EPISODE 1: American Badass: Coming Soon!

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Show Notes

Michael Madsen: American Badass is coming! Tune in as the accomplished actor sits down and talks with Bruce Dern, Tom Arnold, Billy Baldwin, and more!

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There's a man. He's a tall
man whose reputation precedes him like a thunderclap

before the lightning bolt, I guess. I guess that would mean me,

Michael Mattson. Well, you know, I was doing some nefarious things once

upon a time, and I suppose
that does something to a man and does

something to a person to a certain
degree. It depends on what you do

with it later on in life.
But then again, they say a man

is nothing really without a story,
and he has come to tell you his.

I guess this wouldn't be any good
if I didn't start out with Mr

Blonde from reservoir. Dogs, of
course, and are you going to bark

all day, Little Doggie? What
are you going to bite? I gotta

blame that one on Quentin because,
you know, he cast me in that

role before him and I had ever
even met. If they hadn't done what

I told him not to do,
it'd still be alive. This is Michael

Madsen and this new show is called
American Badass and I hope you listen to

it, and it's going to be
here on Straw hut media, apple,

spotify or any other podcasting outlet under
the Sun.
Michael Madsen: American Badass
Michael Madsen sits down with guests to discuss tales of the old New Hollywood.  American Badass is produced by:Ryan TillotsonTyler NielsenElizabeth KeenerFranziska... View More




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