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Welcome to the Up Here Down Low, where we look behind the scenes of the new Hulu musical romcom Up Here! We know that Hulu released all eight episodes at once, but we like to do things a little more traditionally around here. What can we say? We’re romantics! Every week... View More

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Episode 8: Y2K (with (almost) everyone!)

•  12 May 2023 •  Episode 8 •  40:09

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Episode 7: Baggage (with John Hodgman, Bobby Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez)

•  05 May 2023 •  Episode 7 •  31:52

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Episode 6: Amor (with Norm Lewis, Andrea Burns, Kristin-Anderson & Bobby Lopez)

•  28 Apr 2023 •  Episode 6 •  52:52

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Episode 5: Labels (with Tommy Kail, John Reynolds, Mae Whitman, Carlos Valdes, Sonya Tayeh, and The Lopezes)

•  21 Apr 2023 •  Episode 5 •  42:57

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Episode 4: Special (with Brian Stokes Mitchell, Sonya Tayeh, and The Lopezes)

•  14 Apr 2023 •  Episode 4 •  42:49

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Episode 3: Signs (with Steven Levenson, Mae Whitman, Carlos Valdes, and the Lopezes)

•  07 Apr 2023 •  Episode 3 •  40:58

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Madison Cross Madison Cross is an NYU Tisch graduate from Los Angeles. She developed her first half-hour comedy LIFE’S A DRAG with HBO Max through WBTV, then sold her semi-autobiographical half-hour FORGET ME NOW off spec to Sony later attaching Patricia Clarkson to play her mother. On the features side, she has FOLLOWERS being produced with actress Julianne Hough attached as the villain. She resides in Los Angeles with her dog Bugs.

Julian Goza Julian Goza is a gay entertainer who does musical improv, writes his own short films and sketches, and calls his Cuban mother regularly. A graduate from NYU Tisch currently residing in Los Angeles, he’s thrilled to be working with Madison Cross, who he once described as “pretty hot and a great time.”