EPISODE 83: In Plume w/ Jerrica Kirkley


Show Notes

By now, most people understand or at least are aware of the trials and tribulations the transgender community experiences every day. You may have a close friend or even a relative who is trans. Or maybe there’s a celebrity you adore, who identifies as trans. Perhaps, you’re part of the trans or gender-non-conforming community yourself. But what some people may not realize is that being trans is not new. Trans people have been around for thousands of years.  Dr. Jerrica Kirkley is the founder of Plume, a start up for gender-affirming health care services. She knows a lot about the trans community, its history and modern day healthcare. In this discussion, we’ll explore gender-affirming care from the 19th century to today. We’ll cover the terminology used within the trans community to describe identity and health care, and review the history of gender dysphoria, before introducing you to the life-saving gender-affirming care of today.  Check out more on Plume here! Your host is Levi Chambers, co-founder of Gayety. Follow the show and keep up with the conversation @Pride. Want more great shows from Straw Hut Media? Check out or website at strawhutmedia.com. Your producers are Levi Chambers, Maggie Boles, Ryan Tillotson and Edited by Sebastian Alcala Have an interesting LGBTQ+ story to share? We might feature U! Email us at pride@strawhutmedia.com. *This podcast is not affiliated with Pride Media.

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