EPISODE 134: 'Love Is Love' With TikTok Stars Pierre Boo And Nicky Champa

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This week on Pride, we're embracing the Valentine season and chatting with a TikTok power couple who have the ability to make their followers swoon with the press of one upload button. TikTok superstars Nicky Champa and Pierre Boo have amassed an audience of nearly 24 million across their platforms. But being in a same-sex relationship in the public's eye comes with its challenges. Today, Nicky and Pierre share with us their love story, their highs and lows, and how they navigate the pressure to be perfect online. 

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Straw media. We didn't realize that
we had the same acting manager, and

so I go to this audition and
he walks into the room and I'm like

just mesmerized by his beauty and I
was like, I didn't think he was

into guys. I thought he just
was so beautiful. I was like,

you know, it would, that
would be a miracle if, like he

whatever consider me. Valentine's Day is
fast approaching, which means your local grocery

store is overrun with red rose flower
arrangements, heart shaped boxes of chocolates and

a variety of fluffy, pink stuffed
animals. It also means your instagram feed

is filled with couples posting photos awkwardly
Kissing, candle lit dinners for too and

an unbelievable number of coordinated monochromatic outfits
in a wide range of Ruby Hughes.

We kit you won't find a Valentine's
Day cent acre. Oh No, not

on pride. We embrace the season
of love, which is why we wanted

to bring you a real, modern
day love story of two men you may

think you know from their viral tick
tocks or clever youtube videos, but we

have a feeling they might surprise you. Today we're chatting with Social Media Power

Couple Nicky Champa and Pierre Boo,
who have the ability to make their millions

of followers swoon collective lie and just
might make you believe that real love is

in the air, or, in
this case, online. Hey, you

guys. Hey, we're going to
play a game of our first, first

competedition. While these two love birds
may seem to have it all, being

the same sex couple in the public
eye comes with its challenges. Today,

Nicki and Pierre Share with us their
love story, their highs and most and

how they navigate the pressure of being
perfect online. Hey, I'm Nikki and

I'm pier and this is pride.
So where did you guys meet? So

we met at a movie audition and
it's funny the story. We tell it

so many times, but it's a
pretty funny story. Nikki and Pierre were

two aspiring actors who followed their dreams
and moved to, you guessed, at

Los Angeles, California. For Nicki, the move meant a long plane ride

from New York to the West Coast, but for Pierre, who was born

and raised in Paris, France,
the movement facing the shocking reality of being

an immigrant in America. That used
to watch old movies of Holywood Stars with

my grandmother, that was a big
fan of Holywood stars, and that was

always a dream for me to come
to Ess angels because of those memories that

I have with my grandmother and also
because I wanted to be an actor and

I studied acting Dan seeing an art
in Paris and I came huge just I

jumped into it without knowing where I
was going, without knowing where I was

going to stay or what I was
going to do. I was very young

to had no idea about the whole
immigration process or anything, and I just

decided to move to a lie with
the visitor visa tucked away in his carry

on. Pierre moved into a hostel
in the US. When he told his

peers of his plans to stay in
the states, they broke the news to

him about the logistics of moving to
America. I thought you could just come

here and stay. I didn't know
you needed a visa for that or anything.

And they're like no, no,
no, it doesn't happen like that.

That's beautiful. We're thinking. Was
Not happening like that. It's not

like and I sit in a hostel
for the three first days, and actually

I said to the hostel for six
months, but like the three first days

at the side, stay at hostel, and and then he little by little,

I decided to stay and I fear
out ways to stay and and I

met this beautiful young man on my
long journey, long journey. In two

thousand and seventeen, Nicki and Pierre
were both sitting in a waiting room preparing

for an audition that would hopefully be
their ticket into Hollywood. But what neither

of them expect it was to find
love. So I texted my manager and

I was like this beautiful guy walked
into the room and I don't, do

you know anything about him? So
he's like send me a picture of him.

So I like kind of snuck a
picture like a writ I kind of

in between my legs, like that
sounds weird, like over my kny,

like like kind and I caught my
boot in it, which would come to

be like how he knew it was
me. Yeah, and so I sent

him the picture, my manager,
and then I didn't hear anything back.

It was like I was texting him
and like the three dots showed up and

then they went away and then I
heard someone's phone go off in the room,

phone and I look over and he's
looking at his phone. And when

I got the picture, and then
my manager, our manager, texted me

was like he's my client here,
like I just sent him the picture,

go talk to him, and I
was like, Oh my God, I

was so embarrassed and just I wanted
to die. And then like also like

the pre audition nerves. I was
like I just kill me. This is

like too much for me to handle. So I kind of like hit in

my in my in my lines,
and then and then I see him get

up and he came over to me
and to say hi. Yeah, I

was like so, because my version
of this story is the same. It's

just I also saw him on the
Corn Room when I first got in,

but he was very much into his
phone. He was just looking at his

phone and I got that picture and
I recognize, Oh my God, it's

the boot off this guy that I
think is. It's it's the same boot.

Is it this guy? But I
was surprised because is he did not

look at me once. Or I
think you're shy, right, a very

bitchy yeah, so I thought he
was shy and I was like, well,

let meach, just make the first
step and go say hi, because

if you have only one life,
it would be stupid to let this you

know, and the rest is the
sorry. Yes, what movie was this?

Can you say what it was that
you're auditioning for? It was they

not everybody asked this. It was
like kind of just a dumb like in

the I don't even know. And
the what's funny is, like know,

we both auditioned and I got all
the way to the end of the movie

and then it got canceled, like
the movie just like lost funding or something,

and and then what like we got
each other, and so that was

like the best it was in that
was the outcome. Yeah, that was

that was the that was the purpose, I think. So, yeah,

adorable. Right. That movie May
Have Gotten canceled, but the way these

two found each other should be a
movie on its own. Since the two

met in two thousand and seventeen,
Nikki and Pierre have documented their love story

online through short, thirty second videos
posted to their tick tock accounts. From

silly pranks to skits highlighting their cultural
differences, the stars have a way of

pulling on their audiences hard strings,
but navigating the world of social media through

a consumers perspective is difficult. Separating
what is honest from what is staged has

become more challenging as these social platforms
grow and expand. How much of this

picture perfect romance is authentic? I
would say all the like funny shit and

stuff that we do is like or
like the things that we've kind of used

in ticktock format as like things that
we discovered together. Now, obviously it's

like formulate, formulated into a tick
tock way, like you know you have,

and it's played up for community value. But like a lot of like

funny shit happens to us and we
also have very beautiful moments that were like

this feels not real, it's so
nice and great and yeah, it's it's

really nice. I think the turning
point that we're in now and what we're

trying to focus on with Youtube,
is to kind of move past the fifteen

second, twenty five second beautiful glimpses
or hilarious glimpses and show like really real

moments and like show that, like
our relationship is not butterflies and roses.

Seven like relationships take work and we
put a lot of work into ours.

I mean we spend literally seven together
and that's not easy. And then,

on top of it the social media. It's another layer of like toxicity that

we have to to navigate through and
help each other through. Yes, I

would say we also have to entertain, right, and we have a very

short time to entertain on ticktock.
But what we usually do is that we

inspire ourselves from our own personalities.
That sometime we have to multipy, you

know, about three or four,
yeah, maybe ten, I don't know.

But like, we just like we
just take it in a way that

is entertained inning but everything that we
do, yes, is definitely based on

the reality, yeah, of the
happiness that we have to be together so

many times. What you don't get
to see in a tick tock relationship are

the arguments that occur off camera because, let's be honest, all relationships have

them. These are so personal that
it would be hard to take a camera

and then just, yeah, try
to record that because we would shut up

right away. But we're working on
it. But we working on it on

a more longer format kind of video. Yeah, because we would need at

that moment somebody to film for us
so we can stay focus on our feelings

and on the conversation we had.
Yeah, because that would be a bit

hard to just share that on ticktock. Yes, and HMM. Needless to

say, there's a lot about Nikki
and Pierre the world doesn't get to see,

like how energized Pierre is in the
morning. I mean, when I

wake up next to Nicholas, he
has to take me down because I'm kind

of in the morning. I'm very
happy person. So I'm very like and

love they and of nauseous. I'm
that kind of person that loves that way.

So it's definitely real. Yeah,
it's easy to forget when you're consuming

hours worth of content from a creator
that this is only a small window into

their life, but Internet rolls love
to pretend they know everything about anything.

We get a lot of comparation because
queen the two of us. Yeah,

so whoever is the better one,
whoever's the prettiest one, wheveries the that

is already very toxic, or who's
who's better for each other? Right,

it's better if I oh, here
doesn't deserve nick, or Nick doesn't deserve

like that. Shit bothers me.
Yeah, most of the time, the

couple can push the toxic comments aside
and move on, but every once in

a while someone will say something that
will strike a nerve. I think what

really tends to be a point of
conflict between us is like when those comments

or attacks or controls kind of touch
on something personal that you're struggling with,

or I'm struggling with that. I've
had traumatic experiences in the past based on

sometimes we joke in there, like
they really know how to get at us,

you know, like how it's all
hit those points of like really the

Oh, you found the sweet spot
it is. It's the comments that matches

or that go parallel with your inner
dialog or if we call in their judgments

of yourself, then that's when it
hits hard, because then you know,

you think automatically. So I was
right, I'm I, yeah, I

am actually acting like a baby or
like I am not acting the way I

should act at my age. And
and it's hard already to tame those voices

inside of ourselves. So when we
receive it from the outside world, it's

seven harder to do that work when
ourselves, you know, we call it

them nervous nry. Yes, the
nervous nrs, it don't lead into the

nervous narrative. Sharing your relationship with
the public comes with many side effects.

Sharing your same sex relationship with the
public comes with even more side effects.

But Pierre and Nikki's say they are
determined to create a loving environment where other

queer kids can feel like they're not
so alone. I've saw a lot of

lgbtq love stories being so traumatic and
sad and like have really, really deep

struggle, and so when we kind
of were given and built this this platform,

I think it's both of our mission
to not necessarily lean into that.

Like it happens, and we talked
about it, but I feel like we

really want to portray like and because
it most of the time it is this

for us, like that you can
find happiness in an LGBTQ relationship, like

you can have that that dream that
the media in the world portrays for straight

people, you know what I mean. So I feel like that's something we

constantly are like. You know,
this situation sucks and yes, we have

a responsibility to share that we are
struggling at times with our mental health or

whatever it is, you know,
but it's also really important to not lean

into that too much, because that's
also not who we are as people.

Like we like to lean into the
hope and the positivity and yeah, you

know, and like really portray that, because that's really important for us.

And Yeah, and I think it's
also really important to show that to the

kids that follow us, because there's
a lot of kids that you can get

through this. It's just work,
you know. Yes, but at the

end of the day, I have
to say I'm very, very happy that

we actually got that exposure because of
the happy moment. Yeah, this is

good, because that would be but
if it was always about the bad moments,

yeah, because then we would make
not the image that we wanted for

our community and and what we want
inspire youngsters out there to to, you

know, be themselves without fear.
It's not about being the best gay couple

on the Internet. Nikki says he
prefers to not label his relationship. The

truth isn't for me, I've never
felt gay enough and I've never felt straight

enough and I've never felt because I've
had a long term relationship with a girl

before Pierre, I never I just
I felt like I never belonged to something,

I never felt like anything really like
grabbed me other than just being myself,

you know, and without having to
define it. And so for me

personally, that's like my truth,
like that's what I that's me. You

know, I one hundred percent understand
that for a lot of people, having

that identity has been gay or having
that labeled whatever makes them feel empowered and

part of something, and I respect
that and I love that. I just

think that going forward in life,
I think that at one point we're all

going to have these labels and names
and the reality is is we just want

to be loved and we want to
have love and we want to be accepted

for who we love and accepted for
who we are, and I think that's

just the most important thing. When
we come back the misconceptions of queer relationships

and a little trouble on the ski
slopes. If you're familiar with Niki and

Pierre's content, you know they're always
running around and making each other laugh.

Their lighthearted content can make even the
darkest day seem just a little brighter.

As I've we were doing research on
just all of a lot of videos and

things that you've done that have done
really well, and I found that your

I think, in the concept is
called, guess that Fart. If you

don't mind just kind of describing this, this content formula, as you put

it, and who came up with
that and doesn't work where it? We're

going to be like completely honest,
like I think it's the French. I

don't know if they like and I'm
Italian. I feel like we always I

don't know, we just it's just
a freefall sometimes, and so I think

we were like, well, we've
did together for four years, almost five

years, five years. It's like
that would be very unhealthy for had to

hold our force for that long.
Yeah, this is so, if it's

just David gonna get out. They
like it's funny. Like we talked to

our managers sometimes, like when wherever
we're like on a project of stuff,

like like, for example, we
were shooting something at our house and we

kept running up starts to our bedroom
and like like I was like here she's

thinking we're doing something like getsy in
the bathroom and I'm like no, we're

just going to Fart. Sorry.
Basically, they started pulling out their phone

when they had to Fart, but
not before they ask their partner. What

kind of Fart is it going to
be. It was something that was going

on on Ticktock, and we were
like, I think that's that's a far

out. I think that we would
do in your relationship. You've been together

four years. Did at some point. There's like the first fart. Who

Was it? And it was here, it was me, it was here.

I think. What's it? Awkward? Like? No, so Osper

my stories in the new show.
Your like it. So I was like

one of the first nights I was
sleeping at his apartment and the first time

he walked out and I was like, where are you going? He's like

I had to part. I was
like okay, and then the second time,

I think it was like that night
you just parted on me when we

were like spooning. It was when
we spent yeah, and I was like

all right, like we're on that
level. Now it's like like three weeks

in and we're on that level.
So I don't mind. I thought it

was cute. So then, okay, on the same note. Then with

the first part, who's the first
one to say I love you, Pire,

Pire, but long time into it
I wanted to say I love you

since like the first weekend, but
I knew with him the way he was

pacing things out. I was like
I'm not. I like definitely had this

conversation with myself where I was like
I cannot say at first, I have

to let him come to me because
he's getting out of like a serious relationship

prior to me and he's had a
many heartbreaks. And I was like I

just don't want to. He's got
it, he can and he said very

bluntly, he's like I have to
learn your I have to earn you have

to earn my trust. Like you, I need time with you. I

need years, any months, I
need time with you. Si know that

I mean. But truthfully, I
respected it because I didn't say it.

You know, Pierre was recovering from
a long line of heartbreak and didn't think

he was ready to launch into a
relationship, but then he met Nikki.

So when I came to meet Nicholas, I was not ready for it.

I was I was still hurting,
I was still healing myself and I did

have no idea at that point if
I actually could heal, and honestly,

I was at that point. I
do not I give up. I give

up. I will just, you
know, have my sneak healings. That's

how they say. Nothing sneak healings
on the side and that's it. I

will just do that. But Nicholas, through his vision of seeing love and

through his way, because he was
twenty one when I met him, his

way of seeing and fantasizing about love, it kind of made me remember how

I would fantasize about it too,
and it kind of touch me in a

way, you know. So I
feel like he kind of took my hand

into this and, although he had
to pull very hard on me to go,

to get to his point, I
eventually got to that point and I

like sure, he was like,
let's do it, let's try it,

you know, miss do it again. So I waited six months and he

told me, I love you,
but you were ready, like when you

were taking the foot of the boot. You were ready at that point.

Yeah, like it's slipped out.
I think it's Ok for where. I

was like love you, and I'm
like, you know, I'm sorry,

but yeah, he took we so
I took him to my mom's house for

the first time in the summer of
like two thousand and seventeen, and we

were sleeping in her bed because she
was sleeping in the guest room because she

had a bigger event and he told
me, I love you, and my

mom's bed. So I thought that
was hilarious. I'm sure if she's listening,

she's like that's kind of cute.
YEA, though Nicki and Pierre feel

the support from their millions of followers
every day, they get a lot of

pushback from older generations regarding their relationship. I think we've all been conditioned a

little bit that we're somehow disadvantaged for
being lgbtq. Like there's a disadvantage.

You're not going to have a real
love story, you're not going to have

kids. I mean the true,
the truth. This is like when I

came out to my mom, like
that was the first thing she said to

me was like, Um, I'm
nervous, I'm so worried about your happiness

and you're not going to find love
and you're not going to have kids.

And like even I had family member
saying to me, like how are you

gonna appeal to teen girls in for
if you want to be an actor?

Like, how are you going to
appeal to these demographics when they know you're

sleeping with the men? Well,
it's funny. Now is most of our

demographic is women and team reels.
It's just, you know, I think

what we've been conditioned into believing is
that we're going to fail, that were

our relationships are not going to work
if there is no love story for us,

and I think that's what pushed both
of us to be like fuck that,

like we can make that happen.
You know, let's do it,

let's let's let's try at least,
you know, and again, stop putting

us in cases and boxes. Yeah, I'm sure that it is many,

many people out there that would live
their true and real life and if they

were just being more flexible with ourselves, get out of the boxes and and

being a world where it's celebrated.
You know, remember earlier when we spoke

about the occasional arguments Nicki and pre
get into. Sometimes the anger you feel

in the moment makes everything more tense
and a bad situation can get worse,

like when Nikki took pre skiing in
Colorado. So I grew up going to

Bell Colorado skiing. I grew up
skiing like I'm good at it. It's

like kind of second nature. I
could stop skiing and just pick it up.

I learned skiing very, very young
and I don't remember the process of

learning skiing. I just know that
I can ski. So just keep that

in the back of the thought of
your, E. Everybody's head when I'm

telling the story. So we get
our skis and we go skiing and it

started off really good, like I
took him to the Bunny Bunny Hill just

to get him like he's never ski
before, and he was really good,

like he was. He was catching
along, like really well, and it

was still doing your like pizza,
French fries, pizza, French tries,

your yes, and he was even
making hard burns, like he was doing

really good. But then it took
a turn for the worst when they ventured

up the Gondola and started exploring some
actual snowy terrain. I learned a lot

that trip and that argument, like
we have a lot of constructive arguments,

and so I selfish, Lily,
was not prioritizing you. I was just

wanting to ski, and I that
was my mistake and I take ownership of

it. So I really wanted to
selfishly get started and skiing. You know,

I haven't been skiing in so long
and it was like always a dream

to bring like my you know my
love to resist my childhood, and so

we start and there was moments where
like, oh, okay, the Green

Circle, which is supposed to be
the easiest, looks a bit scary.

It's intimidating and it was to so
I leve. So he crashes into the

side. No, so I can't
stop. And those things, the Nice

easy runways that he's stuck catwas is
that there's what it doesn't say is that

on the other side it's the kind
of the heel. If if you fall

from that cat walk, off you
fall, you die. Can You mentione

distress? So I cannot. I
cannot see the stress of dying, and

so I can't write thing without breaks. Then Pierre took a tumble and he

was not a fan of how Nikki
reacted. And the only thing I see

when I wake up from my fall
is my boyfriend. I forget me,

I'm the sorry, I'm sorry,
and him Melife. It was fucking funny,

though. It was like he fellato. It was like because, like

when you fall skiing, there's a
thing called like a y worst. It's

the worst, but it's also funny. You know, you skis get out,

yes, because people who are good
at skiing don't fall. I know

they don't. I'm sorry, I
sound like the asshole. I'm so sorry.

So it's very, very ARD to
stand up. And then at that

point I'm like, why did you
laugh? This is not what I expect

you from just so I expect from
you. I'm expecting you know, like

really like reassuring me, Yees,
boarding me and hopping me up, and

so I get a bit my at
this point, but I'm like, okay,

let's keep going. And then this
point I fell again and yeah,

I'm already exhausted. No, I
cannot get up. I cannot get up

anymore. And after like three,
four times, I felt I can't get

up. So I decide to take
off my ski the good time forever,

and I decide to walk down the
hill. They were not very close to

the bottom at all. So Nikki
tried to help her get down the hill

by taking a snowmobile. Well,
that didn't go very well either. There's

nothing more frustrating that when you you
trying not to be humiliated and you're trying

to be like, okay, I'm
going to try it, I might get

on the mobile thing, but maybe
later. And it's just when we forced

you. It's like it's like we
forced you to do something. You know,

it's like we take you for you, take you away from your from

your mission. I don't know.
It's like I hear you. I don't

know, but it was coming from
a good place. They did get to

the bottom of the mountain by snowmobile
and everything was resolved through open communication and,

of course, tacos. It's just, you know, it's just conflicts.

said the things, then the conflicts. You cannot resolve it right away.

It's not like you can do this
and then your feelings are going to

go away. You just need time
and we took time. We ate something

that helps to tacos. Yeah,
T S, tacos a bottom tacos are

always good. Yeah, good.
So I think my last question for both

of you, yes, one is
and you can both answer separately, but

what do you love most about the
other and if there's one critically important thing

that you've learned from that person,
from him to either of you, what

is the most important thing that he's
taught you? So, for Nicholas,

what I love the most about him
is that he is the person that cared

the most ever about me that I've
ever met. This is really the truth

is that he was, from the
get go, willing to be so open

to a relationship, open to the
love story, open to everything's possible.

He takes my hands, tells me
this is possible, you can do it.

I believe in you. You can
do this, you can do that.

Has Been The most supportive person I've
ever met. I mean, my

sounds cheesy, but it's just like
the most, the best thing that happened

to me so far. For the
tread of his personality that I like the

most. It's his end too.
Enthusiast, enthusiasm, enthusiasm. This is

enthusiasm for life. It's it's a
breath of fresh air for me, and

specially of the place I was.
It was and it still is a breath

of fresh air every day. My
life is enthusiasm. Yes, Pierre is

going to make you cry when it
is time to do some vowels or something.

It's going to be bad. I
Oh, no, I know.

Yeah, yeah, that's true.
Okay, that's that's really that was sweet.

That's a true you're so sweet for
Pierre. I am at Pierre Very

Young, very immature, and still
am in so many ways. What I

love about him the most is that. One is that he has a sweetness

about him and an ability to see
life in a way that I've never met

anybody who could see life this way. Just a genuine sweetness that is so

pure and like so hard to create
and to like it's just embedded in his

like he will pick up a spider
that's crawling around the house and move it

outside so it doesn't get stepped on. Like just one of the sweetest,

most genuine people I've ever met.
And that sweetness helped me become a sweeter

person and carried over into me who
I was somebody and still am working on

it. But when I met him
I was filled with, you know,

kind of anger and resentment and like
I wanted to prove people wrong and you

know, I was coming from a
childhood that was not necessarily easy. and

He, you know, like he
says I did to him, he did

the same for me. He took
my hand and he basically said I'm going

to help you work through all this
and find your inner, inner younger boy,

and find that you know that those
that's that sweetness in you, and

he really never gave up on that
and he still doesn't and he's just so

patient and I'm just so genuinely lucky
to have somebody that is willing to not,

you know, give up on me
who I know at times can be

extremely difficult and extremely annoying, and
just he I'm just insanely lucky to have

you all. Thank you. Sorry, now I'm regret and what I learned

from him the most is that what
I most valuable thing that I've learned is

just his patients. You know,
this guy's been through so much fucking shit

and it's life and to have the
patients to kind of carry on and to

be the sweet person. It's just
like it's incredible. It's just unworldly,

unworthy. Niki and Pierre Continue to
grow as a couple and as social media

influencers every day. You can find
their separate and combined accounts on Ticktock,

instagram and Youtube. Oh and if
you're looking for a Valentine's Day gift,

it might be a little late,
but the couple has merged for sale online.

Where we did is something that we
usually wear a lot, which is

something very comfortable and in sweats all
the times, and we thought that would

be a good place to start.
Is something that is authentic to us and

that we really wear every day and
that is a place off comfort for us.

So we made some very cute sports
wear and it'll had a little bucket

hat, a little baseball hat.
Yeah, and yeah, we're very excited

about that. It's a first time
trying merge. Yeah, it's just the

beginning. We really want to dive
into bigger things, but we just,

like you said it, we felt
it was kind of a no brainer to

just start with kind of active,
where chill wear and then branch out from

there. Yeah, but saw some
to see the support of our our all

the ways. Yeah, and to
you know by the things that miss is

happy. It's awesome. Their line
includes hats, hoodies and t shirts.

They're all available for purchase at Nicki
and pierrecom. Pride is a production of

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can follow me everywhere, at Lea
by chambers. Pride is produced by me,

LEA by chambers, Nike Bowls,
Ryan Tillotson, Caitlyn, mcdaniel and

Brad and Marla, edited by Silvana, I'll Calla, and Daniel Ferrara.

Sound mixing by Silvana, I'll calla. I'm not always looking for something stable

and it was very hard for me
to just did a touch creates. It

took us from Latin here computer.
So this things is this late. Really

just want like this for the laptop, like it was like you could slide

it out of the way that I'm
always trying to slide this. See the

this is real, like this is
where we get at. I'm like
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