said we were going to talk

about that, but remember if someone's
already in the red zone, telling them

they're wrong ain't going to work.
Yes. So the other thing is to

have in your our back pocket topics
of conversation that you know each person in

your family loves to talk about,
while so many on the loves to talk

about her crocheting or uncle, I'll
Albert, you know, has been working

on his car for, you know, six years. You have those topics

in your back pockets. So when
they start talking about politics, you can

be like Hey, I've been wondering
how subtle and really subtle their doctor.

Can you tell us what you're doing
for your thanks? Give me. I

we are having another family over with
whom we're very close. They have three

kids who we say are my children's
cousins. So not really cousins, but

we say they are. So don't
just it'll be two families. Super Easy,

very chill, very easy. Well, I did, for one of

for things giving that I did when
I when I used to have a big

house. One of the things that
we did with him by everybody, but

we didn't have anybody to go to, and we punt a poem or a

something funny. Some of them were
funnier than others. Some of them were

quotes, some of the and they
and there was a piece of paper under

each one of their plates and each
person could read theirs and pass it along

if they want. They could trade
or they could say but everyone would have

to stand up and say something that
would create a conversation that would beyond what

everybody was talking about in the moment, because I think there is a real

I mean, obviously we're all very
much in the moment of the first things

giving after covid people. I went
to the race track for both the finale

of the horse races. I saw
more people. I think there is a

real celebration and I think I want, with the audience and everything that we're

talking about, remember the positives rather
than getting into an argument about what hasn't

happened for you or your family or
a family member during covid but where your

tent? Where you want to go? What is it that we're kind of

moving forth into? What are the
goals for the because I think it's hard

to get further when we're stuck in
the muck of the Oh my God,

we just got to have out of
covid hell. I'm going to handle this

holiday anyway. I thought that was
really fun and when you pick two things

out that are funny, especially when
you have like a grandma reading something that's

a little bit, you know,
a little bit movie dirty or whatever it

is, it makes people chuckle and
also talk about talk about different things if

you need, if you need a
tip for getting out of getting out of

political conversation, but I do think
that there's I think that I would love

for you to give us some help
for when we get insecure. I see

so many people not feeling like they
can accomplish what they want to accomplish and

there becomes this thing, especially around
Christmas, of the dead and though of

the person who feels like they're stuck. How do we get them out of

that and get them into a positive
well, one thing, and this is

what things giving is all about,
is gratitude. So we know that when

we feel stuck, it's because we're
focusing on what's wrong right we're focused on

the problem, as I pushed to
creating this solution. So yeah, having

a happy meal at the Thanksgiving can
be lovely. I don't mean the kind

with the plastic toy, but a
happy meals where you focus on what do

you eat, what's good, and
it could be anything from what are you

grateful for? You could have a
turn to the you know the person next

to you as a whole table.
You can have this conversation, say one

thing that you appreciated, that you
admire in the person to your left.

Nice, and that can be that. I can be tricky, I gotta

you. Gotta tell this revealing a
lot of her family. Right now,

family dynamic is perfect. That's just
my close family. I'm good there.

That's I like that. Even people
you disagree with their political beliefer has to

be something. Maybe they did something
Nice, even if it was a couple

years ago. You like what they're
wearing. Maybe they brought a nice Pumpkin

Pie, whatever it is. So
you're saying to say superficial at Thanksgiving.

You name. You need to.
You need to. You know right.

I was just going to say,
you know, I know a lot of

people and I and I you know, my mother is as sweet as can

be, but she's also, you
know, it can be one that asks

the questions. You know that that
are like. You know. So are

you seen anybody? Are you,
you know, probing questions? And I've

just gotten to the point where I
just say to her mom, I'm happy.

You know I'm happy. So just
whatever you're digging at that, that

is your measure of happiness. I'm
happy. So I think that that,

you know, for for a lot
of people like you know, when you're

younger and you're still you know,
you're not married yet or you haven't had

kids yet, or or maybe you
have a cousin that has that bigger,

better job and and those questions you
know, you're, you know, waiting

tables and your brother is a you
know, just past the bar, like

there's you can feel judgment in your
lifestyle choices and I just think that that

for people asking the questions, for
people listening that are going to be and

Thanksgiving, think about questions you ask
people. Just don't ask them. Stop

those questions. Question, stop seeing
when are you going to have a baby?

To somebody. Maybe they're trying to
have a baby and they can't.

You know, maybe you just stop
asking that. You'll know when they're pregnant.

Leave them alone. You know they
will let you know when that baby's

coming out of that right. But
you know, I think there's a lot

of that that that that can people
aren't aware when they ask those kind of

questions, that it can send somebody
into such a negative place because alone,

let them have fine zone. Okay. Well, I want to switch the

zone a little and what we're talking
about, because I want to get into

and his families are coming together.
I want to get into the idea of

exactly what you're talking a lot and
your mom will go in fronts you and

your grown woman, but I know
that I'm going through a moment right now,

doctor, and anything you can to
help me with. How do I

talk to my son about who is
nineteen? I know you have teenage daughters.

What is what are the WHOA?
I'm the curious is heck about what

is going on with home? Or
how do I open up the door of

that conversation? You do not.
Don't ask a question. I'm not going

to say the Thanksgiving but I do. I mean college kids are coming home.

They they've been away for the first
time since code. There they're coming

back. They're going to be with
their families and there's this world that I

would like to know, because when
I call homer or say Zuba, mean

I have a different guying relationship,
but I don't know how to quite get

in there. What are the rules
or the boundaries around teenage curiosity? How

do what? What are my rights
here? is a mom when a nineteen

year old? When the difference between
rights and what's The you know, the

helpful thing to do? Yes,
okay, help me. Help me this.

wrote a paper on the top ten
things that teens wish their parents would

know. You. Any of them
is stop asking so many questions, but

ask, you know, ask open
end is questions. So it's not just

how are you fine? It's something
that they might want to talk about,

like what's something that you're really enjoying
right now? Yes, and they're like

what? What? Never Mind,
mom, I'm but gonna talk about squid

right. That would make you have
to watch. That's you they're exciting about.

That's what they're excited about. The
other thing is, I don't have

it here, but you know those, those Card Games, and I'm actually

creating one where they it's the questions. Oh yeah, my God, something

of humanity. The great to use
at the at the at the table,

and it's you know, if homer's
there, then he's got to answer question

to the way we do it is
you can pick there too. You get

two cards and you can you can
pose one and they answer the person who

poses it. But you have everyone
in the table answer to you can even

make off these questions. You don't
have to buy him on the cart.

And so it could be everything from
what's your favorite movie? What was your

favorite thing that happened this week?
What's one thing you're looking forward to next

year? And just put these questions
out. It could be in a be

fun like an interview, like in
a hat, like big up, like

a party game. Yeah, and
that's great for the holidays. That's a

really fun I think that's a really
fun suggestion. Now you don't think you're

going to get me to stop you
at number one on the teen list?

Can I hear the next one?
Likely pay really show. I want to.

I need a different show. What
I mean? That is a whole.

That is a hold who show?
Yeh, that's because then is that

is to me. I think we're
above my my my biggest gap in in

understanding communication is getting to know where
and how to communicate better with that,

and I love that you're doing a
paper on it. Can you tell us

what your next book is going to
be? On you already, I know

she's already working home. She's already
is like when you have a baby,

as IMS like, when's the next
time? Come? I definitely, I

definitely got I like your wisdom.
Still brother everything and stop asking questions.

Well, the next one movie.
It's part, all, part of what

has to look. She's bringing up
her book now, so you're going to

get to go and see. Oh
it does. It's so, so fantastic.

This is now. I went to
get my hair you know, naturally

colored Yesday, yes, my hair
dresser, God blaster, she looks at

the book. She goes, you
really aren't photogenic, are you? What?

What are you kidding me? You'RE
gonna love people are just so freaking

on, honestly, and you also
have to fire them to me now that

it's everywhere. But I'm not.
How do you deal with that in sect?

Dude does that going in his is
insecurity? I think we all that's

one of the craziest things that I've
heard. Woman, when somebody told me,

do you know? You're just you're
not. You're just not anybody's fantasy.

I was I was a for a
movie and it was eight characters and

she but I knew all of them. I'm all every single character, and

we know you'RE gonna act. You
you're just not anybody's fantasy. And I

was like what, Whoa? That
is really tough. It was a Bruce

Willis movie. I was like,
Oh, so I'm not getting good at

call back because I'm nobody's fantasy.
Anyway that think you have. That's true.

I manage your instagram from time to
time. I come along way.

Why, you know, I had
to put sound like yeah, but how?

How? Did you take that in
what we were saying before, in

terms of, you know, these
comments that people are going to make,

why aren't you pregnant, or when
are you gonna get married? Remember,

and I need everyone dy hear this, a trigger is only a trigger if

we let it be a trigger.
So it gets a trigger for you.

What that means is is, who
here's something that I get to work on

so that it doesn't trigger me.
Right, someone asked me a question.

Were someone says something like that to
me, I'm like, for I actually

agree with her, but if I
did not hurt my feelings, you know,

when am I getting when am I
going to have another baby or whatever?

My ears, that would be really
weird. It would be odd if

we started to you the grandmother,
yes, exactly, saying that pain where

you can't control what somebody says to
you, but you can control how you

react to it. Right. So
it's yes, but it's very I mean

it's very difficult. Like we are
at least women who will have a sense

of self awareness. What happens is
that when that stuff goes in and the

insecurities, and we try to talk
about self esteem a lot, how we

can recognize that it's a trigger before
we're triggered into red and that's it.

That's intelligence around our emotions, and
I think that's the one of the hardest

things to take on his badge of
honor. Like, wait, I can

take a pause. I want to
either punch that person out for telling me

that or myself, because it triggers
an insecurity. How our intelligence is what

we're talking about with dry and how
we learn and gain the privilege of being

able to have things like that washover. But he's not as simple. For

BASAM is. Rather, especially are
our children to do that. If there

are certain triggers that you know,
like you know your mom's going to ask

this, or your you know your
your cousin's going to ask this, then

be ready for that. Well,
they're going to ask me this. And

so how do I choose to interpret
it? Do I choose to interpret is,

why don't you have a job like
your cousin, as you are a

failure. Do I choose to interpret
it us? You know, they wonder

why I don't have that job and
I'm really happy where I am, or

I'm not happy where I am.
And you know what, this is a

reminder that I want to be happier, and so I'm going to take the

steps to be happier, a reminder
that I want to be happy. That

is a very mature thing to be
thinking think it. I think that,

when talking about the holidays, I
think that it's important that we all go

into them if you have issues with
your family and and with a plan.

You know, I have a I
have one of my best friends from Grade

School who's coming to visit me and
she will be here for Thanksgiving, but

she's coming to see her family.
Her father is ill and she has an

incredibly difficult time with her family and
she's you know, she's not going to

stay with them, she's going to
stay with me because she's like, I

need to come back and decompress,
and you know, I've already I've got

my plan of action. I'm not
going to react. I've already told my

parents that I'm coming in hoping to
have like this great. I mean this

is an extreme example, but it
made me start thinking about, you know

what I'd like that idea of really
giving it a little bit of thought before

God and kind of having a plan
of action like, for example, if

somebody starts to trigger you, what
maybe you just get up and use the

restroom or you walk outside and you
take a break. Like what do you

feel about an adult time out?
Or just don't worry, Time House or

great, absolutely having an out and
considering what it is one of the best

things. And even though it's not
that we love doing dishes, but I'm

going to get up and do the
dishes. segnity out of there right,

let me have it. I don't
want to do the dishes. So you

can have that. Put you your
buds and put to music on, put

TV on, whatever. But yeah, I talked about before, during and

after. So before preparing yourself,
go in as low as you can on

the distress skill. If you walk
in the door in the red zone,

you're in a lot of trouble.
What can you do before? Getting a

good night's sleep, maybe getting a
little exercise before you go getting into that.

That that good space. Then when
you're there, have an out or

two. That could be excusing yourself, it could be redirecting the conversation.

It could be something like, Hey, let's turn on the football game right,

like football, looking, watch football
and then you can decompress and then

after have a carrot dangling. So
for your friend is going to be spending

time with you. You know right
someone else. It might be that I'm

going to I'm going to watch a
movie or I'm going to take a bath

or whatever it is, but have
something to look forward to. So then

when people are talking and you notice
yourself creeping up, you're like, okay,

I only have an hour more of
this and then I have my carrot,

then I have my reward. I
know that we did an episode where

we talked a lot about social anxiety. I think it's really good to remind

everybody about about that too. Write. So same thing. Go in with

the plan, like like, if
you're feeling awkward, be the one to

do the dishes or you know,
all those tactics that we told people.

Let's remember those. What we're saying. No one was going up to the

person who's standing there alone like you
feel, and then be like hey,

well now, because there aren't good
that's going to be a family and that's

item number two. Giving and they
don't know, they don't know everybody and

it could be awkward and create anxiety. So so all of these things that

we're talking about to avoid the meltdown
are kind of the same. For you

know, anxiety about being at a
place where you don't know everybody. But

let's talk about the melt down for
a second and I want to get a

little bit deeper. I know we
don't have a lot of your time to

day, Dautrey Ben I, when
we talk about anxiety and what we feel

when we go into a family situation, the point is what we go into,

the would be a trigger is are
the things that are unhealed with the

family, the truths that haven't been
told, the awkwardness. So but otherwise,

im that mean if everybody was in
a loving kindness with each other,

then we wouldn't have any anxiety.
So that story, that part that keeps

us away from but I mean what
I think what we encourage on better together

a lot is the I. identifying
of Your Own Story, what it is

and being okay with it, the
gracefulness that you have when you feel that.

And what I want to encourage going
into the holidays with woods Argor he's

blessing is some tools to get ourselves
confident in who we are and where we

are. And I think when we
do look at our families, especially in

the holidays, every single thing comes
up to his pissed us off. That

just made us feel that we're not
loved, we didn't get the present we

whatever it is, from high skill
to a low scale of not being able

to feel like our individual selves are
are accepted in this in the atmosphere.

It's not really about running away from
it. I mean I wanted the yes,

there are tools to that, but
encouraging the story of ourselves that can

enter a room and understand that our
story, our perception, our understanding of

our lives is not what others necessarily
feel or think, and the idea and

in the confidence that you have with
your story and your tooth being the truth

helps us stay out of the red
zone. Yeah, and in realizing that

a lot of times our stories are
not accurate at all, their stories that

we created when we were younger.
Oh, I because I didn't get that

gift. It's because my mom thinks
I we're not worthy of it. When

you take a step back, isn't
a dull and you can now say,

oh, that was an expensive gift, or maybe the you know, mom

made a comment about about general your
way when you were younger. Why did

you do that? Did she do
that because she was trying to be mean.

Probably not. She's probably trying to
be helpful to you. So ask

yourself what you know if I called
the game of life, if there was

a positive reason for what might have
been. So you're really talking about looking

on the flip side of what your
experience was, giving people the benefit of

the doubt that perhaps what they were
doing you weren't interpreting and that's been a

glitch. I think that some of
the glitches that we hit when we go

into these holiday settings are that our
interpretation of something that happened that we've held

on too, and the other person
who was engaged in it with us.

We both felt like we were absolutely
doing the right thing in the and that

we there's a care we carry these
things. So I'm I'm I don't know

if I'm actually celebrator of the just
walk away from it notion, but if

we can see from a different point
of view that perhaps like maybe we can

offer an identifier of forgiveness for for
for not quite getting what another person was

doing maybe when I was ten years
old, that maybe I don't need to

hold on to that. Maybe I
can see a different perspective. I'm just

looking for some tools for people to
walk into things. There are some very

uncomfortable families and people walking into them
and I feel like I want to give

them a hug. Yeah, so
forgiveness is really key. People make mistakes,

right, we all make mistakes when
we don't forgive, holding on to

the past where bringing that gruduate with
us, it impacts us more than anyone

else, but it also impacts that
relationship. So forgiveness is really it's like,

if you are familiar with the stages
of mourning, stages more Ning,

someone dies you. You go through
all that and then what's the ultimate step

is acceptance. Acceptance. That's actually
what forgiveness is. Forgiveness is accepting what

happened. It's not agreeing with it, it's not saying it was okay,

but it's saying it happened. I'm
going to stop saying I wish it hadn't,

or she hadn't, she shouldn't have
done that or he should have done

that. It happened in the past
and I'm going to focus on right now

who I choose to be and how
I choose to move forward and release that.

Sometimes it's a twenty five pound weight, sometimes a hundred and twenty five

pound weight. Yeah, working through
the steps of forgiveness is a gift for

the individual who is forgiving. Yeah, could it help your relationship? Maybe,

but it's not about reconciliation, it's
about forgiven by I love that.

I think that's what we would I
mean, and I think the glory of

what we were talking about today.
Yeah, it's just going going into going

into these family settings with that acceptance, with the exceptions of the situation you're

going into. Yes, your family
is who they are. You know,

my mother's not fine, different just
because you're not going to be. Yeah,

we can walk in with the acceptance
of ourself. I really think this

is the blessing that we take away
to day, which we really wanted to

talk about. I accept where I
come from. I actually can open up

my thought Bra says to intelligently say, you know what, I bet nobody

here was one to hurt me.
That doesn't mean it's going to get healed

out more than there's going to be
a throwdown on what happened would. But

you know, ten years ago,
when that but if we have that acceptance,

they will help us move through a
little bother, a little bit easier

in our in our holiday everybody wants
to have a good time. I ever,

lets everybody have a good and be
a person in step to be a

person who gives something that elevates the
situation, even if it's starting to get

a little bit snarky or whatever.
Be The person who deposits something fun.

Guess what, don't be a dad, don't be a Dick, everybody.

Oh my God, dry, there
is never, ever, ever, a

moment when we do not enjoy talking
to you. Everybody, have a beautiful

holiday. Go again. We want
to remind you to buy Dr He's book

on the red zones and we want
to be able to say happy Thanksgiving and

everybody except yourselves, and go in
with the blessing to everybody. Don't until

next time, living a lot of
kindness, everybody, and don't be a

Dick. Wow, we're everyday.
We're grateful for you. We're grateful to

all of our listeners out there.
Thank you so much. Have a happy,

happy thanksgiving. We love and accept
you, Ma, and a big,

big thanks to our better together team, Ryan Tillotson, Silvana Alcola,

Daniel Ferrara and, of course,
and in Heather. If you haven't already,

please subscribe on whatever device or platform
you're listening to this on and,

as always, see you next week
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