EPISODE 39: Breaking Silence W/ Randall Emmett

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You've heard GG's take on Lala Kent and Randall Emmett's relationship. This week, GG sits down with Randall for an exclusive interview. He digs deep into everything surrounding Lala, fatherhood, and where everything stands now.

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STRAWT media. Hey guys, welcome
to another episode of genuinely Gig. For

the first time ever, genuinely gig
is going to do in person, one

on one exclusive interview with none other
than Randall Emmett. He's going to be

here because he's a good friend of
mine. He trusts me and he knows

that we're just going to really show
the world to the real Randall Emmett is.

The world has heard so many rumors
about Randall Emmett and La Law's break

up allegations, but we want to
get a little insider on Randall and have

him talk to you about his children
and how he is as a father at

home. He's a big girl dad
and he loves one on one time with

his kids. While Lala has been
actively verbal in the press, Randall has

stayed quiet and for the first time
we're going to find out why. You

know her from Shaws of sunset.
You know she doesn't hold back. Are

you worried about them? And because
this day and h everyone google someone before

they date them. Right, it
doesn't matter better celebrity or not. This

is genuinely Gig High Landa, I'm
happy you're here. Yeah, thanks for

having me. Thanks for coming.
I know it's not easy for you.

Know, you know that you were
very apprehensive about even coming here, even

though we're good friends and you trust
me and I've had your back. You

know, publicly, probably we talk
you vent. You know you're going through

a lot. Yeah, and everyone
has only had one side of it,

unfortunately, and you have kids involved, which just makes everything so messy.

So I really respect as a father, as a man, that you have

stood back and you haven't said one
negative thing publicly, because I know you

and I would say you're just a
man. But why? Why haven't you?

Well, first she's the mother of
my child. So you know,

no matter what happens in life,
I will never disparage or talk ill about

her because she's oceans mom. And
so you know, I have two other

kids and I co parent with amber
and and in that world, you know

I've never said one negative thing and
amber and vice versa. You know,

I think it's just you know,
I just think that at the end of

the day, you know, all
the smoke or whatever this may be,

you know I'm not that comfortable in
this, this whole thing, but but

the truth is, you know,
I just have to always look at the

big picture, which is she's the
mother of ocean and I'm always going to

have to, you know, you
know, keep that. You know,

that's just that I just can't talk
badly about the mother of my child.

I just can't do it, no
matter what is said about me or what

she says or you know. So
how does it feel, because honestly,

it's almost like a every two three
days there is something new that, you

know, we are publicly hearing that
she is saying about do you does it

hurt? How does it feel personally
inside? Well, I mean it doesn't.

It doesn't feel good. You know, it's you know, I'm working,

you know, to provide for my
family and my children every day and

spending time with my kids. Look, I always have and at the end

of the day I, you know, just try to keep my head up.

You know, I don't. I
you know, I just hope that

eventually that stuff subsides and people move
on to something else. You know,

I honestly at the it's just there's
always two sides to every story. But

I I'm just not going to ever
take that to the public because, you

know, it's just I just can't
get involved in all, it's just never

going to be who I am.
You know, I like making films and

my career and I love my children
and at the end of the day,

you know, I'm a single dad. Now, you know I've made mistakes,

she's made mistakes, but but I'm
never going to bring that to like

because it's just not the right it
for me. I just don't feel it's

appropriate. I can't tell her what
to do. She's she's a strong woman

and and you know, I just
hope that in time, you know,

that kind of all mellows out.
I mean, I feel like you are

in a different category of celebrity fame
in the Hollywood world then, for instance,

them on like Lalla or myself,
right where reality stars. I always

consider myself like a D lister,
you know I do. If you're dealing,

I would deal ster and I'm like
H no, you're not. No,

really, you have a different status
in this industry than someone like Lawa

does, and I feel like naturally, being in this reality TV world that

I've been in for eleven, twelve
years now, we sort of get attracted

to drama a little bit and we
sometimes, whether we're in the press for

good or bad, stuff. We
don't care sometimes until and let's we have

a little morals within ourselves. Some
of US do, some of US don't.

Right. Do you think that this
is going to affect you in your

category of industry, having all these
bad things out there? Because I've seen

you, you and I talk,
and I've heard you. You're it's hard

on you and you're worried. This
is your career, this is your life,

this is how you provide for your
family. Can this affect you?

Well, I mean, I think
it's affected me emotionally. You know,

I think that you know it's hard. You know when your mother sends you

an article or your wow, you
know your friend sent you an article,

it's you know, it's just but
I'm probably more upset at the end of

the day that my twelve year old
has access to stuff on the Internet.

I think that's probably the part that
met that that's the worst part for me.

But at the end of the day, you know, you know I've

been in this industry for a long
time. People know who I am.

You know my friends and my family
know who I am and you know we

had a relationship and we broke up
and I made mistakes and she made mistakes,

but at the end of the day, like I don't understand. I

don't think I maybe I'm just too
old to understand why. You know why

people you know why it's out there
like that. Every like it's five months

later, you know, but at
the end of the day, you know

it's yeah, really, if I
don't, it's been a minute, but

I'm still reading things. Every week
there's something and every time I I send

it to you on Mychael Jard Lord
Jesus, how do you feel? Are

you okay, rands all this?
I just read this. Are you are

right? Yeah, I think that
for me, I just I really keep

my head down and I'm trying to
focus on on, for me, what's

important right now, which is,
you know, being a dad to my

three girls and to to work and
to being, you know, to be

focused on my work. Speaking of
being a dad, ocean just heard one.

Yes, congratulation. Thank you big
number one is a big one.

It was well, especially when you
have two other girls in their twelve and

eight and you haven't seen one and
years. So it's our seven years.

It's been it's been a minute.
So one was a big deal. You

know it was. It was a. It was a flashback, but it

was great. We we went,
we had a little party at the house

and me oceans once. It's not
like I can know. Yeah, and

my two daughters, London Riley,
were there and wish to be their mother.

Amber came by bring ocean presents and
and then we went and then and

then this weekend the girls are going
to take her to Disneyland. So we're

all GONS, is we? Yeah, do you and law, law,

are you guys at the place yet
where you go to each other's birthdays for

the kid daughter? Or not there? I mean, you know, I'm

we're not. No, we're not
at that place, but not yet.

Let's say about by the way.
She say yeah, I could be at

that place, but you know,
that's I have to let law and make

that call. You know that I'm
optimistic that you know one day that that

we will be at that place and
that she will be open to that.

But you know, I respect what, however, she wants this to be.

I'm going to be respectful of that. And so she did her own

thing. And and and has it
been difficult for in your household, because

La La is like your first really
serious relationship after your marriage and you have

other kids. So she played a
big role in your household, right,

like as a I'm sure your kids
looked up to her. Is that?

Yeah, I heard. Yeah,
I don't. I really don't want to

touch on. Yeah, I just
don't want to touch on we won't talk

about only because they're my only I
don't want to talk about okay, problem.

I appreciate where. Yeah, yeah, okay, yeah, no problem.

Oh, no, probably you did
say that. You hope that one

day soon your name won't really be
all over there press and, you know,

the news in a negative light.
And well, I haven't in any

light. I L and good light. I'd be happy just, you know,

going back to being, you know, Randall, the filmmaker and and

and only my community. You don't
know. I don't know if that's if

that I don't know how it works. I don't know if, like there's

a period where you're an Fleiss celebrity
and or age and then and then,

like it takes twelve months and then
you drop off. Well, I don't

know how it works, but I'm
hoping that like in my category of you

know whatever h celebrity, I'm hoping
you're stuck on the age, right,

I think hs think. I don't
think there's even a Z, because he

would be like, Oh, it's
a book. ND, no, I

think. I think I feel like
if I was. But if that's where

I'm at, if that's where somebody
says I'm that, I would hope that

there's like a time expiration. I
hope that I expire like in twelve months

or something, because it's four months, five months, I thought by now

and I would have expired. But
yeah, so, so, I don't

know. So I it's it's it
was. It was different. You know,

I wasn't prepared for any of that
stuff. You know, I got

in a relationship and she was new
on the show and she, you know,

definitely didn't have any celebrity how long
after she was on the show is

this Whoa the all? I met
her, look right after the first episode

aired and her first episode, and
I think we got together like after,

probably after the season, somewhere around
there. And and so that and and

I don't remember the time I but
we met, but then we didn't,

you know, I mean I watched
it on TV with the rest of the

world, because you say, I
only know that part. Yeah, the

same as the rest of the world
was the secret boyfriend that bought the Range

Rover, which is look, it's
lame. I'm too old for that type

of bullshit. You're too old for
that type of bullshit. You and I

get along so well because we have
a like my goodness and like just people

just need to chill the fuck out, mind their own business, kind of

stay in their own lane a little
bit. But that's not what this industry

is about. This industry sort of
dives in and it dives deep in.

It fucking annihilates anything in its path
that tries to stop it. Well,

I agree and I you know,
I don't think I knew what I was

I don't think I knew what I
was signing up for. A meaning I

was signing up for a relationship and
I, you know, very much in

love with her and and loved her
and and we'll always love her, and

I think that the that world I
wasn't prepared for. You know, I

didn't. I had no idea.
I thought you could just date somebody in

that world and they leave you alone
and that person is the star and then,

you know, time goes on and
and and people want to know and

then you start realizing and then you're
already so in the relationship, your years

in at that point. But when
I met her, you know, she

was only on the first season.
It wasn't should have obviously the big celebrity

that she has today, and she's
very different than too. That's where,

like, she wasn't sober. We're
going to take a quick break, but

when we come back Katie's very strong. What a strength. I'm stronger,

but I would never diminish someone.
I don't supposed to all get married,

first of all, let's just put
that out there. And if I did,

I would never diminish the poor bastard. I was just fucking divorce,

and which I did. I married
a guy in seven weeks later. Instead

of talking Shit, I signed a
paper. It was cool for the world

to watch her get so I went
through sobriety. I did a hundred and

twenty days. We have two thousand
and five, and I know what happened

with me. Like, over time, I started noticing the people I was

hanging out with weren't serving me in
a positive way and I started, you

know, getting rid of certain people
and introducing different types of people into my

lives that were helping me growing me. Did you see a change like that

shift being so close? You guys
were so close with each other? No,

I don't know. I just I
just think that, like, no,

I just think that I wasn't prepared
for for what that world has a

store. I mean, I can't
believe, you know how nasty people are

to me or to my kids.
They don't know me, they never met

me, that they know nothing about
me, my life or my childhood or

my upbringing and things I've been through, the struggles that I've gone through as

a young person and even today,
and they just they just sit at a

computer and fire like the NASTIEST,
most evil stuff I've ever seen. Right.

And you know, I have this
new thing now. When I was

somebody's really mean, like to the
point where I'm like, they're talking about

my kids or or just, you
know, my family or something. I

now I have a new thing where
I you don't. When I was younger,

I used to maybe come back because
law of your stocks, you know,

step back and defend, and she's
good at that stuff. I'm not

as witty. So now I say, like they say something really mean,

I say I say hi, Judy, it's so nice to hear from you.

I hope you're having a beautiful week. So thank you for the kind

words. So that's what I've been
doing. Now it's actually like therapeutically.

I don't get mad anymore. I'm
no, you know, I don't get

frustrate now, I just like a
girl the other day, I forgot,

a woman the other day or a
guy the other day. Forgot it.

The thing there's a guy on and
a woman there. Both were so nasty

and I was like, David,
you are the kind. Your words are

so kind, so inspiring. Keep
up the happy Monday. Thank you so

much. You know, talk soon
come a kind of I just I just,

I go the complete other way now. Sometimes they just come back over

the top and are an asked her, but a lot of times we're like,

you know, you're right, I
shouldn't have been. I don't really

know you and you know I just
don't know. I don't understand it.

I don't understand when you don't know
somebody. I mean, I obviously they

know what they read and and I
get at it, but but I mean

to be so angry and so mean
and you don't even know. The part's

not like I ran into that person
at a restaurant, yeah, and told

him move out of the way,
like it's like somebody from Iowa Yea.

So that that's been all. That's
been a transition and the whole social media

of it, where it's tough.
I felt bad. I'd still do.

I feel bad when I see these
things coming out of by you. I

care about you a lot and obviously
I show that in a very different no,

high judy, hope you have a
great day with me. It's get

a fucking life and I kill your
logic. I kill people with facts and

logic, and I mean people feel
stupid about the thing that they were doing.

and honestly, it's just been so
much of it. And I'll be

I don't care if I sound sexist
because I'm a woman and I can say

this. I do feel like there's
a lot of support, more support behind

women who are heartbroken then a man
who is heartbroken. Yeah, there's been

no room for you to say how
you feel about this breakup. It's a

loss for you, just like it
is for her, but no one has

heard that. I have. I'm
lucky enough to be your friend and,

you know, hear what you're going
through and be there for you, but

the world hasn't heard anything. They
just hear a woman scorn and with anger

and rage, you know. So
I'm just I'm so happy you're here.

Happy, here, here I am, I I just I can't, I'm

just never going to really comment on
running that stuff. I just feel like

what I'm going through and what I've
gone through, what my mistakes and my

accountability and that she also has a
side to it, which I, you

know, again, will never go
into. But you know, I feel

like at the end of the day, we have ocean, you know,

we have this beautiful girl that you
know, that is the most important thing

and when I think about all the
chaos and the things that peep, I

don't really read stuff anymore at all. I don't. It's just healthier for

me. But when somebody sends me
something, or my mother will send me

to ask her not to, but
she does. You know, I just

try to think like you know,
we have this beautiful girl and she wouldn't

be here if it wasn't for for
us, and that that is worth all

of the the the turmoil and the
heartbreak and the pain that that, you

know, is gone on. I'm
not saying that I'm happy about any of

it. I'm not. I'm sad, but at the same time I have

ocean, she has ocean, and
I think we both would say that,

you know, we have her out
of this and and and how can we

not be grateful? And that's how
I feel. So I so that's why

I'll never you know, I just
can't go down that road of like you

know my feelings, because my feelings
are not in my opinion, they're just

not relevant on a public platform.
Right. Yeah, and I think you're

absolutely a great father and I'm just
ocean. But I'll tell your children and

I see you're always actively with them, playing with them and just doing fun

things, yeah, for them,
which is Great. I didn't have my

dad was a workaholic, which he
built what he built, yeah, which

I'm grateful for, but I really
see your post and your videos and I

just wish I had more of that
with my dad. You know my dad.

Yeah, I met you. My
Dad like because a Lallah. Yeah,

punker. Yeah, that's awesome,
and he came to a charity thing

for what was the LAPD? Yeah, it was. My Dad was like

best. He's with the chief.
Yeah, my dad's designed all the precincts

and you know Polane stay. Yeah, no, wevent. We met there

playing poker and then your dad and
I were in the final table. Or

Yeah, you know was it was
fun and then you lost and then you

were giving my dad tips on how
do we yes, the guys which be

coaching poker. Is kind of like
a joke. But anyway, that was

that was a lot of fun.
I yeah, well, you haven't taught

ocean pickle ball yet. I'm trying. I she loves the ball. She

holds the ball all day. This
morning the ball is her obsession, at

least in my house and then,
but now the balloon is the obsession.

Like this morning we were watching TV
and she's laying in bed with the balloon

for an hour. Did Not let
go of the balloon. Shoot, the

balloon is more exciting than anything right
now. But the ball is big.

The pickle balls big, big.
She likes to watch me play or she

watches her sister's play. Yeah,
but yeah, I think. I mean,

listen, Laala's athletic. I'm,
I don't know, pretend on athletic.

I mean, if you'd really pick
a ball, you have to have

a pickleball players Beamina and yeah,
that's not an easy you gotta keep moving.

Yes, I'm a good pickleball player. I don't never get any other

sports, but I'm good at your
devoted. I'm committed. You send me

links to random pickle ball shit that
I'm like Randall, I am not interested.

Pickle ball is fase. Oh my
God. Yeah, what is up

with pickle ball? What do you
have in store with the pickleball world?

You know, I'm in the middle
of buying, closing a deal right now

of buying an APP, a big
APP in the pickleball community, which we

want to grow and turn into like, because we see the sport as a

two thousand and twenty eight Olympic game, and that's why most people see it

as and we see it's a fastest
scoring sport in the United States. And

for my for my audience out there, that just but I learned what pickle

ball was via grandall that doll for
those you don't know what pickle ball is,

wood is pick a ball. Pickle
ball is like a small version of

tennis, except you play with like
a fiberglass racket or a graphic racket with

no strings. It's a whiffleball,
not a tennis, wilful whiffle, whiffle,

and it's like it's with full it's
light and it's a very small court.

So what makes it great? I
think why people in this country are

addicted is because you could be any
age with very little athletic ability and you

could still come out and play the
first time tennis. Because, I wrote,

a lot of people play tennis before
they play bogball tennis. You have

to be a certain level to play
with somebody at your level. Like I

can't go out in tennis a play
with a beginner because it will be torture.

Write. The ball be going over
the hey, the part. So

where's whiffleball? It's so easy that
the Cortis was small, that I can

go out there like I go out
there by twelve year old, even though

she's been taking what is a list
football or pickleball? It's called pickleball but

it's played with a whiffleball. Play
what will I don't know why. Let's

attend twist. The should be called
a football. Is pickleballs, like you

know that odd thing, but Um, anyway. So it's a very easy

game and people of every age play
and it's really becoming a big, big,

big sport. It's number one in
America. It's growing at us a

rate that's unbelievable. We just had
the PPA tour, which is the big

ball pro tour, bought by a
billionaire named Tom Dundin. So He's dumping

an incredible our money. So that
it's just you're getting a lot of love

of people into the game. It's
the game. But Yeah, you've got

a lot of celebrities that play it. I'm putting on a big PROAM next

year in La and Bob. So
yeah, I you blew it up on

a vander pump rules. Dude.
I think that's the way a lot of

people who even learned about it was. I think that's the reason I appears

it was just hilarious and you were
just getting all involved. Yeah, it's

do you still play with pickle ball? Do they ever come over and play

pickleball with you? Are they only
lawlaw side now? No, I mean,

what's they're always gonna be all house
the court. Jacks Jackson, I'm

been friends for for forever and we're
still friends. I mean we had lunch

yesterday and the sweetheart and he's always
been a friend to me and I was

be a friend of him, and
Tom Words and I still talk and I

know that he's now going through a
really tough time. And you guys are

cool. Yeah, at least they
bumped you out of the press and they

came into the press ahead of you. Now, where we should thank them

for there they're supposed. I don't
know. They're divorcing or they're separated.

I don't know. I read what
you read, but you know. But,

but thing is, I don't want
to see anybody go through anything and

I you know, my heart goes
out to Tom and I'm happy for Tom

I honest to God. He's such
a sweet guy and he deserves to be

with someone who values him and not
diminishes him. It's so fucked up.

We watch it on camera, we
and there's like, listen, I'm on

a reality show. There's cameras in
the room, you're miked up and you're

diminishing your husband and mom, mom, be right there, hitters running.

Okay, listen, I've been for
the I want to say for the rest.

I am not honestly, and it's
not. She died. Katie's very

strong. What a strength. I'm
stronger, but I would never diminish someone.

I don't supposed to all get married, first of all. Let's just

put that out there. And if
I did, I would never diminish the

poor bastard. I'm just fucking divorce
them, which I did. I married

a guy and seven weeks later,
instead of talking Shit, I signed a

paper. Okay, everybody, I
think, does it in their own yeah,

is the right way. When I'll
arguing with are you with anybody these

days, all I'm gonna say is
this. I think any time people break

up it's a it's a sad and
day thing and I'm sure they're both going

through a really difficult time, honestly. And Yeah, and I know that

I've known them both, this is
you're a big teddy bear, you're softy,

and that's why it's sad for you. I like, yes, do

you want my divorce attorney? Oh
my God, got you, boy,

I got you covered. I'll send
my divorce attorney over. Okay, yeah,

she's really good. That's good.
Yeah, it's great divorce attorney,

by the way, just in case
of your future. I yeah, are

you? Are you dating? I'm
dating, but I'm not dating like exclusively

anybody like. I know there's their
stuff out, though that says I am,

but whatever, I'm not. And
and right now I'm just trying to

get my feet on the ground,
you know, I'm just trying to figure

out life. I'm focused right now
and making sure my my work is providing

for my family and doing that and
being there for my kids and and I'm

just dating and figuring things out.
And at the time, yeah, I

just I think I need time to
really get my head back to to that

place. Like you know, this
is it's one thing to go through a

breakup, it's another thing to go
through a break up the way that I've

had to go through a breakup.
Yeah, and I'm not looking for any

sympathy of any sort. I just
I wasn't prepared for this kind of thing.

And and so it's a little more
intense than, yeah, you know,

sitting in your house and going through
it. You know, you're kind

of it's kind of everywhere and everybody
is aware. So it's like, you

know, everybody you know worried about
that. I mean because this day and

each everyone google someone before they date
them. Right, it doesn't matter if

that was your case, you get
googled. Well, that's AK. If

that's the case, because I will
first sugar totty and now you're your jus.

Are you worried that, like you're
obviously, is it if my daily

life is going to be dictated by
right, by the Internet? Would it

be? I'M gonna be a worried
about that. Know that I'm be alone

the rest of my life. If
yeah, no. Um, are you

worried that you might get a certain
type, you might attract a certain type?

Honestly, my head, first it
was about you being you are Sugar

Daddy, and I think that everyone
was. I hands. Let me try

to get in on that Sugar Daddy, you know. And then now these

this whole other perceptions being put out
there. Do you think one will outweigh

the other? Do you think people
forget about it all? Are you worried

at all? I don't think about
that stuff. Honestly, I don't.

I really don't. I just I
just tried. You my thing every day

and and you know, fifty years
old, like the Internet is, it's

a world that I don't understand.
I you know, unfortunately, I just

don't. I don't understand how,
you know, people just can say anything

they want and and just it just
and so for me, you know,

I feel like when I start dating
seriously, I will that person will not,

hopefully, care about the booth.
Yeah, I mean it just that

stuff, you know. You know, I I think at the end of

the day, I it's so far
out of my realm right now. Like

right now it's really just I have
three girls and they take up a lot

of my I mean you have a
you have a child. So you know,

one child takes up in your and
your full time. You know,

your full time. So you know, I'm sharing custody anywhere to drop off

my kid right, right, and
and so I have so I have to

balance a job and making sure that
my girls also have my attention. So

right now there's just I think it's
going to take me a minute. If

are you can do yeah, because
I because I have to. Yeah,

because I have to got to balance
all this stuff. I have to balance

like, okay, I'm home for
this amount of hours and I can go

to the office and do that,
then I have to go on a set

and and then I come home again
and as I'm just trying to juggle and

I think that'll take me a while
and I think it's going to take me

time to get through all this stuff
and and and be okay. And I

think what she's once I get to
that place, then I could that.

Then maybe I'll be more concerned about
that. Like what what are the you

know, what are people are going
to think? But I don't think I

even think that way because I'm okay, you know, having to balance my

responsibilities, which are every day,
you know, full stop to the Brim.

We're going to take a quick break, but when we come back,

you guys talk to an APP right
now, though, because of the court

stuff we do. Do you,
you, and I know you do,

wish it would get to a better
place where you guys can communicate, hopefully.

Well, yeah, I mean,
listen, we talk about ocean and

I think it's a good idea for
you in law, Alaw, to get

to a good place. You know, because I know that your mother,

of your other children. You guys
are in a good place and you guys

co parent. We always have been. We always have it as are cool

you guys. So that's a great
place to be for a child to see

their parents be in that happy place. And then when you want to start

dating, it's so much easier for
the new person in your life, for

you, the children involved, that
everyone's just in a happy trusting yeah,

and again and again, at the
end of the day, that really co

parenting is the only focus of mine, you know. Yeah, you guys

talk to an APP right now,
though, because of the court stuff we

do, do you? You,
and I know you do, wish it

would get to a better place where
you guys can communicate, hopefully. Well,

yeah, I mean, listen,
we talk about ocean, you know,

and that's and, that's and that's
it and and and, honestly,

as long as we're talking about our
daughter, I mean that's the most important

thing. The rest of it's not
right to me. The rest of it

is what it is. You know, I think to other people it's more

exciting and important, but to me, you know, you've never responded to

her like, Oh my God,
why did you say this about me?

Now? I mean, I'm just, you know, she listen, she's

she's a great mother, you know, I'm a great father. And and

and oceans. I and, my
opinion, very lucky to have two parents

who love her, you know,
as much as we both do. And

and at the end of the day, you know, that's all I can

ask for. I really I can't
ask for anything more than that. I

you know, I've of course,
I'm hopeful in the future that, you

know, I hope that we'll get
to a place of being of the CO

parenting being maybe a little more fluid. But at the end of the day,

you know, we're co parenting and
and and that's that's it. My

focus is ocean. My focus is
not anything else right now. and and

London and Riley. Obviously that's been
my focus until ocean was born. So,

you know, I have three girls
that I have to be responsible to

and and the rest of like the
mechanical of it, you know, don't

they're not. As you know,
I don't let them kind of take over

as much. I think that.
I think that. I really, you

know, I just want to be
the best co parent I can be and

and whatever version that is going to
be right now, I support, you

know, and I'm going to let
her you know if she's not ready to

to do more than what we're doing, it's okay, you know, like

that, like oceans loved very much
by her and she's love very much by

me. I mean her sisters at
home are infatuated, you know, Riley

carries ocean around like it's her baby. You know, Riley gets mad when

Ohan doesn't want to let go my
shirt. Riley will say, you know,

dad, this is a fair I
want ocean and I'm like, you

gotta Let your Dad Have Ocean for
it. Yeah, yeah, I'm like.

I'm like, Riley, you gotta
Let Your Dad have her for a

minute. And she's like Dad,
and I'm like trying to give her to

it somebody. So she's like holy, out of my shirt and I just

let daddy have her for like two
minutes, five minutes. Let me just

have a few minute and but but
Riley loves being the big sister. She

loves playing with her. And then
London, who I really really thought,

you know, because teenagers like they
you know, want a new baby becomes

it's like you deal with kind of
the weight of attention, and London did.

I did deal with that in the
beginning. London really struggle in the

early months of like well, it's
little baby, it just sleeps and eat.

Should really but now ocean has such
a big personality. Now London's like

I want to hold her, I
want to play with her. So now

it's like now it's like they and
they came up with the idea to go

to Dizzeland. So we want to
take ocean to Disneyland. This would be

so that's a fun yeah, the
fact that you have that understanding says a

lot about you and you're not oblivious
to having such a huge age difference in

yeah, siblings, that you're recognizing
that this one is an active teenager.

Yeah, this in this in life, and here's a two year one year

old, yeah, who's just starting
out in life. Yeah, and you

got to separate and define your attention
and how you just dress. Oh,

it's that's the most complated thing,
because I'm stuck at all my kids are

three years old. Still like it, like London, Riley, I still

look at them as their three.
So I have a big problem which I've

had to address, that even my
twelve year old has sit downs with me

now where she said the other day
and then her mother amber, called the

amber, because you know, you
need to take London to do different things

and you take with Riley and I'm
like, but but she was like five

the other day. How was she
twelve? So, yeah, that's that's

the hardest part for me. So
now, after I had an emotional the

time I had the emotional breakdown was
when we were in the mall and and

she and I brought her girlfriend with
her and they went to the mall and

or it was a grover was the
mall I fair out where one of the

West field. I want of them, and we go there and I walk

in in London and her girlfriend go, Dad, we're gonna go to these

couple stores and then we back in
like thirty minutes and I go what?

Like I've had them attached at my
hip. Anywhere we go and I'm like

what do you mean thirty minutes?
And she's like and then her girlfriend's like,

no, we'll be back you.
We have our phones, you can

call us. My mom does it
all the time. And I was like,

all right, you go to that
store and I'm going to watch.

And so she goes to stores like
six feet away and I call amber.

I'm like amber, what is going
on? And she's like no, no,

this is what you have to let
them have their events and I was

like, I put the phone down. I was like bawling, like in

the mall by myself. So got
hard for her father's when they have daughters

it's a very different thing with boys. Thinker. Yeah, boy, it's

like very different. He's going to
football practics. I get up, figure

it out, get it together.
He did. I was like walk off.

Yeah, I had a son and
it would be very, very different,

because I wanted to be like Yo, let's go kick in the backyard,

let's go play, but now.
So that was a big change.

So now I'm really good at because
London will come to me and say,

Dad, I want to go,
I want to go to the mall,

but I really don't want Riley coming. I want it to just be you

and I. So I'll say to
Riley, are you cool with the hanging

with ocean? It's like yeah,
she's like good to go. So I

take Oh, I take lone it, we go shopping, I help her

get whatever she wants and the the
clothes furst she needs and then we have

like a great two hours that she
comes home and she's happy. So I've

learned and learning. It took a
long time. I was still take her

to do shit that five year olds. So are you you high five for

that? Yeah, that's really yeah, dad behavior. That's yeah, I

commend you for that. And people
don't realize that about you because they don't

know anything about you. But you
love kids. Yeah, yeah, you're

just a great dad. You're very
hands on and you know that's awesome and

I hope all that negative shit goes
out of the way soon because your kids

are getting older and that's that's the
only part. Bigger and bigger and more

accessible to kids. So I hope
that they don't have to see much more

and I just I do to.
I well, would you, if you

have to say one last thing that
was maybe your takeaway from and it doesn't

have to be just from law,
law situation, but just in the last

I don't know, ten years,
what have you been what have you learned?

What have you come across and changed
about yourself in general? I think

I'm more patient, you know,
I really, I really I didn't have

a lot of patients as a younger
person. You know, I have a

lot of energy, naturally, but
I think at fifty I kind of a

more tolerant of things. I think
that. You know, if you ask

me fifteen years ago and this was
happening, you know, maybe I would

have opened my mouth and not thought
first it alliated. Maybe, maybe,

probably, I probably would have been
like. You know, I probably have

been like what will you know?
I have something to say right today.

I think about ocean, I think
about London, I think about Riley.

You know, when it comes to
speaking publicly, you know, everybody makes

mistakes and everybody's nobody's perfect. You
know, if we had to take a

magn to find last everybody's life,
everybody is is is, has fault and

and makes you know, I at
the end of the day, I you

know, I'm moving forward and,
you know, again always being a dad

that I've been. But I think
I'm more tolerant today and I think that

I'm more patient and, you know, and in being understand, more understanding.

Yeah, and I think that.
I think that life, if you

have your health, you know,
your healthy. You know there's a lot

of people that don't have that and
we forget that the little things in life

like health and children and your children's
health and your family's health. I mean

family health. By I have friends. I have a friend specifically who's got

a child that's very sick, and
I mean the pain and the in,

the in the sadness that he has
to face daily. It puts like when

I see him, it puts it
in perspective, because I'm like, you

know, pray for him, for
his for his child, and and so,

you know, we're given a blessing
and you know, unfortunately, you

know, nobody's perfect and I think
that sometimes we think everybody should be perfect

and we have to be forgiving.
You know about it. Yeah, because

none of us are perfect and we
all fuck up and and we all have

and and and we all have made
mistakes, not just you know, you

know not everybody owns all their mistakes. But but that's the thing right there.

Yeah, issues. Everyone's a judge, but not everyone can take accountability

correct and that's the Internet rolls and
all that bullshit that we deal with in

this modern day society. It's just
people who just go on and type some

shit up and it just goes viral
and all of a sudden it's something that

never even existed. So it's just, yeah, yeah, stay woke people.

I don't know how you do it. I know that you do it

on your show every day and I
had a very small taste of it and

it was a large enough taste for
me that you know, understand that it's

a lot like have you've been on
that show for how many years you're shore

shaws is, Geez, we just
a couple days ago it was ten years

from the first episode. Are Okay
about eleven years? I mean, that's

true. I can't imagine the eleven
years of the up and down. And,

by the way, it seems like, and I've I was to guess,

when you started eleven years ago,
the social media press wasn't like it

is today. So you so different
right then? Right. So today,

very competitive. It's just weird.
Right. There's no respect, I think,

and that's why I understand, like
Denzel Washington always says, I'm not

going to get on Instagram, because
the more exclusive you are, the more

people want you, the more that
depend is. But literally it's shifting.

It's more available you are, the
more but want of you. Look at

Kim Kardashian falls like twenty times a
day. She was. She what she

posts. So she doesn times a
day if she posts so much. So

there's something I think I followed.
I think I forty. I don't get

it. I don't know if I
follow her, I don't remember. But

you don't follow Kim Karda know.
I don't know if I did, and

I can't be friend he is life? Oh, no, I did,

everybody. I mean when she was
caught fucking rage a, not necessarily caught,

but like you know, old hold
produced, crisp produced. Yeah,

we know how that happens. Hold
on, hold on it, wait,

but wait. So, but she
post that much? She does. She

post a lot. It's turning into. I think that's just what social media

I don't follow, I don't follow
him Kardashians, but I follow. I

follow Courtney. Oh, she's the
only Kardashian I do. That shows you,

that shows you how how to touch
on her because of who she's seeing

now. That's why. No,
I think I followed her because I knew

Scott, you know, back in
the day, and like and I and

and, I don't even know.
Yeah, I think it's at least interesting

to watch. Now, I'm kidding. Oh God, I'm kidding. Your

kidding. No, I love but
what an amazing empire they've built. I

mean that's I mean, come on, I mean they're I mean get and

this new deal at Hulu, which
I'm not even a big Kardashian, fills

every time I think about it.
By the way, that trailer they put

out was was epic. I died
and I don't even I don't even watch

the Kardashian is like Shit, you
don't watch the car I see everybody watches

the Kardashians. Everybody watches how did
you even know who Scott Desik was if

he didn't watch the Kardashians? I
went to Tabo with him, law and

I did. I went to come
with lall and and and Sofia Richie.

That's how you met him the first
no, no, I knew him through

like Alec Monopoly, with other friends. No other okay, I'm gooding.

I quit. I quit. Thank
you. Thanks. Thanks to else that

you would want out there, just
so you want to say a last piecers

or anything. I want people to
look forward to his or anything you want

to know. I mean just that. You know, I directed a movie

that I've coming out in the fall
with Roberts and hero, John Malkovich and

Jack Houston and a come out Septever. But wait, you gotta say that

very Sol because you just named God's
which is name some gods right now.

So can you rename the people that
are in this upcoming film? Robertson hero,

John Malkovich, Jack Houston and Quevo
from them goes. And when is

it coming out? September. What's
it called? Wash me in the river?

All right, ver, we have
to look out for that. Thank

you. Thank you for having me. I appreciate it. Thanks for listening

to Geminely GIG. download new episodes
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