EPISODE 311: Checking In!

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Show Notes

Brandi is sick. Not Covid! But regardless of her health, she has some things she needs to talk about!

Leann Rimes

Jen from RHWOSLC

Kim Richards

THEN she calls her dad to check in after his recent surgeries!

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Straw media. My Dad is cute. I mean sometimes know what it was.

I'm just glad he's not that.
He was pretty cute. People would

like to hear from him. Good
love. People Love my dad. Wow,

from Straw hut media. This is
brandy gland bill on the field.

Hey, right, how are you? I'm good, Brady. How are

you? I've been better, but
this is going to be a short and

sweet and very bitchy to the point. Brandy Glandbille unfiltered today because I have

a cold. I'm sorry, not
covid. No, thank God. I

got tested on Monday or Tuesday.
I from there on Thursday. It's not.

And but if you hear me suck
you on something, I have a

lows and just allows it in my
mouth. So it's just it has to

stay there. I won't be able
to stop. Okay, it's just ridiculous.

It hurts so bad my throat.
It's the worst I had a fever

until last this morning I woke up
in like a pool, sounds gross,

but like a pool of like my
sheets were soaking wet. Oh yeah,

and so I feel like it finally
broke because I've been taking tile and I'll

just like an alternating advil and then
my neighbor gave me some thera flu and

I've just felt I've literally felt like
Shit, like a really bad pain in

my head, like when I say
whenever I stand up, I get a

shooting pain and like my brain.
It's very bizarre, but because of lightheaded,

this kind of thing. No,
I'm not light headed, I don't

it's just like a sharp, shooting
pain. It's like a long time ago

I had a spinal tap. I
know that sounds weird, but I got

this post lumbar leak and I could
I felt fine when I was laying down.

Every time I stood up I would
get the most excruciating pain you'd ever

fill in your life. And so
then I had to go and it happens

is like one in a hundred people. I wanted a thousand patients and I

read once that happened to George Clooney
also. So I feel like I'm in

the club. But Good God,
yeah, you I had to go and

get like a blood patched thing,
and so it's a kind of it's not

that excruciating, but it is just
like a sharp pain. I don't get

it. I just keep learning new
things about you. Yeah, I'm interesting,

yeah, I but it hates me
because I haven't taken him out and

I just I can't, I can't. Yeah, you do. The kids

are gone right now. They'll be
back Sunday. Well, yeah, that's

a thing. So the kids have
been gone all week and they're the only

people I've seen and they're not sick. So I don't. I'm just try.

I'm just trying to assess it out, because you and Hanan are crazy

and can. You want to see
everyone. You Travel and I'm like the

fucking like scared, most scared person, and I get sick. Yeah,

the store and the grocery store,
but I wear gloves, I have my

mask, I wear glasses and a
hat over my ears, so all the

orphoses are covered, like I'm a
very I bring my spray swab here,

all that I got with me.
I'm I mean that's the that's the only

thing I do is grocery store,
but I here all my wallet, my

credit card. I'm in that ball. You are an not wall. Sorry,

well, you don't. I'm saying
it just it makes I feel I've

cursed you guys a little bit.
I'm like that shit in that sorry,

but I really am mad at you, guys. Why are you mad at

us? Because there's like you meant
a me, because you travel and you

have been with her. You Go. You know what I'm saying. We're

high risk. Um, I'm not
high risk. You're a higher risk than

me. So I have I want
to cover three subjects and then I want

to go back to my couch.
Okay, okay, I want to.

Okay, tell me about them.
Okay. So remember, back in October,

that would be like twelve episodes ago, we talked about lean rhymes.

Me Thinking Lean rymes is on the
massinger yes, and I told my kids

that and they're like, okay,
they're going to find out. They were

told by her that she would never
do the show, like she's too good

for the show that. And so
that's what they told me, and I

think obviously she couldn't tell my kids. Are they have big miles or that

their mom? You have to keep
it very secret, like you can't tell

anyone that. So when they told
me, I was like, all right,

so it's not her, because she
would never say that, like,

but when you think about kids,
and I told me some and I had

fake boobs and not to tell jake
ever, because go through that cancer scare.

The next night dinner came out.
I was like Jesus Christ. So

I understand fully her saying not to
them or, you know, like or

maybe he was them saying, but
whatever they investigated. That was their answer.

I watched the show. I knew
it was her. She was better

than everyone else. Everything were up
food. I did it like, I

watched the beginning and then the middle
and then like I bench some other shows,

and so I had like five left
to watch, and then I watched

them all and then I waited for
the finale. So it was like I've

watched all of them, but it's
just not as they were on. Yeah,

so she did. Obviously she's a
great singer and I think that this

is what she needed, because I
think when people, much like with myself,

they see us, they think of
the drama of our divorces, the

housewife's drama, the breakup drama,
and she needed to remind people that be

she's a singer more than anything,
remind people of her talent and not get

preconceived ideas of the tabloid felt like
the stuff that we went through for the

past decade, because we're over it
and I hated that I was. I

tweated something and my kids still didn't
know and the night of the finale they

didn't. I told them. They
didn't believe me and they had to go

ask her and we had a bet
going and I got twenty bucks from both

of them. Boy, yeah,
they were. She was able to keep

that seacre great the whole time.
Everyone. Yeah, and my kids,

because I kept on site. I
said, is she gone a lot?

Like no, she's always there.
I'm like, but I know her voice

and I know like her hand gestures. Yeah, and I just and she

was honestly, like very much better
than everyone else. I mean they're good

singers on there, but I could
just tell, I mean people forget because

of all of the tabloid fodder and
whatnot. Yeah, that she's actually an

amazing singer. So I did a
couple tweets and then I got some mean

messages back about about like stuff that
happened ten years ago. I'm like,

guys, are we like this?
Are you joking that this is not over

yet, like this is ridiculous.
And I was truly saying she I go

watch her win, because I just
wanted to be right and I am right,

but people took it but I shaded
her somehow, oh my gosh,

and I was like that's the headline
you want? The next day is about

her voice. Yeah, and I
felt like I felt bad because whatever people

thought, were thought I was.
I was congratulating her, and so I

tweeted another like you got. I
saw the article and I had already text

her like congratulations, and I thought
I knew it was you. I went

money from the kids and she tweet
or she texted back and she's like it

just sucks that people still want to
they can't just like, you know,

let us be happy with spending Christmas
together, if I'm not sick still,

and it's like people still want to
pit us against each other. And I

said, yeah, instead of having
the headline be how amazing you are,

it shouldn't be this and the should
I'm a viewer. I wanted to be

right, of course, yeah,
I mean, and I was, and

she was great. Like I it's
it's just stupid. You're watching the show.

Everyone, every celebrity and every other
person on twitter that I saw were.

They all had guesses for all of
them. mean, that's it's from.

That's whole the point. Of the
show. You're supposed to guess.

Yeah, feeling we should do a
you go, you and Lee and should

do a photo shoot together. They
were good. Then once those images of

you two together, then no one
will think about it anymore. Let's be

like one and then the photos together
in a past. And we've said we

spent callit days together and we've like
if we're past it at this point,

like we're in a fucking actually,
I mentioned to turn last Thanksgiving that I

thought she should do the show and
she was like, well, I'm touring,

but it makes perfect sense because obviously
we all stop touring. Yeah,

so why she had to the time? I just I was guessing and I

was right and she was great and
people can fuck off if they're thinking I'm

being shady, because I'm not.
Well. I hate that it is still

took away from like her celebration.
I really honestly do. That was not

my intent at all. Yeah,
yeah, I and that they want money.

Yeah, twenty bucks is always good. Yeah, it's good. I

mean twenty four meds. I just
don't wor how Mason and Jake did that

rect it. Didn't know. I
know that like that way more than you

are what right that they see her
more often than you do? Well,

yeah, but you know that they
do. They're in their rooms all day.

They're not like they're they're teenagers.
They don't really want to hang and

I forced them to hang out with
me at dinner and play a board game,

but it's not like what. They
also live in a mansion. They

probably have no idea who's there half
the time. Okay, after so,

but I asked them to be investigators
and they're like it's no possible way,

and we even asked her, Blah, Blah Blah. So I was like

all right, because I just thought
I was right and I also wanted her

to do the show. So I
don't know, people need to calm the

fuck down. And somebody said,
but you shaded her when you said she

would never do the show. I
go that's what my fucking kids told me.

I don't think that's shading any one. When you think about it.

My kids have big fucking mouse so
that's it. I'm I can't my voice

is going to go hmm. So
that's one subject I wanted to clear up.

Good. Did you get my cheesemaker
I sent you? Well, so

I got a package and it said
from like stone farm, something like that,

and I was like what did I
ordered? Just like what is this?

And so then I just typed in
the name of the company that it

was on the package and it's said
and it those something with making cheese,

and so I didn't open the package
yet because because it's not Christmas, I'm

ready. I'm going to open it
a Christmas. Brandy already told you many

we can make her. You need
cheese and hot toss or good. Oh

yeah, that's what you need.
To come over. I'm going to make

you pizza in this oven. It's
going to be you don't want me ever

be there right now? Well,
no, not right now. Yeah,

so that's one thing I wanted to
clear up. Another thing is I'm really

bum because daily pop, the show
I love and I watch usually in the

mornings, if I'm up, I'm
usually they wanted me to come and studio

and like dish on the reality people
of the year and I really, really

wanted to go and talk bunch of
Shit, but I can't be in studio

right now and it's going to be
right before Christmas and now have a cold

and I'm just like bomb that.
I I can't do it. But but

maybe next week. I think I'll
be better next week. It's on the

I'm not going to risk going and
being in public right before Christmas if I'm

going to go and be with point
Eddie and lean my kids. So Weird.

Hm. So that's one thing,
another thing. Oh sorry, I'm

just going to rant and then I'm
going to be done. Okay, there's

this bitch on housewives of Salt Lake
City. Okay, she needs to fucking

figure this out, because her name
is Jen and I literally would not thought

twice of her. But she called
me out first and said that Kelly Dodd

was like a like a sober brandy
land bill, and I did not even

know the bitch's name until I read
my name and her article, and so

I was just like, she's honestly, she's over she's just overplaying it.

She's doing what can we don't know. That's the other thing. It doesn't

make any sense. But don't come
for me and then expect not for me

not to retaliate. And what number
two? I am no longer a real

Ho sife or an actual hells of
any kind. So I'm a viewer and

like every viewer, and this is
what you sign up for, I'm going

to have an opinion on you.
It's just it's my job really. So

when I said that she was just
faked, she just comes up super fake

and like this. She's doing everything
for the camera and it's not authentic.

So she's gone on like crazy rants
about me and I just didn't engage because

I was like, she is just
looking for some action here and I just

I don't have time for her.
But we're still watching it, all right.

But yeah, I'm watching the show
and saying, okay, she's really

being really mean to marry just because
Mary married her step grandfather. I know

that's not normal, but there have
been arranged marriages and a lots of different

cultures for many years and might not
be know something their blood relatives. You

don't need to be mean to someone
because you don't like their arrangement. You

know what I mean? Yeah,
and I thought that Mary came off really

authentic. We have to do something
about her hair, but other than that

she's really likable, like I would
be friends with her. I'm just this

is me, as a viewer,
saying I would hang out with her because

she's just seems genuine. She seems
like a great preacher, but just came

off really mean and really fake,
and so she's keeps on going on tie

raids about me and I just wanted
to remind her I was a housewife.

I'm now, if you are,
I'm going to have an opinion. So,

Gent Listen, hunt, I don't
know you. I don't want to

know you. You come off being
super extra for the show that you're on,

like it's not authentic. I even
saw Andy Cohen say that. That's

what everyone says. You're just not
being authentic and you want to come for

me. Come for me all you
want. I'm iconic, you're fucking bionic,

and that is it. By Bitch, I'm not talking about you anymore.

I had to write it down.
Whoo, iconic and bionic. Right,

those are good, those are good. Yeah. Oh, the other

person that keeps on trying to talk
about me is that some little podcaster,

I don't even know his name,
saying about Kim and I supposedly having a

reason. That never, ever,
ever happened. And the good news is

you can't, you can't kill us. We're gonna be good forever because we've

made up and we don't care about
you anymore. So you are gone by

what is that? Her Kim is
finally believes you. That shouldn't? She

didn't ever believe me. She just
doesn't like that like negative stuff out of

their shows. Wasn't? She was
just like Matger's, like why are people

saying this? I'm like, I
don't fucking know why. She was just

more upset with the situation and I
don't know. I guess you just needed

time to like get over it.
And then we talked and we are fine.

We're all walcked in normal. So, but I have a cold,

so I can't real then I haven't
talked to anyone today, but this is

just a couple days ago. Yeah, so that that can be squashed.

Hopefully I'll find some other stuff to
make up about other people that will get

him put his name in the news. He's gonna try, you know a

hundred percent, but it's but when
you're saying things and you know that you're

causing like a rift in a friendship, like, I'll say Jen's, and

you know whatever, BioNIC, I
don't know her and that has a thing

to do with any of her friends. Has To do with me just thinking

that. You know what I mean, right, yeah, I don't know.

I just think it's I don't eve
when people put people against each other,

right, yeah, yeah, right, it's gonna do it with you

in lean. Yeah, I think. I don't people. That's a sad

thing. I feel like people only
want to read bad news or like Gossipy,

mean news. Like no one wants
to read the headline like Oh,

so and so wins. It has
a great poice. It has to be

like, oh, this person shades
this person as a when the massing ards

just it's I'm kind. That's true. That does that. Does team seem

to pick get more traction like that? You know, everything, Google alert

is at the headline is a very
headline, pornt, but it's like it

drags you in and it's really mean. And then in general book article itself,

isn't that mean? Hi, so, I see. So they're just,

like you, crafty about creating these
mean headlines. That blew. Were

you in right? And I think
a lot of times people just read the

headlines. Yeah, that's true.
That most me too. ME. So

right. We remember Dr Dre my
Lord. Yeah, I was watching southern

arm and this kid on there.
I don't know how it is, but

he had one of our boxing,
the boxing things that we have our with.

I saw him punching one in his
house. WHOA, you probably need

your Promo Code. Probably no lave. Okay, as as most of you

that listen to this know, my
dad recently underwent a million surgeries and he

is home now and he's doing surprisingly
well and I wanted to just give a

check in with him because I know
y'all love Guy Glanville. It's just kind

of crazy. Yes, I'm sorry. Yeah, I thought a lot of

positive messages. Everyone loves him,
everyone. It's crazy. Drives me nuts,

but I mean, do I love
him as well? But should?

I think I would call him on
the house. Okay, Brandy, hi,

mom, how are you? Honey? I'm in a meeting. You

want to talk to your dad?
That was a plan. Okay, just

a minute, hang on, Hela, guy. You Brandy? Yeah,

I'm doing that now. Okay,
by hello, bred. I feel like

every time I call you your coughing
me. I'm sorry to hear that,

but you were doing yeah, meet
you. Actually, my thirt is fucking

killing me, but how are you
feeling? Go on, did you do

the hot tea like I told you, and that salt water winces. Yeah,

I'm Gon I need to put like
twenty gallons of water. I need

to put my head in twenty.
Just go strik your head in the toilet.

Do you want me to call you? I mean, it'd be disgusting,

but yeah, I'm a bad day. I can't get my body co

operate. Well, yeah, you
just had your all the you know,

that's part of the whole thing.
You know, even the dog saw the

doctor yesterday. You are really,
really tough. Surgery. Yeah, you

had the three surgeries to you can't
expect to be better the weekend. Your

home. To be patient. Yeah, that's that's what I've fucking saying.

Yeah, it's not. You want
to push yourself in the right now the

time to rest. I can't do
anything. I'm exhausted, and then just

driving me whacked. Beau, I
can't walk. Well, maybe it's God's

way of making you sit fucking still
like Michael. You you know, it's

just because you were have to sit
still. I'm not trying to make you

cough that. I'm saying it's it
is God's way. If you can't stand

on your feet because you were trying
to go for walks and do all that

stuff and it's been like a week. You really have to not I mean

you have to do nothing. You
have to eat this, he's candy I

sent you and chill the fuck out. Oh, that's what I'm done,

just relaxing, and I know you
can't sit still, but I like,

well, what are you crocheting produce
here? I am. Yes, well,

God, if you maybe you should
start crocheting. We're doing something where

you know, where you can sit
and do. I got, I got,

I went and got some yarn.
Yeah, that's haven't really used it

that much, but I tried to
like do something where I felt like I

was I had an outlet. What
about, like some people? I'm thinking,

like a thing that you can do
with by yourself, sitting down.

I was taking right now. I
just want to get healthy. Well,

watch the movies. Yeah, down
and in front of a screen. Well,

that's what I do every day.
What are you talking about? I

like you. You have to stay
with it, you have to get into

it. Well, I just want
you out. Yeah, reminded me of

you and myself. It reminded me
of you and me. Now I'm saying,

like when were you high school,
but a little more flexible. I

am not flexible. Those kids listen
to me. Yeah, but and took

this. Go back to the show. I really think that you should stick

with it. Go stick with it
for three more episodes, because it gets

really interesting. That the last season
not so much. I don't like the

way it ended, but you're going
to enjoy it if you just you got

a there's like three seasons. So
interesting. But like, I'm watch.

Well, that's not this show is
false. And Yeah, problem that you're

not actually watching it. No,
I'm well, we all our dad.

Yeah, I'm impatient, trusting that. It's been a week. You've been

home for not even a week.
You have to give it, not till

the weekends. Today, I guess
that this Friday. Yeah, it's still

can be split up. I'm not
going to fight with you, but to

be split open, like okay,
and listen to you, but remember it's

well, remember subjectives. So if
you don't like it, don't get mad

at me, but I think you
have to just get like a lot of

these things start slow and then they
they kind of like unravel and you're like,

oh, it's exciting. I don't
know. Yeah, that might to

help. You can't have an opinion
on a show if you haven't watched it.

They're good. I have my cold
still, so I don't know if

I'm going to get them back on
Sunday or not, but if I have

it, I won't. Yeah,
you know, have but my throat hurt

so much it's like, Oh,
I trust me. I took it last

night. I can really move today. I have a good night. Will

Hangover. That's the problem. I
can only take one of the liquid cats

and not to and I took to
last night because my throat was killing me.

Yeah, we'll get I haven't been
right now. All right. Well,

what are you gonna? What are
you doing tonight? Chilling? Yeah,

well, if I come across any
other ones, I did watch a

movie that I think you're like,
I'll I'll text you a list of things.

Okay, I'm looking forward to take
up a little. Then you have

to s try and watch it,
like doesn't even make sense. All Right,

I love you, Dad. I
gotta go. You you too,

stop talking, stop coughing and stop
being impatient. All Right, I love

you. Gotta go. Okay,
okay, by done. Oh, he's

so, so sweet. He's struggling, you know. I mean you have

to understand. He just had surgery
and even if it was two weeks ago,

they did three different procedures and two
different times would they opened his chest.

So, yeah, yeah, he
is impatient and I, like I

am super impatient as well. Apparently
a Glenville trade. Good to know very

much so. But yeah, what
about your mom? I mean she you

know as she does. She impatient. For she pretty patient now. She's

pretty patient. She's very they're very
opposite to atract. Like she's still working

from home, so she gets to
do stuff all day and my dad has

to be busy, like he'll create
things to do if he doesn't have like,

Oh, I have a new project, like you, kind of like

yeah, you built a two story
shed and my backyard. Oh, while

you were talking, I was thinking
you should send him a cheese kid.

No, it doesn't look into cooking. He's like he had a smoker for

a while and then he had a
dryer. He dried fruit and then he

made like a Salmon Jerky, which
was disgusting that he was ended that.

He was just like indogttle gimmicks.
But he's always building and being a handyman

and all of that. He likes
to be doing stuff and creating. Yeah,

that's that's that's got to be the
hardest thing. That not about to

move. Oh, that exactly.
You start from season one of this show,

somewhere in the middle, and then
maybe, maybe, just keep his

eyes open. Yeah, that'll help
to that'll that'll help. I love that

he's so opinionated, though. I
love you. It is very similar to

you. Yeah, but I mean
actually watch shows. That's true difference.

Yeah, I won't have an opinion
on a show that I haven't watched.

Yeah, but and you'll ring full
articles, not just headlines. Well,

I would be. So that took
a lot out of me. I thought

the man, by like just talking, it's like, and hearing him cough,

was because I might feel bad for
making him talk, I know,

and he, I think he wanted
to talk. He was just yeah,

you could tell it. He was
excited to hear from you, you know,

and he wanted to talk yesterday.
But I mean I talked. I

kind of stalk him a little bit. How do you stop it from several

miles away? I call them,
oh, just on the just calling,

okay, text and call and text
and call to the point where the text

like that, he sends you back
on a little bit. Okay, I

got it, Brandy. I just
giving them things to tell him to get

honey and lemon and tea, all
these things, and he's just over it.

I don't know, I I know
you're gonna go now. You'RE gonna

go back into bed and watch something
fall asleep. I just got the only

good thing about this said, I'm
not hungry. Oh, maybe you'll lose

all that quarantine weight in one go. Yeah, that wouldn't be impossible.

I'm one, one cold and it's
fine. I wish. Oh my God,

but I didn't think. I eat
or drink, even if it's cold

or hot, hurts my throat.
So really that hot stuff. Oh,

I have this throat coat tea.
It is so good and it like coats

it and so it's like you can't
feel it, like numbs it and you

can't feel it going down, but
it's well warm. You can feel warm

with it's really great. Thanks.
I should send it. I should send

you some. Well, now that
I know about it and I can't get

it, I felt really mad at
you. Well, that's why I'm going

on Amazon right now see if I
can send my time I get it,

it would be over. I know, but you'll have it for next time.

Oh, all my cametos are expiring
and I felt bad. I can't,

I can't do I can't pipe pep
someone's talk right now. I know

that's so bad and we yeah,
well, and we were going to be

doing all that content for facebook and
all the Sunscrip we have. I've been

uploading him like once, like once
a day, but not all of it.

I know we have so much and
people really like it. We just

I just the one that where you
start talking about all the gift ideas.

We drop that today. Oh good, I have some pretty good ideas.

I'd like to give gifts that people. I think I like giving guests more,

almost almost. That's back that up, as much as I like receiving

them. I definitely love presents.
So don't get me wrong, but given

the right gift, is it is
it feels good. Yeah, I think

like as much as my kids love
gift cards, I think they are stupid,

stupid. I just think that they
suck. They're not thoughful. But

I agree kids. They love them
and I get that. Oh, can

I send you a picture? You're
gonna love it. I think you'll love

it. I'll let me find it. So your Christmas card? Yeah,

we did the Lizard on her shoulder. Yeah, we're wearing a Stana hat.

Wow, you guys are creepy.
We got them all. I can't

tell that that. It looks like
the Oh, yeah, now I see

the face of a lizard. I
was like what the yeah, he's in

there. But you guys are really
weird. Why are we weird? It's

cute. It's a very cute,
like creepy, Christmas card. There's nothing

creepy about yeah, there's a lot
creepy about it. Name one thing.

It's like we have these weird animals
so that we're never going to have kids.

And I'm wearing this Bandana because I'm
weird. It's COVID. That's my

mask, but you don't usually put
your mask in pictures. That's true.

I just forgot to take it.
I was doing a lot of work.

I had to light it and then
I had to set up the timer and

then I had to shoot it and
had to run into place and then grab

squish. There's a lot going on, from fish being emly, Maggie and

Ryan. Yeah, yeah, I
really hope you guys have kids soon.

Yeah, well, you know,
we're working on it. Yeah, good,

I mean I'm happy at least made
a Christmas card, because I didn't.

But yeah, I don't know.
Max is good. She really wanted

it to do one and so we
did it. You know. Well,

I'm happy. Are you going to
send them out? Is it just a

like a we had sure thing.
We did get a couple printed, but

they're just sitting on our kitchen table
right now. So I don't know,

it's a little late. Maybe put
on my instagram and be like to everyone

I love. Yeah, there you
go. I can't be one, but

I got the kids. They don't
know the shot. I got them little.

Why I'veout us? Because they're Cuban. And what is that? I

don't know what that is. It's
a Cuban shirt. It's like this short,

sleep like h white, like off
white shirt, has a sick little

designed on that. You don't know
why I'veout is no, I'M gonna time.

I think up Spanish people. Really, I don't know how to spell

it, that's for sure. I
when I, when I put it in

on Amazon, this fellain that it
actually is totally different. Okay, I'm

looking at they button ups. Yeah, they're. Look at here. I

think I see him. I think
with that you put in, you see

them, but it's it's the white
and off white ones. It's a little

like it's design, but there's no
color tripe, but I can. Yeah,

okay, I'm seeing it. Yeah, yeah, if, yeah,

Dude, I definitely associate that look
with a Cuban man. Well, that's

why they're cub and like one of
those hat that's had, like a fedora

type hat or something. Yeah,
yeah, catty's yeah, I just watched,

re watched chef yesterday. Love that
movie. And that's that. The

two ladies and your Jon Favreau and
John Lucasamo and and it's kid and making,

making food and I'm starting a food
truck. No, you never seen

it. I've, of course,
I've seen it. I've seen everything.

Ryan. I just I'm watched this
Ryan Murphy one called the promise. was

a very UPLITHIC. Oh, yeah, they wanted to play Nicole Kidman's character

in it, like I was picturing
myself doing all of her dances. But

I saw the trailer for that and
it's really good, but really okay,

really good, and it's a pick
me up. I liked it. Okay,

I look cheesy, so I was
hesitant. That's good to know.

It's cheesy. Good, you know
what you mean. It's like, okay,

Y can't be and I want to. I want to be Nicole Kidman

in it, but I can't sing, but I still want to do it.

She's saying, okay, y'all see. Well, you're about to sing

for us now because we're going to
hike Kutel. I also hate MOS.

I don't like runny noses or Harry
Jones. Marry Christmas all I got today.

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