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On this episode Salvador was inspired by celebrity interviews he has read in magazines such as Interview and Vanity Fair. So he decided to do something different by bringing in regular panelists and fellow Straw Hut Media family member-the host of “On The Rocks” Alexander Rodríguez to interview yours truly and what the past year or two have really been like for him. All your questions of who Salvador is are answered. Everything from what it’s like to say goodbye to his mother on her death bed, to a very public relationship and break up. Plus, has Salvador ever had a three-way?!? Find out and listen to this very intimate episode. You can find Alexander Rodriguez on Instagram @alexanderisonair and @ontherocksonair. For more of Salvador find him across all social media platforms @stylistsalvador and For more great content and bingeable shows take a peek at Straw Hut Media! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

The Wine Down
The Wine Down is a pop culture infused panel show where guest/panelists discuss and dissect the latest pop culture stories of the week or what they are currently obsessing about in pop culture, social media, music, art and fashion. The Wine Down is moderated by show host, celebrity stylist and lover of all things pop culture Salvador Camarena. Salvador will add his signature and unique point of view on all topics and will relate them to any personal or professional experiences he’s had throughout his decade long career as a stylist working on every major red carpet-Oscars, Emmys, Golden Globes and Grammys. Salvador will also add his own personal flair with current latino-infused entertainment stories. The rotating panel would include celebrity guests, influencers, long-time friends and fellow podcasters. The Wine Down will also include one on one interviews with celebrity guests. So, basically you can think of The Wine Down as a chisme (gossip) fest with your favorite friends at happy hour. Just add wine! From Straw Hut Media

Episode transcripts

Like I met this guy was lookingat me and then I went to go
walk over and talk to him andthen he's like I'm straight. I go
oh, cool, and we justwere like hanging out talking. So just
blow jobs. Wow, you're horningthis week on the wind down we're switching
out wine for white cloth. Plus, we're flipping the script with the host
of on the rocks radio, AlexanderRodriguez. I'm bad and we're talking about
my favorite subject, me. Allthis and more after the break. Cheers
you guys. I it's Wednesday andand I think I'm regressing a lot of
shits happened to me in the pastthirty seven years, and you'll hear in
seek in the background, because Idon't know why I've rediscovered them lately.
I don't know what's happening to meand my body. Oh my my bike
go through puberty. Finally, Iknow I'm going back. I had lost
twenty pounds. Congratulate Thank you verymuch. And actually, you know,
we're going to switch up the showa little bit today, where it I
know it's a Hashtag wind on Wednesdayand whatnot, but I'm going to flip.
Oh, okay, I'm on thishealth journey to be a better person,
mentally, physically and emotionally. OhGod, sounds awful. So I
brought in today for the boys.Boys, Mr Alexander Rodriguez, yst opposite
of what you're doing with your life. I'm the complete opposite, host of
on the rocks radio with Alexander,who is part of the strawhut media family.
HMM. And meaning by boys,I mean Ryan as well. Boy,
it's the boys. So I broughtin white claw because there's no law
when there's white claw. I thoughtthis was from like Yoga Pant Wearing valley
girls who are blond with new noses. Do you have ice? Do you
see who sit in the cross room? I'm saying, I'm really surprised at
you came with white cloth and Ihave never tasted a white cloth in my
life and I've tasted every alcohol knownto man, but this is for woman.
So thank you for introducing we butit's actually really like so I was
introduced to white claw and a weecan palm springs and literally someone bought two
cases and I literally floated into UnicornPool flitty with White Clott and it's the
most refreshing thing aver. It's veryfresh and it's very light. I feel
like we should serve it in schools, like, instead of Capri Sun,
let's do white cloth for kids.You're going to make a great parent.
I'm never going to be a parent. I'm ready obviously be the weird uncle
in a corner, like just don'tput me in a room with a kid
because they smell. But anyway,there's a national white claw shortage. Done
you didn't know. So I've founda case and I bought one and brought
it in today. You should sellthat on Ebay from like four times the
amount. No, I'm good.I'd rather enjoy it and then have people
and I like to provide. Soyou are a giver. I like you
a taker, but you aren't everyI'm every woman, so I like to
provide. So I thought I'd comeand share the white claw instead of wine,
because you know I love wine,don't get me wrong, but a
lot of sugar and bloats blows youup. Why do you look at me?
When you said that I didn't thatI would Ryan and you oh,
yes, he's bloating right now.He's a size twenty eight. He's usually
as twenty sec I'm a little blurthe right now as well, but I'm
real, real health journey right now, real filling my body, hiking and
whatnot, kind of like a fourpack happening. What the fuck, I
know, beautiful right. Okay,so we're doing something a little differently today.
As I said, Alexander is here. I did not prepare. That's
why I'm a little ramble e andso do you guys Remember Interview Magazine?
I don't know if it's still aroundor not, interviewing or like Vanity Fair
or whatnot. Since Alexander is partof the Straw media family, I thought.
I thought for once, for once, someone would interview me. So
like this inspiration came from like again, what did they say? Interview magazine
and Vanity Fair were like stars interviewother stars, like I love you.
Yeah, like Gwyneth interviewed Chelsea ontour or, like him, Kardashian interviews,
I don't know, Martha Stewart,which probably did happen at some point,
which I feel like there's also greatchemistry there, but there's also they
bring out things out of people thatthey wouldn't like if they were going to
CNN or I don't know, somekind of like bullshit talk show. I
told agree, and then you getto see the chemistry right between two people
that would probably never be in thesame room together, right. And I
think it's great because you can pullon shared experiences, right, same people
that perhaps we have slept with willbe able to talk about I haven't had
sex in a long time, sothat's not going to happen, believe you,
salve at all, I swear toGod. So Alexander Has Carte Blanche
to ask me anything and I willanswer anything. I'm not afraid. I
was there. Anything that's off limits? No, and I also think it's
a good opportunity for for the audienceto get to know me more than me,
because I more of me, becauseI feel like people don't really fucking
know. So that's what we're goingto do. I love that because I
feel we know the gloss of you. We know that q you and all
of your amazing instagram photos. Weknow you from your time on TV when
you've done your styling and you know, but there's there's some reality there which
I would love to know on apersonal level as well. Yeah, I'm
because you have been kind of amentor to me in the world of I
can't even say it without getting littlenauseous positivity on my why, I thought
you can say born. Have youever? Have you ever, okay,
the interview, I guess started.Have you ever filmed any acts on your
phone or sent a naughty picture toanybody? We're going to take a why
called lay break, and we'll beback. Alexander's going to interview me,
but I believe we already started andhe had a little answer. Okay,
repeat it again for the people athome. Mom, just curious because you
know, as we get more intothe public eye, I am so conscious
of what I even text my friends. I mean things about people that I
mean as a joke, but ifyou were to clip it and copy it
and then you know it just istaken wrong way. But have you in
the past ever recorded any of yourrelations or scent? No, a sexy
pick. No. I mean thesexyest I've sent is like with my shirt
off. What we see that allthe time. But when people ask,
like we said that, I Idon't really do that. Yeah, I
say that too, and people don'tbelieve it. They're like, well,
I sent you somethings like nomber oneI didn't ask for it. W Yeah,
that's not your fault. Yeah,no, I'm scared of it.
Yeah, I'm scared of it.Yeah, I just I don't want it
to be out there, because everythingyou put out there is out there.
Yeah, and I don't get whythat's become such a thing as well.
Right, what happened to at alldays when you would meet up at the
mall bathroom and then you see itfor yourself? Never done that. I
have a few questions. Anyways,I are I want to know, you
know, we all come from somewhere, how we are established. You know,
we form our experiences and our personalities. Did you know from the age
of four to eleven and so,how you're raised during that time? That's
when you really set and established whoyou are. Can you change that through
through different things? Yes, butpsychology, all that kind of sets stuff
that we are really formed from fourhundred and eleven, which I think is
super early, but that makes sense, right, because we always have certain
traits and our parents say, OhGod, will used to do this when
you were a kid, and youknow, looking back, right, I
want to know what kind of kidwere you? Oh my God, so
I was always very artsy. Okay, social surprise. I love the arts.
I mean, I would like goto art class all that, like
that was my favorite thing. Iwould like mimic drawing, fucking Lion King.
Yeah, just creative. I likeda created like I used to give
like my cousin's Barbie Doll's makeovers.I used to have on my buddy doll
that I cut his hair and likechanges outfits. Thank God that my buddy.
Oh, he was an abomination.Yeah, I was just kind of
like an arts kid, kind ofquiet as well, but an observer and
never had a large group of friendslike now, just a few couple.
Yeah, I can hold on tonow. Was that artistic side? Was
that inspired by your parents, becauseyou grow up in the palm springs area,
right like near Palm Springs, whereyour parents artistic or something that you
just picked up on your own?I think so. My mom is originally
for or was she's two years agoshe passed away. was from so not
AMHICO immigrant. My Dad is fromGuelahatamahico and they was from quite a lot
of yeah, I've never been.I heard its beautiful. They immigrant it
over here. My Dad worked atthunderbird country club for a good like forty
years and Rancho Mirage, which isnear Palm Springs. US. My mother
was a homemaker and she cleaned houses, but my mom always wanted to be
like a fashion designer or do hairand makeup, but she know we could
never afford to go to school.And I always took inspiration from my mom,
watching her turn into this housewife andshe loved shopping and things like that,
legit and my dad would take herout on dates and night and she
would just transform into like this theMexican movie start at night and I would
be like wow, I was alwaysfascinated how women in particularly could do that
with hair and makeup in wardrobe,like she's your mom at one instance and
then she's like Mdia feliks the nextin a couple hours. So I think
that I was inspired by that.My mom had a great eye for design
and beautiful things, and my dadwas always creating with his hands, whether
it was would working or building something, and that's that's the Mexican culture really
yeah, and it kind of likere established or rediscovering who I've come from,
which is a Mexican culture, youknow, and so cow where don't
it's the fallets, or you know, it's it's a it's a house cleaner
or something, when there's this richnessand there's so many other talents, where
skills are happening on top of beingsome of the hardest working people right,
that we see. Do you rememberwho some of your first artistic inspirations were?
Oh God, I don't think mymom was one major one. I
don't. I really don't remember.I just remember just loving to create art
and I would like go to artclass and accomplish like that painting, like
let's move on to next. OnceI accomplish something, I'm like, let's
move on to bigger picture. I'vedone this for a cook, artistic a
t yeah, like I would liketake pottering, like mastered it. Next
I photography mastered it and next Iwas in the museum, like. But
you know that I've just always kindof been like that and once I'm aster
something, I'm like ready for thenext level. Let's do this next boom,
which is what you've done with yourcareer, because you're like, okay,
we're at this point now. Yeah, let's do this now. There's
now you have the podcast. Youknow you keep having to kind of recreate
yourself to keep yourself interested and challenged. Yeah, I do, and it's
mostly personally for me, like Isaid, like I like to build good
content. Like it's not about likebeing like notable or that's this person.
For me, it's about really buildingquality content and if someone listens to it
and gets a joy out of itand like really, really, like relates
to it or relates to my cultureor my story, that really that's what
I want to do. Well,there has to be a sincerity to it,
totally like like an a like MerylStreep, is not like I just
want to be famous. No,she wants to be a great actress and
do quality, right, you know, work. That's why she's where she's
at and that's why some CW starswon't get there. Well, there's the
paycheck and then there's, you know, which we all you know, we
all need the basic pay checks.Sometimes we have to do stuff we don't
want to do. Lord, now, when did you first start realizing that
you were different than other boys,and I do mean sexually, like gay?
Yeah, like a homosexual? Yeah, I think it was I was
very young, actually, I thinkone kindergarten. I'm like, I liked
this boy, I think, andI like we play in the sandbox,
but I would brow crush, Iwould just like, I don't know what
it was, but I like throughSan in his face and got in trouble
for it. And then that likelater on, like fifth grade, I
was like I like his name.I don't understand why. It was early.
Yeah, but I didn't come tothe realization probably until like for real,
like on your own, maybe likemiddle school, high school, okay,
but didn't sexual like testosterones was kicking. Yeah, all that stuff,
and then I didn't come out untilI would late bloomer, like after college,
towards the end of college. Ifeel like that's our generation, and
that was like kind of the endof late coming out, because I didn't
come out, how the end ofcollege as well. Right. But now
do you feel that that was likesocially put upon you? Family wise,
it seems like you had a greatrelationship with your mom. Did you put
that on yourself? I did,because I just knew like my mother reacted
very, very lat being a momlike what was portrayed in the media at
that time for people that were gayor homosexual or whatever you want to call
it. Now was very like sellaciouson Christina and I things like that because
I seen it was a talk show, like, Oh, I remember Christina,
but like a very sellacious, kindof super like Flam boy. My
Dad was the opposite, because heis a little bit more Americanized and now
in the world. He was justlike but he still our sin and we
love him and stuff like that.But my mom took a little getting like
finessing. That's interesting because somebody thathas understood that you had this artistic side
to you. You know that isa big part of the gay culture.
But and we're starting to see LGBTcharacters and Telenovelas, in in Latino Music,
in film, that are not thatstereotypical. Right, what what the
idea of gay was? So ittook a little time. What do you
think was the point where your momwas like took a breath and was like,
okay, this, this is thisis what's happening? I think because
she saw me in like a healthyrelationship and she was just like okay,
he's going to be fine, he'sgoing to be okay, like he's grown
enough and he's going to be okay. Like I can tell you honestly the
day, the night before my mompassed away. My mom was in her
bed. She was in and outof the hospital and then she was in
her bed and she wanted everybody tocome over and she's like I'm going to
get better. Mind you backstory reallyquick. My Mom had a liver transpant
twenty five years ago and her liverbasically just failed and ruptured. That's how
it ended. But we she wasin and that of the hospital and as
for those three weeks, I wasthere with her and then we're like,
oh, mom's finally out of thehospital. So my ex Ross and I
we went to go visit her andshe was just so happy to be home
because she just want to be homewith the family and stuff, and we're
like we're going to let you eat, but she was more concerned about us
eating and then she the last wordshe said to the both of us was
I love you. My hosts,like not just me but him. She
considered him as a son as well. And then I got the call at
zero in the morning that she wasbleeding now. So when I we had
like we had to pull the plugon my mom. Oh well, I
did pretty much my brother's brilliant hearthis. But and I like everyone went
in the room one one by oneand said they're goodbye to my mom and
I, being the only child,it was weird because I was like everyone's
partnered up and married and families andkids and I was just like by myself.
and Ross went to go get coffeeand for the family and I was
like I'll walking by myself. Idon't know what strength came over me that
that whole period where I just likethe baby became the first and like I
felt like I carried everybody, andI maybe that's just an innate ability that
I have that no one knows publiclyyet, but I I feel like I
do have it. And I saidto my mom, I go everyone's going
to be okay, I'm going totake care of these assholes. And then
she just she just like held myhand and she was just like pointing to
the sky and then Ross came intothe room and then he just started crying.
She's like he's like he told her, you did good, you did
good, they're going to be fine. Let's talk about a little bit about
about that strength that you discovered.Uh Huh. You know, I'm tearing
up. I lost my grandma lastyear. I was raised by my mom
and grandma and there's this whole sideto our lives. In the entertainment we
always are on MMM, you know, because that's our job, whether we're
on a TV show, whether onour red carpet, whether we're doing a
podcast, but there's these things thathappen in our life that I'm pretty monumental,
where you discover certain things about yourself. How how did you work through
that grief while still maintaining what yourbrand is, which has been very positive
and happy, but still taking careof yourself, because that is a juggle.
Just being honest about it, tobe quite frank, I was very
honest about it and I was Ididn't want to see my mom suffer anymore.
You know, she had went twentyfive years of her life on pills
and this and in and out ofhospitals and worrying about us and this,
and it felt kind of it's amiss her every day and it feels horrible
to lose her, but I justit was it was time for her to
go, it was time for herto rest and it was time for her
to like do whatever she wanted todo at that point, you know,
and that's what made me happy.And it was time for all of us,
for me and the boys, myolder brothers and dad, to really
discover and rediscover who we are.Yeah, and I that's how I took
it. You know, I've hadsome bat shit crazy times in the past
two years and the past year alsowith the breakup. But you know,
you rediscover like who you are andwhat your strengths are, and I'm okay
with being vulnerable with that. LikeI really don't hide it. I think
even being on the other podcast,Ryan knows that. Like I just really
don't hide anything, and that's whoI am. I am a happy person
who's fun then and gets bat shitnuts sometimes and at trunks and was probably
yeah, and like I do loseit and I'm like, Oh, maybe
that wasn't the right thing to do, and I'm a learning, growing human
being just like anyone else, butI also accept those faults. Okay,
we're gonna do a little first.Okay, okay, so first kiss.
Oh God, first kiss, Idon't remember. I don't. Let No,
I don't, I don't remember.If who I think involved. I
think it was like some boy ata birthday party. I think it was
a boy at a birthday. Soit was a boy's a lot of game
manners, like Oh, it wassome girl and it was like, Oh,
she was your first, you know, fruit, and then I got
in trouble, like you're not supposedto be kissing boys and I was like
Oh, it just seemed right.Oh God, it seemed right. First
Breakup, Oh my God, firstbreak up. His name is Joe.
Joe. I was twenty, hewas forty and I didn't know he was
forty. Wow, I thought hewas like thirty and I was like twenty,
and he was kind of an asshole. So he was yeah, totally
should have been so happy. They'vebeen with somebody half his age. He
was just kind of an asshole.Okay, yeah, first celebrity meeting like
ever personally or like bump into likeevery personally, like the first, like
wow, that was a celebrity,like the very first celebrity. Remember meeting.
I will, I'll never forget.Ready for this meeting. Furgi.
Oh, all right, Furgi atwhango tango backstage. We were back there
doing something and I was introduced toher and she goes, you are so
cute, you are so adorable andI was like we should be prom dates.
She's like yes, you're so high, and I went home on a
furgy high because I was just like, I don't I can't believe Fergie thinks
like I'm good, lucky. It'sprobably like Furgi yeah, at the fact
that she was so down to Earth, I'm like totally, yeah, that's
that Tacol Bell. I just wantto meet her. Ex Okay, first
gay sex experience, I mean fullgay sucks Um, probably I was working
at brick stone in the mall inCollege. What's brick stone? Brookstone used
to be like the Gadget s storewhere you sell like massagers and whatnot.
So you were already ready, MMM, and I didn't know what I was
doing. I was just like theyalways would put me in the front with
a Massager, and apparently all thegays will. I'm like hi, welcome,
you wanna? Yeah, but Idon't for your neck. And then
I met some guy and then afterwork we met. It was right then
and they're like no, dinner ina movie, which is well, now
we met and my truck. Ihad a truck, sully, but yes,
thank you. We had a truck. I had a truck and we
did things in my truck. Wereyou scared for it being your first time?
I was more scared of the Stickhama, of like the outside world judgment.
But I'm like now I'm like fuckingcome too old. But I wasn't
scared of like the Physical Act.That's funny because nobody ever went over gay
sex with me and I came outso late I didn't want to ask other
gay friends and be like I don'tknow how to do this, you know,
because I want to see him likethe uncool gay guy. So I
was so scared about the physical aspect. I was afraid of what was going
to happen. I was afraid ofwhat could happen, because it's kind of
gross, you know what I mean. And it was just this fear of
me and you just didn't have that. Yeah, no, I didn't know.
I'm pretty fearless when it comes topretty much anything, I think.
What was the moment after having gaysex? Like, did you guys have
a relationship after? Was it justit was just like by really, yeah,
and it wasn't like full. Iwould like my full you know.
It wasn't full on. Okay,yeah, first realization that you were becoming
successful. When I got my firstpay I said I would never call myself
a stylist till I got paid forit, which I know a lot of
people just call a give themselves atitle without getting an actual fucking direct deposit
or check. I'm an instagram starreally grow. So I didn't call myself
a styles till I actually got apaycheck for it from a production company or
a company. So that's when Irealize. I'm like, Oh, what's
the thing? This is a thing. Yeah, now, what is your
creative process? When you say you'rea stylist, you know what? What
projects do you love to style themost, and you come up with the
idea in your head, you sketch, like take me through that process.
I don't sketch. What I loveto do is really like take that person's
personality outward, like it's a Isay, it's like a reflection of who
they are externally. I really lookslike to make the person I sounds.
You're going to hate it. You'regoing to hate it because we can be
out of it. I just wantto make them feel good, confident,
sexy, and that's how I feel. Ninety nine point nine percent of the
time. So and I'm like youare worthy of that to me, and
that's my process. And like willgo through things that make them happy,
very Marie Condo like that. Dothese items bring you joy? So you're
collecting images from like magazine, fromfrom online, and you're kind of creating
like a vision board for for yourI do. I do a mood board
and I always call it like oldHollywood glam with Latino Swag. I love
it, God, I love it. Um. So, you know,
a lot of that has always beenmy Inspo, but it changes, it
varies from project to project, fromperson to person. Some people might not
want that right now, but theymight want it later, or some people
are just too afraid to do thatnow. But yeah, you'll see in
two years that's like a thing oryeah, yeah, so sitting down with
you and meeting you, because youknow, I have come to meet you
from from social media and from,you know, the press, and and
then actually like sitting down and havinga drink with you. And you know
me, I like to break theice by talking shit about other people.
It's my own defense mechanism, uhHuh. And you're just like I really
like them, you know. Theyhave pretty eyes, or you had something
to say about positive, about everybody, Uh Huh, and I was like,
Oh God, here's what we're doing, because a lot of people will
do that as their stick and theiract. Uh Huh. And then I
can the resolation that it was actuallywho you are interesting and this is this
is genuine for you. And Istep back and me like wait, somebody
in Hollywood, in the entertainment industryand the LGBT community can actually have this
energy? Has that always been apart of your life? Um, I
think the older I've gotten, I'vegotten more secure with what my talents are
and what the other person's talents arealso, and like there's room for everybody,
which is an old quote Chelsea handleryus to say all the time.
And there is room for everybody.Like you're going to be good at something
that I'm not good at, andthat's just the way life goes. Like
Ryan's get at some things that I'mnot good at and I just you know,
those attributes are great. We needthat. And so when someone says
like they're horrible, but I'm like, I really do, could be inspired
by but sometimes they do horrible things. Well, humans do horrible things,
but I don't think they're intent likeI don't think anything's wrong that you make
a human mistake, but which Ido constantly, but it's not done out
of malice. I go, Ohmy God, I didn't do that,
Adam Malice, but when you dodo it on the Malss you're like like
fucked up. Okay, right nowwe are in such an age talking about
positivity. We're in an age wherewe're talking about body positivity. I don't
lives. I was like one ofyour Queens, Queens, and we're talking
about racial diversity and we're talking abouteverybody's inclusive. Right, we're seeing people
with disabilities on TV, Uh Huh, but it's being talked about and it's
the hot button. Right. Howmuch is really changing away from the cameras
in the LGBT community and entertained communitythat is truly a body positive moving forward?
I mean, do you think that'sreally a thing or it's just a
hot button right now? I thinkit is a thing. I think people
hiring more people, diverse people,women, after letting US difference, I
mean not just because they have thetalents as well behind the scenes. It's
probably the most important thing we haveto do right now, because we need
those stories to be told and that'swhere it comes from. But has be
genuine. We just talked about either. Yeah, genuine, totally, but
also with like the physical body positivity. I it's so funny because, Oh
God, I hate to say thisand I'm something like such an asshole because,
okay, if I post a pictureon instagram that shirtless, right,
I get the least likes, butif someone of a certain size posted shirtless,
they're like, I'm all, I'mon, I know, I know
exactly what. Yeah, and I'mjust like, they get prem like well,
what about maven working my gout ofthe gem? Yeah, I've been
working on my body as well.So it's a white class talking at this
point now, but that's the insinserativetalking about. It's like, Oh,
you know, a three hundred fiftypound man go shirtless and we all applaud
him for being so confident and thingslike that. But at the same time,
when we go out to the clubsin West Hollywood, nobody is,
you know, chatting up that personor lusty en after that person. There's
this duel, you know, andI get it. Great, great for
them, but I'm like there's aweird double edged sort about it and I
just I'm like, okay, great, if it's all positive, new should
all be positive. All right.So we need to talk about your last
relationship. Yes, okay, Iremember when I heard the news. I
was at the Abbey, okay,and Mr Ross Matthews was at the bar
and I didn't even I didn't evenknow what had happened. I when I
was like Oh hey, because,you know what, we had become friendly
and he was there and you know, hit a little entourage there and then
everybody's so I'm like, what theHell's going on? Huh, and there
was playing the phone that you knowafter ten years. Yes, there was
a split. You're checking your watch. I'm right, my God, to
uncharted territory that I should I don'tcare. No, no, okay,
I'm let you finish. And itwas just ten year relationship that we had
seen for the public. I've seenthis great relationship that had been through ups
and downs of careers, the supportand a very different kind of Hollywood couple
than what we had seen and thenafter ten years it was like it was
done. Uh Huh. How howsoon did you guys actually break up before
you decided to make it probably theknowledge and we're going to take a like
a all right, so we endedup, yeah, for our little break
I needed a white cloth. Weneed some like what cards going on here?
No, I'm not. No,I know you are good and I
think you know a lot of peoplehave had these questions and totally people open
an honest and I think it's goingto help other people in their relationships,
especially. Have a lot of entertainment, tainment, people that listen to show.
How soon did you guys go publicafter? You guys kind of knew
that it was it was break uptime. Okay, so it went down
everything when look at your eyes,you love this. I just started foaming
at the mouth. Why? Youlove drama? God, I do.
Oh God, you're a mess.Thank you. So it all went down
October twelve. Oh, you knowthe date exactly, which was we were
coming, which was like last week. Oh, yeah, it's it's been
a year. It's been a fullyear. Wow, of growth changes.
We didn't do it till a monthlater because I moved and get settled and
whatnot. I'm surprised it was asecret because people know you guys and they
had to have known that you hadmoved out. They had to have known
that you weren't around all the time. I think people had their suspicions,
but, you know, I don'tknow. Okay, so what not the
people. I was in it.What happened? October twelve? What happened?
Yeah, what was the breaking point? Nothing happened it. I went
to spin class, I came homeand then there was I can't do this
anymore. That's it. WHO saidthat to who wrought that it to me?
What were some of the indicators thatsomething was not right? Um,
I think we were both unhappy.Like you grow apart and you are.
We met at twenty seven and thirtyseven I was like a ten year it's
a decade of you just kind ofgrow apart and you're different and different people
and you know you are different.We are kind of different people, but
not because we'll always have like thatbond, and that is a definite time
of somebody's life, the later sinto the early S, because you're like,
okay, we're done being kids now, I guess we're deciding what we're
going to do for the rest ofour life and you start thinking differently.
Yeah, yeah, I guess.I think he he more than I.
I think. I can't speak forhim, but I'm still like spin class
and like artsie and Bohemian and likelet's hang out. I'll two and little,
you know. So you know,did you guys have like the big
talk, even like a month laterafterthing to settle down, where you literally
revealed everything how you were feeling?I'm not much of a talker when it
comes to things like that, tobe obviously. Yeah, I'm not.
That surprises me. I'm not.I think he did more than I in
retrospect. Yeah, I think hedid more than I. and you were
around during Ross's early stages of career. You know now, of course,
he has this great relationship with thewhole route Paul World and so I know
some of the thoughts were like wow, you kind of helped him do this
and then he's like Kay, bye. I mean, I don't. I
don't think I helped him do that. I think he helped himself. I
mean he's worked in television for likethirteen, fifteen years and he's he's extremely
super talented. Were very supportive ofeach other. Yes, that is true,
and it's great. Like I thinkhe found his niche. You know,
and like, and that's good.That's what everyone needs to find and
really embracing yourself and fully embodying whoyou are inside and out is probably like
the most important thing anyone can do. Oh my God, I just turned
into Oprah, and in the pastyear I've done the same. You didn't
hit social media, you didn't writea tell all book, you haven't used
even and like you even make aface, but that's like that's what people
do naturally, especially in the career. It's like, Oh, you know,
I was Ross's x, you know, but you haven't even done that.
You like, I've worked for celebritiessuch as Satatatatatata and Ross Mathews and
TATA. That like it's not evena part of your platform, which I
know I for a lot of peoplewould have used that to their advantage.
I just think it's gross, likeI have my own talents. I'm not
going to be. I'm not goingto I need to build myself. I'm
never going to be. Actually wantto be the opposite of rocks Ross's act,
because I mean, we're good friends, were family forever, but I
want to be saw that load come. I don't. I want to be
my own entity. So I thinkwhen people do that they're grasp God,
they're grasping that straws a bit,to be honest with you. A lot
of people in this industry do.Yeah, now, did you ever feel
that you were overshadowed by his careerwhen you guys were together? Did I
ever feel? Yes, I alwayssay I felt like the Ashley Simpson to
his Jessica got it, which Ithink Ashley's great in her own right.
Like I love her. I reallydo come on the podcast. But Hey,
I did because I you know,ex I did and I think I
still am now a bit. ButI think people are starting to see the
break away of the not he's notjust that right. Yeah, do you
think it's possible for a Hollywood coupleto last? Yeah, I do.
I do think it's possible for aHollywood couple little ass, but we look
at the industry, it's not happening. I mean even you know Brandolina.
We Thought, Oh, there wego, and no, I'll Pacino's with
Beverly Dangelo for thirty plus years andthey're still not married. Kurt Russell and
Goldie on, I think they're.I think it. I think it's possible
for anybody I mean, you know, like again, you grow and change,
you want different things at a certainage then you would now, and
I I personally had a lot ofgrowing up to do. I think my
growth was stunt, stunted, stunt, yeah, and I've grown so much
in the past year where I'm likewell, I'm more capable of things that
I thought didn't think I was capableof, and I think I needed that
time. I think I needed thatyear to do that. Okay, so
some relationship tips, Mr Mr MrAdvice. MMMM what are some red flags
to look for in trouble some timesin a relationship and what what tips would
you give to have a healthy relationship? Looking back on ten years that you
were in the Oh my God,I'm no expert by all means, but
you've been through it, which makesyou an expert, I guess, of
some things to look out for.Oh No, like what was the first
time you were like, Oh hmm, that's odd. I mean, but
that could be with anybody, becauseI'm like, oh the maybe they're having
an off day. So I'm justlike, oh, that's fine, they're
overwhelmed by like tenzero gigs. Okay, I get it, but that's just
the way. I think I'm kindof an idiot when it comes to things
like that. I am, andI'm just like Oh, and retrospect I'm
like, oh, that's what thatmeant. Like what? Just like I'm
trying to I'm trying to think honestly. I had a recent experience. I'm
like, why is that person beingsuch an asshole? And I'm like,
Oh, they're pushing me away,that's why. Okay, yeah, all
right, yeah, okay, ifyou would go back, would you work
on that relationship and still try tobe in it? If I were to
go back, like, let's seeyou here to go back five years,
Oh God, Um, sure,sure, right, all right, Mr
I never say no to anything,right, like if I were to go
back five years, like in what'sfive years from now? Twenty fourteen?
Yeah, yeah, but I thinkwhat you have to understand is that relationships
are work because you're both evolving toso the dream. Yeah, it's not
dream, otherwise it wouldn't make thegood times good. Right. So,
yeah, it's always. In themean, it's not always. It's been
work. It was work, youknow. Now, do you think if
you wouldn't have been so busy inthe last few years, that he would
have worked on it. Um,I think he did work on it.
I think we both did. Andit's not about like the busyness career comes
first before relationship, because he's verylike family oriented. No, it's not,
it's not about that. It whatit really wasn't about, like get
out of my way, it's mycareer, you know it would honestly,
he's it's not that at all.I just think growth just like time.
All right, so now you're backin the dating market. Yes, what
are some red flags that that youkeep in mind and what are some definite
knows that you have now that youwouldn't have before your last relationship? You're
still no clue, okay, becauseI have never really officially. I've been
on one day in the past year. That's wet. I don't believe why
don't you believe it? I thinkmaybe you've been out with people that you
don't know it's a date and it'sa date for them, or you're kind
of like you're not picking up onpeople flirting with you. Maybe I'm like,
I may be a more formal andtraditional, but I'm like, if
I meet someone's like enough, I'dlike them. I've said this before.
I'm like Hey, do you wantto go to the broad museum and Brunch
or something like? That constitutes adate for me. We'll take them to
your truck. I don't have atruck anymore. I've a Fiat like Audrey
Hepburn and Roman holiday that truck.Of that truck Couta sold that I did.
Yeah. No, I honestly havebeen on one real legit date in
the past year and like being outthere in the day. It's weird.
It's weird. I remember. Datingis weird. I don't know if it's
La. I don't know if likethis is why I need like an no
event, like an expert to talkto me about it. I don't know
if my tenure public relationship has impactedmy dating life. I really don't,
because I remember going out like inJanuary of early this year, and people
saying like they would look at melike it was a death, because it
is kind of but they're like,I don't want to be a rebound and
I'm like what I just said?Hi, do you like? Honestly,
I just like you're fine. CanI budy a vodka soda? Like well,
even our conversation, we were hangingout trunks. I'm like, so
you're a chuppy chaser and you're likewhat? No, lately I don't even
think that way right, but that'sgonna it's like because you were with a
pleasantly plump individual. But I justlike, I'm like what, I'm like,
I don't know. That was yourreaction to your like it just weird
wet people, because you are ofthe public eye. WHAT PEOPLE ASSUME?
Yeah, and put together. Andyou have worked with a lot of reality
TV stars for your career. You'verubbed albums with them, you've been friends
with them. You've not been friendswith that. Huh. How do reality
TV stars sabotage their own careers andtheir own lives, because I know you
have some insight. Oh my God, I think some of them are not
strategic and planning of what their futurecould be in that this is going to
end right, and also where?Yeah, and some of them don't don't
have like a set skill set,like I know Bethany said years ago she
was always a caterer and a chefand things like that, and then she
went show the same thing with JeffLewis. Jeff Lewis has always been a
designer. So he's like, ifthe show goes away, it's the platform
me, I still be I'll stillbe a designer. Yeah, you know,
it's when someone tries to become atalk show host after this or and
but like they never went to schoolfor communications or broad harely speaking, mission
realize. Yeah, so I findthat fascinating, which is great. Good
for them, God bless them.Make that coin, honey, make that
coin. But I think there isgonna be a refinement in reality TV where
they want a hybrid of a seasonactor or actress and they can be that
break I think with social media's brokenthat fourth wall. They've already broken that
fourth wall. It's just on alarger platform. I totally agree, because
what I'm seeing on reality TV shows, and you know I'm a reality TV
Junkie, yes, but I'm gettinga little board with it because it's how
can these people fight with each otherright? How drunk can they get and
how can we capture that? We'vealready seen that over and over and you
can't make every episode about that.And so when somebody has a family life
or a business career, that's interestingand then you can then you can have
those cat fights in there. Yeah, well, no, I'm all about
for like again, I would sayI would rather see a show about a
girl gang lifting each other up,creating a business, creating something, because
they're there's naturally going to be faulselike disagreements in the boardroom and things like
that, but I don't think thereshould be people degrading each other and throwing
wine in their face for what reason, like I don't get it. Like
like it the same. That's whatI try to do with this show,
is like I eventually want everyone onthis panel, like yourself, to be
part of the straw, because itall helps everybody. Part of the straw,
have media family, like everyone helpseverybody, and I feel like that
in this is genuine, and you'relike freaked out because you're like it really
is. I have to well,because I've been through instances where you get
double crossed, you get backstabbed,you have people literally steal shows from under
your feet, and so I amguarded now with everything that I do,
and I think that's not the worstthing. I mean, I enjoy your
energy at being positive, right,but that kind of opens the door to
like, okay, somebody can takeadvantage of me. Yeah, but you
know what, fuck them. Idid it, but I did I did
it with a catwalk anymore. Idid it with my good graces and good
intentions. So if they're going tobe that person, let them be that
person. I'm not going to bethat person. I'm sorry, I just
really want to be a good supportto people and like lift the company up
and like, because I really doenjoy this company and I love like.
You know, it's like the womanon the subway who has its talented voice
that we talked about last week,right, but no one would have heard
her if somebody didn't give her aplatform, right, and now she's like
a record. Yeah, do.Yeah, what is your advice to the
Lgbtq community in our current political andsocial climate? Oh God, just speak
up, honestly, speak on anythingyou are passionate about, any issue you're
passionate about. Tweet it, beactive, talk the talk and walk the
walk. Be Proactive about it.You know. Now, do you think
because we are being so vocal,I know a lot of people are being
vocal without being angry, do youthink that is kind of hiding what people
are really trying to to do?I feel that we, as an Lgbtq
community have become very angry, andso a message that should be heard is
being lost because it's in this angerand it's this ready to fight mentality.
And I always been like a likea quiet gay like. Of course I
supporter community and I'll do whatever Ican, but I'm also not going to
be, you know, stand infront of a chick fil a telling people
they can't eat a chicken sandwich.I mean, there's a good balance to
like everything. There's a balance toboth. So I feel there should be
that kind of loud, loud,kind of tremble earthquake week, for lack
of a better term. But Ialso feel there should be the groundwork in
grassroots campaign to bring that up aswell. Okay, I really do.
I think that both are very important. All right, I have a hot
button question for you. Yes,and I think we're going to disagree on
this. Huh, a gay ora transactor can be the only choice to
play a gay or a chance characterin media? Yes or no? I'm
gonna say no. Whoever's most talented. Wince, wow, I'm surprised.
That's that's how I feel too.I think whoever is the most qualified for
the job. Should get the job. There's also the argument, though,
that there are no a list gayor trans celebrities or open I don't think
it matters. I just think if, even if someone from an open call
comes in, but the are theshining light of what you need in that
story, they should get the job. Right. All right, are you
ready for like a little rapid fire? Yeah, should we take a break?
Okay, yeah, we're gonna takea right. Sorry, it might
Oh my God, Oh my God, I was right. So, so
get like I would say. AndI was listening in sink and I had
a huge crest on Jac Chez A. Right, is that how you say?
You just like to say his name. Its beautiful name, beautiful and
beautiful man. And I was tryingto guess his age now and I said
forty three. He's forty three.He's forty three. That's crazy. Hey,
did you know that Elizabeth Shoe wasso old? No, she's like
in her mid S, Elizabeth Shoe, Oh my God, she looks good.
Jess, he's a daddy. Ilike that, but he doesn't needs
not look good looking daddy. II mean for the fantasy. I still
hit it really yes, just justfor like yeah, like, what are
your male fantasies? Oh my God, like Orlando Bloom, but but like
like type of men. So mineif you work at Home Depot, if
you work at the grocery store,if you work for ups. That is
my fantasy. I don't know whyanybody was like a helper in a like
a uniform in charget employees. Oh, I cannot go to charge because the
dockers make everything look so good,and then red shirt so funny. It's
never like the executive banker, right, well, because you are a baker.
Well, yeah, but like,I mean, that's not like what
I gravitate to. It's not like, Oh, I want like a successful
no, I want somebody that likeback my groceries and then, oh,
I don't even see that. I'mjust like, Oh, that's a beautiful
man. Honestly, I swear toGod, I don't even see it.
Okay, maybe that's why I'm horribleat dating. How did you and Ross
met? By the way, wemet at a bar in Silver Lake,
California, called MJ's. That isnow closed. Remember their foam parties?
Yes, so I had just movedhere three months. I was only in
La for three months and I wasout with my friend Maria and we I'm
like, I found this cool placeto go dancing, right, like a
a and a Marie and I wentdancing at MJ's. He was on a
date with a black figure skater.Oh, which is like his. There's
a black figure skater who's like you. His unit were and what? And
I was just like a dancing.I was wearing a purple Tuxedo shirt.
Oh Right, very very deek,very two thousand and nine, and I
was like, Oh, they looklike a nice, friendly couple knowing me,
and I want to go talk tothem, and I I did.
I had no clue what the fuckwas going. I'M gonna be a sandwich.
No, I'm not eating. Idon't even think like that is my
problem. I want to go talkto them. I like, I need
to go make friends. I justmoved to the new city. Maybe because
they can tell me where to go, because the only places US I had
been to were Akbar Fiesa Cantina,and now I'm Jason, I'm like this
is more my vibe, right.And I was talking to them and I'm
like, Oh, what a nicecouple. What a nice couple there and
Ross had given me his email is. I I'm like, okay, great,
and then I was dancing on them, dance for with Maria and like
some too hot, like Arminian,Middle Eastern guys. I was like a,
a, right, and I'm likeI ended up making out with one
of them and I turned around andgo he's still looking at me, isn't
he? And he was looking atme. He was just like watching me,
and I was like, oh,that's kill whatever, his boyfriend's there.
Whatever, right, me making upsubs that that's his boyfriend. And
then he goes, Hey, Iwant to give you my phone number,
and I was like all right,have a good night, and I just
went back and started making out withthe other guy and I'm like hey,
what's going on? Hey, youknow. And then the next day I
was like, Oh, Christine andmy room at which my best friend at
the time, best friends and fourthgrade. I love her. She goes,
you've been here for two fucking weeksand you're on dates and this person
and that person, a pop papapup right, and I go, oh,
whatever. She goes I've been herefor two months and nothing right.
And then I go I texted Rossand I go it was nice meeting you
and you and your boyfriend. Andhe right away goes not my boyfriend,
and I go, Oh, okay, I didn't even think anything of it.
And he goes, do you wantto go? What? Do you
want to go to dinner sometime?I go sure, and then he goes,
let's go to Mexico City and let'sfeel this, and I go,
I told my friend. I go, I'm going to this restaurant tonight,
I'm going to no, I'm goingto Mexico City night, and he goes.
She goes, why, he's takingyou to Mexico City. I go,
all, the restaurant, the restaurant. That's what I first thought when
I was like, Oh God,he didn't wait. But and just that
was it. And every anniversary wespent at Mexico City. Oh Yeah.
Have you ever had a threesome?Yes, twice. Really, yes,
in a relationship where where you sayno, no. was single in Palm
Springs early s okay, yeah,twice, all right, that's palm springs
is the place to do it.I feel like there's no inhibitions in Palm
Springs. It's a lot of work. I didn't like it really. It
was like too much. What didn'tyou like about it? was like overwhelmed.
Well, the first time I wasjust like, I'm drunk, I
don't know what's happening, but thesecond time it was like this guy,
you're so surprised that I have bythe way, I'm surprised of that,
and I'm surprised that you said it'stoo much work. It is too much
where kicks exhausting. The second timeI met this cute guy and then he
brought me home. I think Iwas like twenty three, hundred and twenty
four. He brought me home andhe's like my husband's in bed, and
I was like all right, fuckit, and and I did. You
don't have fun, I just liketoo much. I maybe it's just wasn't
right, the chemistry wasn't right,but I just thing's not my I don't
know, maybe it's right. NotMad at it. So you're still open
to it. Pull me. Allright, look how shocked you are.
If you're dating a black figure skater, you might have a chance. Not
Me. Yeah, okay, nooffense, rapid fire, uh Huh.
But Donna or Gaga, Gaga,Lord, biggest pet peeve, biggest pet
peeve. Fuck people that drag theirfeet. You're the second person this week
to tell me that it's the grossestthing ever. There's a friend of mine.
She's married. They are literally goingto counseling because she would wants to
divorce him because he wants to upshuffling his feet. Of course it's indicative
of many other things where, butthat's the complaint. But I'm like,
pick up your fucking feet at thetarget. Pick them up and if they're
wearing to target uniform, I'll pickthem up for you and like how lazy
can you fucking be? She butmy thing is like little noises. People
don't know that they're making a noises, like when they chew loud or breathe
heavy. I just think lazy person. Okay, so don't Shlf for your
feet around south. Okay, LazyAss. Strangest or most interesting habit or
talent that you have that we'd besurprised to find out. I know sign
language. You do. I'm verysurprised. How did you come about that?
Took it in college really, andit helped me pick up the cutest
deaf boys in college as well.Oh, okay, yeah, okay,
man of many languages. All right, all right a linguist. They would
say. Okay, there was thisgirl at the Abbey and she was deaf.
She was so drunk she couldn't signyeah, because she couldn't put the
fingers together and her friend didn't knowwhere she lived or what was going on.
Security know what to happened and shewas, you know, she was
she was emoting and she was makingsounds right, but she couldn't she was
too drunk to sign right. Theydidn't know what to do with her.
I I forget what they even happened. Okay, reality TV show that you
want to be on, I don'tthink it had exist. You have to
pick one that's exist. I meanI tried for big brother, but now
that I look at it, I'mlike all they do is like make fun
of everybody, and I'll like that. No, nothing. I probably have
the two. I don't even.I don't care. I don't care.
I don't have to do anything,but it's good exposure, don't you think?
You social media. Okay, Ispeaking of social media. My next
question. Huh, we've had thisdiscussion to reality versus image. I know
that you are very particular. There'sa certain brand you have on your instagram.
What's your instagram handle, by theway, at stylist Salvador. Across
all social media platforms, wopoop,you have a very certain like there's a
color saturation, there's poses that youdo that it yeah, right, and
it tells a very different story,and that's that's what there is, right,
we're seeing there's so many different thingsthat you're going through, feelings,
right, and stages, but yoursocial media stands pretty hard and true,
right, whereas I I'll post picturesof me like falling down the alleyway,
but then I'll post like super filteredpictures of me like a beauty pageant.
How do you decide what to post? Okay, so this is how I
see. You're talking about instagram andspecific right, I'm definitely so instagram.
Like. Your grid is like amagazine to me. Okay, so it's
clear and glossy and beautiful and beautifullyshot and like my story, like you
can see me fucking Ratchett as fuck. If you want to there, I
will answer all the questions, Iwill call people out on whatnot. That's
how I utilize both of them.Okay, my grid is like like it's
like a kind of live like aliving magazine to me. So photography,
it's the but it's the click.Honestly, just goes back to me creating
every day, and if I cancreate like one thing every day and that
that's a beautiful photograph of some moment, then but don't you think your fans
want to see more of the real? I think they do. I think,
and I also get higher views onmy story than I would on my
actual post. Interesting, UH,Huh, because I do. Do you
think it's God to Hashtags or that'sbecause that's what your fans like? I
think they this. They're like,okay, the that's what's happening legit right
now, like I'd I have thisweird like kind of like Dr Pimple poppers
it thing happening and yesterday morning Igo how do I take care of this?
And they zoomed in on it.I'm like, how do I take
care of this? Beauty? Friendshelp me. So, if you're talking
about real, that's a real that'sa little too real for me. I'm
like that's gorgeous, because we sharefriends in the community. Huh. And
there's a lot of smoken mirrors happening, especially with social media, and I
think that that's now bleeding over intopeople's actual personalities. They're believing their own
smoking mirrors and I think it's holdingthem back from being hired and from other
projects. What are the do's anddon'ts for you in being in entertainment?
Oh, I would say authenticity,and I think maybe because I am so
outspoken in terms of, like mystories, maybe that's why I don't get
hired, or maybe I'm just reallyexpensive, but I want money, so
maybe that's what it is as well. I don't know. I think just
being really true to who you are, like I have, I always say,
have fifty jobs because I have topay the rent, like, and
it's pretty honest, because other peoplewould never, would never share that.
No, and I you do,like that's part of being an artist like
this. You do have to surviveand strive, like, if not this
past year, if I didn't havethe three jobs that I have, I
wouldn't be in La. I wouldn'tbe able to pay the rent and feed
myself and live by myself, whichI'm Hella proud of that I can do
on my own. So it's notall glossy smoke and mirrors for me,
and I think that's okay to sharethat story. What were the biggest surprises
in moving to la honestly, yeah, that people were actually attracted to me.
No, and I'll running theme foryou. No, and I'll be
honest with you, because when Ilived in Palm Springs, people were I
love Palm Springs, but people outin the gay scene were so mean to
me. Me Pomp Springs. Yeah, blatantly mean to me. They like
I was called a gold digger andthis person and that the time, maybe
because I worked the at Gucci andit were Gucci suit, which was a
free fucking uniform that would I wouldwear out bars after work and people like
this, he's called Dick or don'ttalk to him, like this is my
fucking work uniform. It just happensto be a fucking Gucci suit. I'm
sorry, it's me perfectly and Ilike cute and it's well, honestly,
they tailor you and the whole like. Yeah, but but that just like
it was just so weird to me. So when I came out here,
like the first two weeks I goand people would like blatantly put me down
to my face and honestly, growingup to I remember being in photo class
in the eight, ninth ten gradeand people are like the girls. They
were like he's cute, but he'stoo dark. Like I would get comments
like that early on about my skintone being a let you know, which
we come in all shades. Yeah, and I'm like wow, that is
bled into everything. My mother eventold me once day of Prom I went
with my best friend and he shegoes get in the bathtub to lighten up,
because I have three older brothers.My brother Alex is lighter than I
am. He's probably like Ryan's color, and then my brother Albert is.
He looks like Hooty and the blowfish, Darius Rucker. He's extreme. He's
darker, and my brother George lookslike me. But yeah, like there's
this inbread color is them within theLatino community that should be addressed, but
no one's really talking about it.And that's that's bled into me at home
and socially and things like that.Now I'm fucking over it. But when
I first moved to La long storyshort, I couldn't believe people were thought,
literally, you have a beautiful skinTille, and I was like what?
I was like blown the fuck away, like you're really you appreciate this
here so because it's so different andit is exotic. There's so many white
muscle boys that we're saying on instagram. I when I'm scrolling through my Instagram,
I'm like, everybody looks the same. HMM, they do, and
there comes a time with like musclesjust don't do it for me anymore because
everybody has them or they don't knowwhat to do with them. By Claw.
Why glad someone. What do youwant for yourself? First and foremost,
the biggest thing I want for myselfis just to be a better person.
I know you hate that, butjust to be like a better human
being. And I think once whatyou want for yourself? To be a
better human being, but that's givingit to the outside world. No,
I swear to God. Okay,selfishly, what do you want for yourself?
Stability. I think I answered thison Instagram, sime. Stability,
I think, is really important tome. I love like roots. I
love being stable. I would lovesomeone to share like the like when something
fun exciting happens to me, Ican just pick up the one and be
like, Holy Shit, this happenedtoday, like I would love that again.
Just it's very like it's simple forme, like it's not about like
I would love to like eventually evolvethis podcast into some like streaming, cool
APP kind of show thing, andI think really people to get to know
me in that kind of like voice, in that vein, as they have
today. Obviously, I think stabilityis such a great goal and I wish
more people would choose that because it'show you can structure a life. You
say, Oh, I want tobe and for Hollywood films next year.
Right. I mean, what's thepath to that? There's no clear path,
right, and I just don't thinkthat that's a healthy type of great
stability is good with these type ofcareers. There's no rule book or handbook.
There is, there isn't. Youcan't go to school for this,
you know. You can't go toschool to be a style is human,
though. You say you can,but there's still in their money, but
you can't. Right, and there'severybody has achieved their success in this industry
so differently. Right. Somebody willreally get discovered on the street, somebody
will literally wander into an audition thatthey had no business being there and then
be a star, or people willhave worked in their career for twenty plus
years and then finally get their break, or the work in a career for
thirty, forty years and never gettheir break. Yeah, I mean a
good example again. That's bring upagain. But my Queen Lizo, I
was watching her on like good Sundaymorning show or whatever it's called, and
she said she wanted to be aprofessional blue player right, and she didn't
even sing. She did not singat all, and she kind of went
away. She was homeless a littlebit. She moved in with her mom
and then she just you know,it took her ten years to be who
she is now. So but like, that's why I always say it's kind
of good to go away and comeback. Why don't you put that flute
to took good use. Always that'san always fucking horny but I wish I
took some flute lessons, I'll tellyou that much. Hankin flute. Okay,
what are you watching on TV?If I was to go and look
up your Q, What have youbeen watching? I watch a lot of
videos on youtube music, but Ialso been watching glow. Oh, that's
the female wrestling rowers, skating wrestlers. Oh yeah, I thought they were
gorgeous ladies of wrestling glow and Ikind of love the costumes of it.
But I also talks about like howactresses at that time and you know,
like all the boundaries they had togo through and all like the crazy bad
shit too. That's what I've beenwatching pretty much. That's it, just
that over and over and the well, I'm on season two and there's three
seasons. What else have you beenwatching? I watched Gypsy with Naomi wants,
which I love that she plays atherapist and she's kind of crazy,
which is great. That's it.I don't really watch so it's not like
the big popular stuff like American horrorstory or the politician. Or I did
watch the politician. What do youthink? I loved the costuming and the
designed the esthetic. I do Ithink Ben Platt's adorable Gwyneth is the Gwyneth.
I know what you're gonna ask aquestion. Well, know, I
been Platt looks adorable right, buthe has gone that Hollywood route. Remember
when he was on Broadway? Heis a little punchy, you know,
and he was cute, adorable bend. Now his body has been made over
for the politician. He is thinhe is ripped and now he's like a
haughty maybe he's just taking care ofhimself, like I am. Okay,
White Claw, like hundred calories.I can. By the way, no
glute gluten free, free of theglutes. Is there anything else that you
want to tell you? Your viewersknow anything else? You did that?
I cover everything for you, sircovered a lot of good stuff. Yeah,
how surprised are you look at likea pretty surprised. I'm an onion,
I'm a fucking union. You guys, you make people cry, I
do laugh. I make you fuckingcry, and it's all real. So
one sentence to your listeners, onesentence. Um, fuck it. Okay,
honestly, that's been my model fortwo thousand and nineteen works in so
many situations. Fuck it, likeif don't be afraid to do anything,
just go out there and do it. Yeah, fuck it. You only
love once, which I've learned inthe past two years. Like, if
you don't do it now, you'renever going to do it. Fuck it
fit all right, exclamation point,three exclamation points and just one. Let's
not Kanye this. We don't wantto get too crazy. Let's not Kanye
this. Sir Ah that was fun. We did it, we did it.
Thank you, sir. Thank you. Alexander Rodriguez from on the rocks
radio here on Straw how media.Where can they find you? On Social
Alexander is on air on instagram.Also on the rocks is on air on
instagram. That's the the podcast thatI do, and twitter. On the
rocks on air. Also, I'mthe first ever media Grand Marshall for Palm
Springs Prime. Wonderful. So comeout first weekend of November and you're going
to see me all over the place. Got I hope I can keep my
white cloth to a minimum. HM, well, you've only had one today.
I'm very disappointed, very disappointed.And you can find me here every
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